ReMuLAA - A new algorithm for the route choice problem

*PhD Defense*
03/11/2014 3:00 PM (PDT)
4080 AIR Building
Pedro Camargo
Pedro Camargo

A new framework for analyzing choice set formation for route choice models is presented and an algorithm is proposed. The algorithm is tested against a sample of GPS data for heavy trucks for the State of California. The results are presented in detail along with an analysis of both their qualitative and quantitative merits. A new algorithm for the route choice problem is also presented and its results analyzed against the state of the practice and state of the art. This new algorithm, ReMULAA, is also the first known closed solution algorithm for the route choice problem using the Multinomial Logit Model (MNL) for an entire class of networks (Directed Acyclic Networks) without explicit route enumeration. A correction for the MNL model to account for route overlapping is also presented and the results compared with other state-of-the-art route choice algorithms. The results of the application of ReMULAA in areal world model are also presented and its advantages discussed.