An ATMS Testbed System Architecture

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TRICEPS/CARTESIUS: An ATMS Architecture for Multi-agent Traffic Management

M. G. McNally <>
S. G. Ritchie <>
Filo Logi <>
Craig Rindt <>

Institute of Transportation Studies and
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
University of California Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-3600 USA

TRICEPS is an operational, second generation ATMS (Advanced Transportation Systems Management) system architecture which integrates real-time field data with advanced microsimulation capabilities and CARTESIUS, a multi-agent real-time decision support expert system for traffic management.

Funded by the Caltrans Advanced ATMS Testbed and California PATH.

TRICEPS Overview

TRICEPS was the result of a comprehensive research project directed toward the development and implementation of an Advanced Transportation Management and Information System (ATMIS) as part of the Caltrans Advanced ATMIS Testbed Program at the Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Irvine.

The primary goal of this project was to implement this prototype ATMIS, designated TRICEPS (Testbed Realtime Integrated Control and Evaluation Prototype System), in the Irvine sub-area of the Advanced Testbed network. This sub-area represents a well-defined freeway corridor with a parallel major arterial alternative where traffic demand is predominantly along the corridor. This area, previously selected as the site for the federally-funded Irvine Field Operational Test to evaluate a centrally-controlled freeway/arterial corridor, thus provided an ideal environment in which to conduct the enhancements to and implementation of TRICEPS. The TRICEPS architecture allows for the introduction of a wide range of control and management capabilities, however, the focus of the initial implementation is the development and implementation of CARTESIUS, a real-time, multi-agent decision support system which integrates real-time control and simulation elements.

This site provides background information on the genesis of TRICEPS, an overview of each of its major components and of the system architecture, the results of a system evaluation study, and a sample application of the model system.

Key Words: ATMS, TRICEPS, Cartesius, multi-agent corridor traffic control, congestion management, realtime data.

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A web-based travel/activity survey, TRICEPS is real-time operating decision-support that is not easily demonstrated on a web site. Instead, screen captures from CARTESIUS are provided with a narrative of a sample application.

Frames For a frame-based presentation of the sample application
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No Frames To view the sample application without frames
Monitor System/
Detect Incident
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Initial Response/
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(slides 8-13)
Agent Strategy
(slides 14-18)
Strategy Choice/
(slides 19-23)
Incident Recovery/
System Monitoring
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