Innovation Roadmaps for Freight Transportation and Their Implications for Research

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07/08/2022 9:00 AM (PDT)
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Lóránt Antal Tavasszy
Lóránt Antal Tavasszy
Freight Transport & Logistics Systems
Delft University of Technology

There are many innovations in freight transportation, some technical and directly transportation related, others more organizational in the broader logistics context. Research, if aimed and directed well, can have a significant impact on the implementation and success of these innovations. I address the following questions:

● How can freight transportation R&D be better connected to innovations in the sector?
● What are the main innovations in logistics, and what research is needed?
● What gaps in current research can we observe?

The presentation will propose some solution directions, using work of established researchers worldwide and experiences from an R&D community in Europe, to illustrate how this can work In daily practice. In the discussion, I hope to gather further experiences from the US and compare it to Europe, to sharpen our thinking on this problem.

Lóránt Tavasszy is a professor of freight transport and logistics systems at Delft University of Technology’s School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, which he joined in 2009. His research  is focused in the area of freight transport modeling at the urban, national , and global level. He currently chairs the Scientific Committee of the World Conference for Transport Research Society (WCTRS).