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GENERAL: This site provides information of various research, teaching, and service activities of Michael G. McNally, as well as personal information of, in general, limited interest. The site is updated on a more or less continuous basis but should be considered as no more than a general source of information on my activities and interests.
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COPYRIGHT: This site and all of it's components are copyrighted. The copyright for all text material is held by the author Michael G. McNally and the University of California, Irvine. Copyright on selected graphic material is held by various parties and is used, where ever possible, with permission. You are free to view, copy, print, and distribute material from this site, as long as the material is used for information only and for non-commercial purposes only. Copies of any material must include a statement of source and copyright.
WARRANTY: Every attempt is made to provide accurate information on this site, however, no responsibility for accuracy is implied or assumed for this site or for any sites linked to this site.

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