University of California Transportation Center (UCTC)

The University of California Transportation Center (UCTC), established by congressional mandate in 1988, is one of ten centers nationwide designed to encourage research and education in transportation, and is headquartered at the University of California, Berkeley.

The center serves U.S. federal region IX, and is funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation, the California Department of Transportation, and the University of California. The center is directed by Professor Martin Wachs at the University of California, Berkeley, with the aid of a committee of faculty members from UC campuses at Berkeley, Irvine, Davis and Los Angeles.

UCTC's research, education and public service activities focus on strategies for increasing metropolitan accessibility without worsening the environment. UCTC participants are drawn from many disciplines and professions. Results of UCTC research initiatives are documented in the UCTC Publications series, and in a semiannual magazine, Access.

The center provides approximately $2 million per year for faculty research, dissertation awards, scholarships and fellowships. At Irvine, the center has supported nearly 100 faculty research and dissertation projects, and provided approximately $600,000 for undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships in transportation engineering and transportation economics.