Los Angeles Student Travel Behavior

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05/24/2024 10:00 AM (PDT)
4040 AIR Building
David Brownstone
David Brownstone
Professor Emeritus
Department of Economics

High school students in the US generate a lot of travel, but their travel behavior has not been widely studied. We have administered a survey to high school students in Los Angeles to measure their travel behavior and examine their response to a new program (called GoPass) that provides free transit trips to any K-14 student in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. We examine students' choice to sign up and use GoPass. Our survey includes a Stated Preference experiment to measure students' value of time and their demand for new services such as robotaxis. This talk provides preliminary results from the survey and transportation choice models.

David Brownstone is an emeritus Professor of Economics at UCI. He has studied the impacts of tax reform on housing demand, the impacts of measurement errors in economic surveys, the impacts of carpool lanes and road pricing, the impacts of urban form on household vehicle choice and utilization, the demand for alternative-fueled vehicles, the economic impact of California’s rail system, and the demand for public transportation. In addition to his applied work, Brownstone was one of the first econometricians to apply bootstrapping and multiple imputations to generate valid inferences in complex models. Together with Kenneth Train and David Bunch he was one of the first to apply mixed logit models in household vehicle demand and transportation mode choice models. Brownstone currently serves on the editorial boards of Transportation Research (Part B: Methodological), Economics of Transportation, and The Journal of Choice Modeling.