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Interregional Travel -- To assess the state-of-the-practice in forecasting interregional travel in California, to consider alternate methods to better represent interregional travel, and to make recommendations on data needs and modeling policy.
Eliminating Left Turns -- Analysis of elimination of left turn phases at selected intersection for improved intersection performance for vehicles and pedestrians, vis-a-vis innovative left turn designs, enabled by increased deployment of in-vehicle navigation and real-time traffic information.
Statewide Freight Model -- Development of a California Statewide Freight Forecasting Model to be linked with the California Statewide Travel Demand Model.
Web-based Training: Transit -- Development of web-based training courseware for public transit systems, planning, and modeling to provide fundamental knowledge of the state-of-the-practice for engineers, planners, and other professionals engaged in transportation planning, operations, and management.
Web-based Training -- Development of web-based courseware for traffic corridor management, with a focus on subject breadth to provide fundamental knowledge of the state-of-the-practice in transportation engineering and planning for traffic corridors [ Summary ].
Activity-based Modeling has been a research focus for 30 years -- for recent projects involving travel pattern simulation, agent-based modeling, dynamic data collection and analysis ...
ZEVNET ® ZEVNET -- A Shared-use Station Car Program to address air quality, congestion, and commuting issues in southern California, ZEVNET simultaneously provides a "living laboratory" for R&D in Information Technology for advanced network management...
[ Link to the Official ZEVNET Web Site ]
REACT! REACT!, -- A web-based travel/activity survey, REACT! is designed as a Computer Aided Self-administered Interview. REACT! elicits both travel/activity plans as well as revealed travel patterns as a step toward revealing the household scheduling process...
[ Link to a REACT! Survey Respondent Web Site ]
TRACER -- A GPS-based, in-vehicle data collection system for monitoring and tracking, the TRACER system includes portable, Extensible Data Collection Units (EDCUs), a suite of OpenMap GIS analysis software, and an interactive web survey...
TRICEPS TRICEPS / CARTESIUS -- A second generation Testbed ATMS architecture, TRICEPS incorporates real-time data feeds and comprehensive simulation capabilities with CARTESIUS, a multi-agent, real-time expert system for congestion management.
Local Travel Demand Models -- This study addresses local travel forecasting models through a comprehensive examination of the state of the practice, focused on data, methodologies, software, and operational practice. Local and region-wide modeling practice is considered, as are sensitivity analyses of how modeling elements affect model quality and applicability, and the potential introduction of state of the art modeling techniques.
CART/CTNEt CARTESIUS and CTNet -- CARTESIUS, a multi-agent, real-time expert system for congestion management, is linked with CTNet, software for monitoring and controlling traffic signals
[ Cartesius Summary (pdf) | Cartesius/CTNET Integration (pdf) ].
PTC -- Distributed On-line Database System for Transportation Management Using Cooperating Roadside and In-vehicle Communication Devices -- The collection, storage, and usage of control-system authenticated vehicle-specific path data to determine dynamic trip tables. The research hypothesis is that these historical travel patterns can be used to predict the movement of system vehicles and thus can be used for traffic management...
Autonet ® AUTONET -- Ad hoc Peer-to-Peer Information Technology for distributed traffic management, communications, and computing ...

PROJECT ARCHIVES -- Summaries for research projects completed over the past ten years.
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