PhD Graduates

PhD Graduate Program Dissertation Title Defense Time
Mariana Teixeira Sebastiani Mariana Teixeira Sebastiani TSE PhD Candidate Impacts of Electric Highways for Heavy-Duty Trucks March 9 2020 09:00–12:00
Rezwana Rafiq Rezwana Rafiq TS PhD Candidate Analysis of Complex Travel Behavior: A Tour-based Approach November 22 2019 10:00–12:00
Xuting Wang Xuting Wang TSE PhD Candidate Control Theoretic Approaches to Congestion Pricing for High-occupancy Toll Lanes October 10 2019 14:00–16:00
Daisik Nam Daisik Nam TSE PhD Candidate Modelling and Optimization of Shared-Mobility Systems with Agent’s Envy as a Paradigm for Fairness & Behavior September 5 2019 10:00–12:00
Jun Hyeong Park Jun Hyeong Park TSE PhD Candidate Environmental Impacts of Various Heavy-Duty Natural Gas Vehicles Incentivized in California September 4 2019 13:00–16:00
Sheng-Hsiang Peng Sheng-Hsiang Peng TSE PhD Candidate Environmental & Health Benefits of Airport Congestion Pricing: The Case of Los Angeles International Airport August 26 2019 10:00–13:00
Pierre Milton Caluna Auza Pierre Milton Caluna Auza TSE PhD Candidate Modeling Disruptions to Roadway Network Bridges, Restoration Workforce, and Vehicle‐carried Information Flow for Infrastructure Management August 24 2018 10:00–12:00
Karina Hermawan Karina Hermawan TS PhD Candidate Transportation Network Companies’ (TNC) Impacts and Potential at Airports August 10 2018 10:00–12:00
Qinglong Yan Qinglong Yan TSE PhD Candidate Automatic Identification of Near-Stationary Traffic States and Application on Multi-Lane Multi-Class Fundamental Diagram Calibration August 7 2018 15:00–17:00
Felipe Augusto de Souza Felipe Augusto de Souza TSE PhD Candidate The Impacts of Capacity Drop on Control of Freeways: Model and Simulation Analysis July 26 2018 10:00–12:00