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LP/MB/NV/Indian-Tennis: Notes for the week ending on Dec 16, 2002
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Dec 16 Note-1

Very good news .. Rohan Bopanna has been given a wildcard to the Chennai Tata Open, according to the PTI report this evening .. Hey, good decision, IMG and others who run Tata Open .. If you were going to do this, why didn't you just say a word earlier that "we would be considering Rohan Bopanna, barring a late surprise from any top player"? .. Could have saved me and a couple of newspaper folks some typing effort, screaming bloody murder .. Anyway, all is well that ends well, and I will drop my whining about the Tata Open for now .. Go IMG!! .. Ok, ok, now I am pushing it :-)

AITA announced the u14 teams for the ITF South Asian u14 championships in Colombo, Feb 26 - March 3 .. GIRLS: 1. Shwetha Kakhandki (Kar), 2.. Ashmitha Easwarmurthy (T.N), 3. Gayathri Krishnan (TN) ... BOYS: 1. Arnav Jain (Mah), 2. Agnel Gladwin (Mah), 3. Kaushik Das (Asm) .. AITA press release says, "This team will proceed to participate in the ITF East Asian Under 14 Championships from where an ITF Team will be selected into the ITF Asian Team to Europe" .. There isn't much data on where these kids stand with respect to international levels yet, but after these events and the events against other Asian teams later on, we will have an idea where our u14 teams would be next year .. This year we had both our u14 teams finish in the top-7 in the world .. This group may not do all that, but it's too early to say, as they start their international journey - probably the first trip abroad for all of them, as players.  Gayatri Krishnan is of course RK's daughter.

At the National Games women's team semifinals today, AP took out TN in two straight sets matches .. Sania over Sai 64 64 and Manisha over Rushmi, 76 64 .. The other semifinal between Karnataka and Maharashtra turned out to be a dandy .. Sheetal beat Sonal 76 76, and then experienced Archana Venkatraman pulled one back from the brink, beating 17 yr old Isha, 36 76 75 .. Not an enviable position for Karnataka now, to be facing Sania and Manisha tomorrow for the gold, but great work by them to ensure a silver for the state.

On the men's side, Tamil Nadu men came up big against Maharashtra .. Vijay Kannan beat Ajay Ramaswamy, the singles champ at the Punjab NG last time, in straight sets .. Vinod Sridhar beat Sandeep Kirtane, 62 36 63 .. I have not seen the scores of the AP-DLI semifinals yet.

Dec 15 Notes

The National Games 2002 tennis events started today in Hyderabad, and I am glad to see excellent participation from pretty much all big names in tennis there, except LP,MB,NV,HM,and RB .. The women's competition is packed with Manisha, Sania, Rushmi, Sai, Isha, Ankita, Sonal, Sheetal, Shruti .. The men's side has Ajay and Nitin leading Maharashtra, Vijay and Vinod for TN, etc, Vishal for Delhi, etc.

There were no big surprises today as the team events started with eight teams each on the women's and men's side .. There were some competitive matches today .. Manisha beating Ankita, Sania beating Sanaa, Shruti beating Sheetal in a 3-setter,  etc .. Strange to see Manisha with AP, and even stranger to see AP with Sania and Manisha having to face TN with Sai and Rushmi in the semis itself .. These two teams should have seeded in the top 2 facing each other in the final .. KAR vs MAH in the other semi .. On the men's side, MAH and TN are facing each other in the semis while they should have been seeded to face off only in the final .. AP and DLI in the other semi,  As Ajay/Nitin go up against Vijay/Vinod .. As Vishal Uppal does not have much of a strong support cast, you have to fancy AP's chances to ensure at leasta silver with Vasu and Punna Vishal playing for them ..

I have started a National Games 2002 Tennis page.

Dec 14 Notes

First, a little apology - I was chastised in the forum for speaking too lightly about the bomb blast in Pakistan that forced NZL to cancel the cricket tour (Dec 12 Note-2) .. That blast also caused deaths of innocent people - I had somehow forgotten that, and of course I should not trivialize that .. Also, I was really not complaining about New Zealand .. I took a dig at NZL, in a friendly way, that's all - I do a bit of that against all countries except India, if I get a chance ..  The real complaint was about ITF taking unilateral decisions on moving Davis Cup ties.

Sania Mirza won the final at the "Gas Authority of India" ITF Grade-B2 Asian Closed Juniors final today, but not before Ankita gave her a good match, especially in the second set .. 63 75 scoreline .. Ankita whose only area of weakness seems to be court mobility according to newspaper reports, was also quite tired after all the three-set singles and doubles matches the last two days .. Sania has been in a zone for a while and is simply too tough to beat for any Indian right now, anyway .. The boys' final was won by last year's runner-up Tai-Wei Liu in a 62 63 match, that ended a dream run by Hyun-Joon Suk of Korea .. The winners get 120 ITF junior points, the runners-up 80 ..

For Sania, this brings up her best-six point total back to her career best of 390, 5 points behind Isha Lakhani .. They both will be ranked right outside top-30 next week, and they will both be at around #25 going into the big Australian junior events next month ..  Ankita, who has only played one other junior event this year (the Delhi grade-3 in January, where she lost to Isha in the second round), raises her point total from 15 to 85 .. Her ranking will go up about 550 spots to around 285 ..

Sania had said that she would be playing more ITF professional events next year - I hope she will be picking and choosing properly and not wasting time at the satellite level, playing against below-500 players .. Challenger qualies mixed in with grade-1 and grade-A junior events would be a better way to go, in my view .. She still has not beaten top-300 players and she still has not beaten top-25 players in the juniors  (see, we are never satisfied, are we? :-)) .. That is the next litmus test on continued improvements .. Once she plays a lot of the top-20 caliber junior girls and beats them to reach the top-10 rankings in the juniors, we will be sure that she is ready to look towards top-150 rankings in the pros .. Sania herself said a top-300 WTA ranking is what she would look for by late next year; that is a reasonable goal .. The thing that I continue to repeat is that picking the kind of events where she would get experience against top-300 professional players and top-30 juniors, is the most important thing .. The same things apply for Isha Lakhani and Ankita Bhambri also, but both need some focussed coaching and advice from people experienced at coaching/mentoring at the highest level ..

Anyway, we should realize that we are seriously in uncharted waters now - we have never had three top-30 junior caliber girls [with about three more probably going that way in a year or two] .. Except for Niru, none were even top-50 caliber in the past .. Nirupama with a near-40 junior rank once was the only one in the top-50 that I remember, but things were different 6-7 years back .. And Niru and her dad did things themselves in blazing the trail, getting her coaching with all the struggles in Europe .. None of our other women have gone inside top-300 in WTA .. We should admit that Indians are not that experienced in how to take it from here on the women's side and seek help from elsewhere if needed .. AITA should seriously look into what is needed for Isha and Ankita to get coaching and advice on what to do next - Sania is in somewhat better shape with the very good committed sponsorship from GVK Industries in Hyderabad, and with advice from (in my opinion) the best coach/mentor in India, Krishna Bhupathi.

BTW, if you didn't know, the tennis calendar in India is not over quite yet .. Next week we have the National Games in Hyderabad, probably the largest national games of its kind in the world .. The sportsmen, Indians sports fans and the press all seem to continue to take the National Games lightly - but the central government has been spending a lot of money on these games, which are slowly becoming relatively regular now, every year or so .. I like the idea primarily because it is slowly adding some nice sports infrastructure all over the country, from Manipur to Punjab to AP (now, don't start on all the stuff about using that money to feed the poor and all that -- we waste enough money on far less useful things than sports) .. The Fateh Maidan tennis stadium built for the national games is reportedly very nice - and it is the one where the Hyderabad WTA event will be conducted next February.

Knowing the reputation of the famous CM of AP, we should expect a "showy" national games this time .. And it has been exactly so, based on early reports .. The opening ceremony was on Friday, and the tennis events start from tomorrow .. 7 golds available in tennis, in the Olympics and Asiad formats .. No idea about tennis teams yet, except that the hosts Andhra Pradesh will have a women's team with Sania Mirza and a surprising new name - Manisha Malhotra! .. At least that is what the newspaper reports said last week .. I have no idea when Manisha moved from Maharashtra to AP! .. And I hope Sania would take some rest rather than play there .. More later on all of that, once the official tennis teams sign in there and the names show up at the website .. Meanwhile, take a look at the well-done website - .. It's interesting that we have been able to get these nice web addresses for the last three national games, from Manipur to Punjab to AP - all had extensive web coverage .. Did somebody reserve those names for a few years for the Indian games, or is it that no other country in the world has "national games" like this?

Dec 13 Notes

Sania and Ankita reached the final of the "GAIL" ITF grade-B2 Asian Closed Juniors today .. Yung-Jan Chan, 13, is too young and without enough of a serve to trouble Sania who won the SF in straight sets .. Kartiki did take a tiebreaker set off Ankita which is very good work by the 15 yr old who is coming up nicely now .. On the boys' side the second seed Tai-Wai Liu reached the final again (he had lost to Sunil last year) .. The top seed Wang-Cheng Hsieh, a top-40 caliber player, was upset by Hyun-Joon Suk of Korea .. The 17 yr old Korean seems to be playing very well lately, and perhaps I was a bit too sad about Karan's upset loss earlier this week to Suk .. Since the middle of this year, Suk has gone on a 23-3 run with one of those losses being to Karan at the grade-A Osaka Mayor's cup where Karan beat him 76 46 75 three months back (by the way, 15 yr old Karan became only the second Indian to reach a grade-A level QF since the LP days with that, I think - Sunil reaching Wimbledon QF last year was the other case) ..

Dec 12 Note-2

The Chennai Tata Open website ( has just come up today .. Take a look .. It is made by the indiatimes group (same as the Times of India website) .. Looks fine, but not a whole lot of stuff there yet .. I hope they will be doing online score updates this time again .. Chennai Open was among the first couple of non-grand-slam, non-masters events to have ball-by-ball score updates (along with Swedish Open if I my memory is correct) about 5 years back when Satyam did the first website .. The online scores were not as good last year, and hopefully would be better this time.

Saw an interesting news item today about Pakistan protesting the unilateral decision by ITF to move their Davis Cup tie to New Zealand from Lahore, after NZL expressed security concerns about traveling to PAK .. Pakistan Tennis Federation says they weren't even consulted .. I have no love lost for Pakistan, but on this matter I am with them .. NZL should either play in Pakistan or forfeit the tie, unless they have reasons like Pakistani terrorism against the country (like India has) not to play .. NZL should have shown some guts and played in Pakistan, like India playing in Lebanon with hardly any complaint about the changed 'security scenario' this year .. By the way, the same ITF forced Taiwan to forfeit the tie and get relegated to Asian second tier when they had security concerns about playing in Lebanon two months after India did it .. How come ITF is not forcing NZL to forfeit, and worse still, not even consulting Pakistan? (assuming the Pakistanis aren't lying about this - which also I cannot vouch for, knowing how they have made bending the facts a way of life and a reason for the silly country's existence from 1947 :-)) .. Why not play in a neutral country? .. Hey Dubai could host it I would think .. I guess NZL is fully aware of the great advantage they have at home with the windy and chilly conditions that only the likes of Leander Paes can overcome easily ..  That ITF went along with this is pathetic .. But then again, only India does the kind of "bending over backward" like that, to be nice - our world cup playoff women's hockey team was forced to suffer when USA women ludicrously cancelled their trip to India fearing a war with Pakistan against Indian protests, and then India meekly agreed to travel abroad to a neutral venue (UK) this June where we tied twice and lost the next in a close three-match series that we would have definitely won at Delhi.

Yeah, there was a bomb explosion outside the NZL cricket team's hotel in Karachi in May, but that doesn't mean anything .. Bombs explode all the time all over that country .. Plus, that is cricket! .. Even the most maniacal suicide bomber types in Pakistan love cricket and they would rather kill themselves near a cricket team .. Tennis is different, and, with due apologies to Aisam, the Pakistanis do not have much of a clue about it :-) ..

Dec 12 Note-1

One of my press friends alerted me to a little detail that I had not thought about .. The Hyderabad WTA event is in the same week as the Davis Cup against Japan in Delhi! .. Wonder what Mahesh is going to do .. Fly up to Delhi onTuesday night and come back after the doubles on Saturday night for the semis? .. We will need Hesh for this one - without the doubles point, a win against Japan is very iffy.

At the Delhi Asian Juniors today, the old rivals Ankita and Isha who have gone up against each other a few times in the national circuit, met again .. Isha had won the last couple of matches if I remember correctly, but Ankita exacted revenge today with a 36 63 75 win .. Isha is quite a gritty player, and it is not easy to pull three-set comebacks on her .. Good work by Ankita .. She gets 15 yr old Kartiki Bhat in the semi .. Kartiki is having a nice break-out event .. She beat Heesun Lyoo-Soo today .. Tara could not get past the 4th seed Yung-Jan Chan of Taiwan .. If you think we have some really talented young ones, consider this - Yung-Jan Chan is just 13 (born in Aug 89) .. How does Taiwan keep on bringing them up like this? .. She is going to head inside the top-50 juniors soon at this rate .. She has the unenviable task of facing Sania next though .. Sania gave just one game to Marutha in her QF .. The top seeded doubles team of Isha and Sania had to fight hard in the semi - a 67 75 75 win .. Ankita must be quite tired after two gruelling three-setters today ..

Both Amanjot and Somdev went down today in the boys' section .. In two years of Asian juniors in Delhi, we have only had last year's winner Sunil Kumar reaching the semifinal of the Asian Juniors .. It needs to get better, but I don't know how and when .. I don't want to wait for 3 or 4 years till the Rupesh Raos and Sumit Guptas are ready at the upper junior levels .. Karan, Tushar and others need to step up soon .. Both Karan and Somdev may squeeze into the AO juniors draw, but I am not fully sure yet.

Dec 11 Note-3

If you are wondering if Seles would really be coming to India for the Hyderabad WTA event - actually I don't know .. I would doubt it .. There is nothing in it for her, except to see a place she has not seen, or unless Hesh can find a big sum in apperance money for her or something .. Anyway, the TOI report does not have CGK saying that Seles will be coming for sure .. Hesh knows enough of the WTA players to get some big name or other to at least show up for at least some sort of an exhibition or something .. There is hardly any points or much money in a Tier-IV event for the top-40 players .. If they can bring in some top-60 players, that would be great though - Clarissa Fernandez would be nice if she comes, as reported.

Sunil Kumar was not at Spain today and his spot in the draw was taken by a lucky loser, as I had expected .. That must have been some mistake from somewhere.

At the "Gas Authority of India Ltd" ITF Grade B2 Asian Closed juniors in Delhi, it was Tara, Kartiki and Marutha Devi who joined Isha, Sania and Ankita to reach the QF .. So five of my top-6 picks are still there in the QF, which gives 40 big points (as good as winning a grade-4 title) .. Isha-Ankita matchup tomorrow looks very interesting .. Ankita had an easy upset of the 7th seed So-Jung Kim (KOR) .. Sania gave no chance to Yi Chen (TPE) who had beaten her earlier this year before Sania started really rolling .. Sania may eat up Marutha for breakfast, barring a big surprise from the TN girl .. Marutha turned 17 a few months back and has not played much ITF junior events at all, but she has played a lot of national tournaments since late 99 .. She may be showing a minor upswing now, in qualifying into the Hyderabad ITF satellites in October with a couple of good wins, and now getting two good wins at Delhi, upsetting the 8th seed Maya Rosa and then the in-form youngster Madura Ranganathan .. Tara Iyer has reached the QF dropping just three games in 27, against two hapless Indian opponents.. Tara may have enough guns to go after the 4th seed Yung-Jan Chan tomorrow .. She is still learning the ropes in countering everything that top players can throw at her, so we can't count on her to win all matches like Sania yet  - but I am getting more and more convinced that Tara will be there in the near future .. Kartiki's win over Montinee Tangphong, who had upset Sanaa yesterday, is also a good one .. Kartiki is only 15 and has three more years in the ITF juniors .. Anyway, it is no mean thing to have six girls in the Asian juniors, even if we count about 3 or 4 top players who could have made a difference not showing up at the event from other Asian countries .. Congratulations go to the girls .. We are assured of two in the semis too.

The boys' side display by Indians is extremely troubling .. 8th seed Tushar ran out of gas in getting upset in a three-setter, and Karan inexplicably lost his wasy after a good start in a 57 06 loss .. The way Tushar and Karan have been unable to make much of a move this year from where they reached last year, really shouts out at there still being a need for a serious look into what is holding them back .. To some extent it may be the players' own inability to get over some mental monsters they create, but more probably there may be coaching and advice issues involved .. Somdev Dev Varman has reached the QF and the extra points would get him up to around #105 and in line for a spot in the Australian Open juniors when the 18 yr olds leave the ranks in January .. It is essential that Somdev be given ALL help to play a full slate of top-grade junior events abroad next year (his last in the juniors) and undergo some focussed coaching before he hits the senior ranks in 2004 .. I had fondly hoped last year that Somdev/Tushar/Karan who are 17/16/16 would be quite a bit ahead by now - That hasn't happened .. At the end of the year, we have only a top-50 upset by Karan in Japan to talk about - with Somdev not getting any chance to travel anywhere after all the good show he had in the subcontinental ITF junior events .. Amanjot Singh is the other one to recah a QF .. He was really in a zone today in upsetting the 7th seed 60 61 .. Amanjot is set to join a US college early next year (I believe U.of.Arizona if I remember correctly what he said a few months back) .. I think he may pretty much be at a dead end in India with people doubting his age and temperament and all kinds of things .. I have also heard from some folks that he is getting a raw deal and it was all not so .. I don't know .. Anyway, none of it matters now as he leaves the junior ranks after this - he just needs to play tennis and show that he can do it in the pro levels - and that will make everything fine .. He had reached near top-75 last year in the juniors but has not played much juniors this year and hasn't been been hugely successful in the few pro futures level events he tried .. I think in HIS case he is taking a right decision to come to the US, rather than struggle along (I look on a case-by-case basis who would do better coming here, and that depends on family and sponsor funds and coaching available for them) .. Hopefully Amanjot can stay focussed on tennis in the US (only a few like Hesh, Harsh, and Ajay have done that well), make the right improvements in the next couple of years, and get ready for the ATP tour.

Dec 11 Note-2

Terrific news that just come out - the Times of India article says (excerpts) - Former world No. 1 Monica Seles and former French Open champion Mary Pierce will be part of a star-studded line-up for the first ever WTA event in India ... Feb 3-9 ... The WTA event in Hyderabad will be a Tier IV championship. It means players who are ranked between 60 and 150 will be allowed to participate. Seles and Pierce, although they are ranked several rungs above the Tier IV limit, will participate by virtue of a "gold exempt." ... The event will be organised by Globosport, a company wholly owned by Indian Davis Cup star Mahesh Bhupathi. Confirming that Hyderabad will host the WTA event, Krishna Bhupathi, Mahesh’s father, added: "The tournament will be a $140,000 prize money championship. It will be a great boost for women’s tennis in India." ... The senior Bhupathi said his son was going "all-out" to make the event a big success. "He has been talking to several top stars. Pierce is surely going to come and Seles is almost a certainty." ... Among the other top-ranked women will be Clarisa Fernandez. The Argentina had made the French Open semis before bowing out to Venus Williams. Top Uzbek Iroda Tulyaganova will spearhead the Asian challenge ... There will be three wildcards, of which one is certainly going to go to the talented Sania Mirza. (the underline emphasis mine - in an obvious dig to you know what :-))

Wow! .. I thought Hesh would be in his honeymoon - what is he doing, organizing tennis events? :-) .. Bhupathi Sr is not known to say bogus stuff, and I trust that these players would be there in Hyderabad, barring unforeseen problems .. Seles (#7), Fernandez (#31), Pierce (#52) and Tulyaganova (#55) are some really good big names for a $140K event  (note that a #50 player only moves up about 5-6 spots from even winning a title at the event) .. Does anybody still think Indians need help in bringing top names to India? (another dig to you know what :-)) ..

Dec 11 Note-1

The first PTI blurb is that only two Indian boys made the QF at the "GAIL" ITF B2 Asian Juniors at Delhi today .. Amanjot who is playing his last event in the juniors and Somdev who beat Divij Sharan .. Tushar was upset in three sets by Doakmaiklee of Thailand .. I don't know what happened to Karan Rastogi but an upset loss for him would be disappointing - it has been totally up and down all the time for him for a while .. We need to do something about keeping our 16-17 yr olds on track and developing, as they start falling behind in that age more and more these days .. I will wait for scores.

The good news is of course on the girls side - not sure who all advanced, but PTI says Isha, Sania and Ankita were among SIX Indian girls who made it to the QF! .. Go GIRLS!!

I had a couple of emails from some fanclub people who were asking me whom I was blaming in my long babble on the Chennai tournament below (Dec 4 notes) - whether I was blaming AITA but pulling my punches .. Categorically no! .. National associations like AITA cannot do much about ATP events, and they have some influence only in the ITF events .. ATP stays away from national associations altogether and they do things in their own not-so-straight ways .. My complaints and comments on Indians not showing "spine" in speaking up against distasteful stuff was not pointed at anybody in particular .. I really don't know who all have influence on IMG and the Chennai Open, and so I can't say who are the people who could stand up and put some pressure on IMG on doing things in more straight-forward ways .. Also in telling them that they have just not managed this event all that well, as far as getting top-75 players is concerned .. I think IMG is capable fo doing better .. I personally have NO contacts with anybody at the Chennai Open, the only contact ever to me being from some internet group in Chennai who tried to SELL me scores and within-day match reports fast, for a charge - ludicrous of course, and I did not even reply to them; and I don't even know if they were directly contracted by the tournament (I doubt they would be) .. My complaints were because I have NEVER heard of anybody from India speaking up, except for an occasional line by a newspaper correspondent or two complaing about the wildcards or something .. And my complaints are not just about wildcards, anyway - it's about the general attitude by IMG that they can get away with anything by sugarcoating things and doing nice press conferences at Taj Coromandal ..  I am also not saying that they are doing really unethical things like selling wildcards and all that - that kind of stuff also goes on in the tennis world in many places around the world!

Dec 10 Note-2

Sunil Kumar's match at the Spain F22 is scheduled for wednesday morning - I am just not sure he has gone there, but we will know tomorrow.

The youngest two of our relatively impressive junior girls group played today - Sanaa Bhambri and Tara Iyer .. 14 yr old Tara, coming a couple of days back from USA (where she is based), had an easy time in a 61 61 bombarding of Nidhi Shah .. Sanaa did not have it as good, as she went down after a good position late in the second set .. Sanaa had had that improbable run as a 13 yr old last year to the semifinal, which shot her ranking up into the top-150, but she still has some growing to do - literally; she is still very young and is not powerful enough to handle the 17 yr olds like Montinee Tangphong (THA) who upset the 5th seed .. As all reports show, left-handed Sanaa is extremely talented in sweet shotmaking which is enough to beat a lot of players at this level - but now is the time to go all out to add some power in her game .. Tara, a few months younger than Sanaa, is quite a powerhouse for her age though - grunts like Monica Seles (according to the PTI report :-)) and she goes after people .. Good to see that 5 of our best 6 (Sania, Isha, Ankita, Kartiki, Tara, Sanaa) made it to the second round, along with a couple of other names I am keeping track of, like Madura and Sandhya who were wildcards .. On the boys' side, all our top players moved on - Somdev, Karan, Tushar, an the youngest of the lot - 13 yr old Rupesh Roy .. Tougher matches coming up for everybody in the later rounds though .. See the Asian Juniors page.

Dec 10 Note-1

I thought all Indian men players were on vacation? .. Just found Sunil in the draw at the $10K Spain F22 .. Sunil Kumar Sipaeya vs qualifier Acaymo Medina Rivera (ESP) in the R1 .. Not sure if he has gone there though - there have been a couple of occations this year when his name has popped up out of the blue in entry lists in some strange places with him not going there .. Unless he has been sent for some sort of a training program in Spain like Bopanna earlier this year, I don't know why he would go there for just one event (no more futures in Spain till next year).

Dec 9 Notes

I have only seen a PTI news blurb so far on the first round of the prestigious Asian Closed ITF juniors main draw that started today .. The top three Indian girls, top seed Isha Lakhani, 2nd seed Sania Mirza and wildcard Ankita Bhambri have all advanced, with straight set wins over Thai opponents .. On the boys' side Somdev Varman and 13 yr old wildcard Rupesh Roy have advanced, along with Amanjot Singh, who has not been playing much juniors this year but is playing one last junior tournament before his eligibility is over .. No idea on the qualifying rounds yet, as I await any official draws or anything to come my way .. Will update the Asian Juniors page as soon as the tuesday newspapers bring the news in a few hours :-)

.. Previous notes are at Notes for the week ending on Dec 9 ..

I am getting some inquiries from US college coaches who are interested in Indian junior players .. I would like to be able to contact Indian players (some of the coaches are inquiring about specific names) .. If any of the junior players are reading this, please contact me .. Or if any of the other readers know the contact emails/address for any junior player, let me know .. I would like to have a mailing list where I can post general announcements and inquiries from the coaches too .. Please email me - R.Jayakrishnan.