OHM (Organization of Hindu Malayalees)
with the Swati Tirunal Institute of Visual Arts and Music (SIVAM)
and the South Indian Music Academy (SIMA)

Proudly Presents the

21st Annual Swati Tirunal Day
Saturday, April 14, 2012 (8.30 am to 9.30 pm)
Chinmaya Mission Rameswaram, 14451 Franklin Ave. Tustin, CA 92780 

Swati Tirunal (1813-1846), Maharaja of Travancore, India, composed music in both Hindusthani and Karnatic styles and is also perhaps the finest-ever composer of music for dance in India as well as one of the earliest writers of modern Hindi poetry for music. The Day's program consists of several hours of renditions of Maharaja Swati Tirunal's compositions (Ragamaalikas, Navaratri Kritis, Kirtanams and Padams) by well-known local musicians. The Maharaja's Hindustani compositions are also featured. All music lovers are welcome at the program, and musicians are welcome to perform. Sangeethakalaanidhis TN Krishnan, Ramani, TK Govinda Rao, RK Sreekantan, Vellore Ramabhadran, and Hindusthani doyen Lakshmi Shankar are some of the luminaries to have graced the festival over the years.

2012 ST Day - List of performers/songs
(Schedule Posted on Apr 11th, 9 pm (Check for changes by FRI 5 pm))
For questions or information, please contact/email:
R. Jayakrishnan (jaykay@translab.its.uci.edu,949-209-7302 cell)

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Featured Evening Program
Presented by
The South Indian Music Academy (SIMA)

Arun Ramamurthi Karnatic Vocal Concert
National Award Winning
Playback Singer

P. Unnikrishnan
Accompanied by

Embar Kannan (Violin)
Anantha R. Krishnan (Mrudangam)

Admission: Free during the day. For the evening concert tickets,
please see SIMA website at www.simala.net.
OHM members please contact OHM for special rates.
Lunch and dinner will be available for purchase.

Admission: Free. For more information, or to perform during the day, contact/email: R. Jayakrishnan (jaykay@translab.its.uci.edu, 949-856-3225), Athira Suresh (562-916-3521), or Ravi Vellatheri (949-733-3002)