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Owasco Lake, NY Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Professor of Planning, Policy, & Design
Institute of Transportation Studies
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, California USA 92697-3600
Tel: 949-824-8462
<mmcnally at uci dot edu>

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Projects Centers Courses Programs Students Links Diversions Bio/CV

• Announcements
» Weekly Schedule for: Fall 2015; Winter 2016; Spring 2016
» Travel Forecasting: Glossary
» Prospective Transportation Grad Students: Please Read This!
» CEE Freshman Advising: FAQs [ Group Slides: Freshmen Fall 2015 ]
» CEE Undergrad Advising: FAQs [ Group Slides: Soph W'16 ; Junior W'16 ; Env.Engr. ]
» Fellowships Opportunities [ Eno, Eisenhower, DOT, ITE, WTS, USDOT ]
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• New Research Projects
Interregional Travel -- To assess the state-of-the-practice in forecasting interregional travel in California, to consider alternate methods to better represent interregional travel, and to make recommendations on data needs and modeling policy.
Eliminating Left Turns -- Analysis of elimination of left turn phases at selected intersection for improved intersection performance for vehicles and pedestrians, vis-a-vis innovative left turn designs, enabled by increased deployment of in-vehicle navigation and real-time traffic information.
Statewide Freight Model -- Development of a California Statewide Freight Forecasting Model to be linked with the California Statewide Travel Demand Model.
Web-based Training -- Development of web-based courseware for traffic corridor management, with a focus on subject breadth to provide fundamental knowledge of the state-of-the-practice in transportation engineering and planning for traffic corridors [ Summary ].

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is that it prevents us from sticking to the matter at hand."
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