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LP/MB/NV/Indian-Tennis: Notes for the week ending on Oct 21, 2002
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Oct 21 Notes

LP and MB are both at the $1M St.Petersburg Open ATP in Russia .. Mahesh is playing with Nenad Zimonjic of Yugoslavia this week and Leander continues with Michael Hill (AUS) .. MB-NZ are the top seeds and MH-LP are the 3rd seeds, both teams in the top half of the draw with a potential semifinal meeting .. Tough early matches for them though .. LP-MH play the featured centercourt doubles match tonight, against the Gergina-Russian singles exempt entries, Irakli Labadze and Marat Safin .. They could prove to be tough in front of the partisan crowd there, if they play seriously .. MB-MH play Karsten Braasch (GER) and Jeff Tarango (USA).

The big Shreeram National Championships (DSCL hardcourt nationals) main draws started today at Delhi .. The senior draws and the junior (u18) draws are this week, with the u16 (subjunior) draw and u14 (mini-junior) draws next week .. This is of course the biggest tennis mela in India .. Some of the qualies went 5 rounds, with a ton of players out there .. Quite a few top players are missing though, Bopanna and Mankad being the most prominent absentees .. Both have been playing quite a bit and would end up playing 6-7 weeks in a stretch without a break if they play this week (both have three futures from next week) .. There is no bigger recipe for disaster than to play singles for more than 4-5 weeks at a stretch .. So I guess it's understandable that they have no choice but to skip DSCL .. Sunil Kumar, who was a 16 yr old champion once and then was the runner-up in 2000 returns as the top seed in the men's draw this time - good to see him play there, and it gives the men's draw some real weight .. "Evergreen" Nitin Kirtane is the second seed .. Notice that I didn't call Nitin a "veteran"; he jokingly complained to me at the Chennai futures that he ain't no veteran and is not going anywhere :-)) -- but, of course, I don't call anybody a veteran just because of his age; the tough experienced ones are by definition my "veterans"! :-) .. Vijay, Mustafa, Ajay and Sandeep are other contendors .. The women's draw is not great with Sai and Rushmi not there, but Sheetal, Sonal, Radhika, Ankita and Shruti are the contendors there - though we should watch out for Isha as the strong dark horse .. The u18 boys draws are good too, with Somdev, Tushar, Amanjot, Rupesh etc .. I doubt there is anybody in the girls' draw who can beat Isha lakhani, though 2nd seed Punam, #3 Sandra Sashidharan (Go Kerala! :-)), #4 Lata, etc, capable of giving some fight ..

I have started the DSCL Open page with all the official scores from today and some of the qualifying round scores as published by The Hindu .. There is also a website for the tournament - .. The only real upsets today were the 5th seed Manoj Mahadevan going down to Kedar Tembe, and young Somdev Varman beating the 8th seed Vishal Punna, though the latter is not a big upset, knowing how well the 17 yr old top junior has been playing lately .. Take a look also at the final round qualifying results I have posted .. Some results such as young Shantanu Dhaka beating last year's u18 champ Arun Prakash in the final men's qualies caught my eye (who IS Shantanu - I asked that once before when I saw a good win from him, and didn't get an answer from anyone; the official draws do not even list which state he is from - he did get a wildcard to the u18 though) .. Another thing was Amanjot Singh having to play qualies to make it to the u18 draw as the 4th seed ..  That is tough for a former champion u16 player; I guess there are still those upset at Amanjot for various reasons (one being his reported "volatility" earlier on) ..  Whatever that is, I respect the guy a lot for doing it the hard way rather than giving up and sulking.

In other news, Manisha Malhotra was the 5th seed in the qualies for the $25K Rockhampton challenger in Australia, but went down this weekend in the second round .. She beat Bojana Bobusic (AUS) 64 62 and then lost to the talented Swedish youngster, Hanna Nooni, 46 57 .. Manisha and Leanne are seeded 4th in the doubles main draw and they play a qualifying pair to be determined.

Oct 20 Note-2

Not a good day, this .. Mahesh and Mirnyi also lost in the final today .. Against the top seeds, Knowles/ Nestor who are close to finishing a fanstastic year  when they were often unbeatable .. The final at the $2.6M Madrid Masters was basically the featured match of the day as Novak gave a walkover to Agassi in the singles final, due to a groin injury .. MB-MM made a second set comeback to make it a match, but the 3rd set was a wash .. [F] #2 M.Bhupathi/ M.Mirnyi l. #1 M.Knowles/ D.Nestor, 36 75 06 .. The loss is the 4th loss in 5 finals with Mirnyi this year for MB, and this one was against a really good doubles team (they had lost a 3-setter to Knowles-Nestor at the indianapolis final also) .. This effectively made sure that MB won't be able to catch Knowles and Nestor for the year end top ranking .. There may be a mathematical chance still, but I doubt it ..

The report from Dave Worsely, the media manager for the Asian Championships says that Rohan Bopanna was up 3-0 quickly in the first set against Motomura, had an arm injury that affected his serve from then on, as he got broken 4 times from then on .. RB was apparently quite upset at it and said, "it is better to lose in earlier rounds, not in a final!" .. That is the proper sprirt .. Never be satisfied with a loss and moral victories .. But, a what a nice job by RB there! .. Just about a year back he was ranked below the 1100s and now he is beating top-200 players .. Gives hope for next year, which is the time for the 22 year old to make the right moves .. He missed the Australian Open wildcard, but he probably did enough for the Chennai Open to give him a wilcard .. If they don't, we will all need to cry bloody murder again .. Rohan will skip this week's DSCL Open national championships, which comes at an odd time, just the week before the three futures in India, with a lot of players concerned about 4 weeks of continuous play, which is never that good ..

Will have some preview later about the National championships which starts tomorrow (the qualies are going on)

Oct 20 Note-1

Yikes .. bad news .. Rohan lost 46 36 to Goichi Motomura (JPN,189) today at Tashkent .. He missed out on the AO wildcard, but he had a terrific run there and it gives us a lot of hope on him moving up and up from here on out .. Motomura is one of those experienced grinder types with good returns and a weaker serve - learning to play and beat those types of players is something Rohan can/will learn with experience .. By accounts I have seen this week, RB was serving hot and playing some excellent attacking tennis, which is his style .. 19 aces in the SF win against Lu, and that shows his strength! .. Just give him a bit more time and he will be up there .. Keep it up, dude!

MB's final later today at Madrid.

Oct 19 Note-2

Yet another final for Mahesh .. At the Madrid masters, [SF] #2 M.Bhupathi/ M.Mirnyi d. #3 J.Bjorkman/ T.Woodbridge, 64 26 76(4) today .. That is way too many finals for Mahesh lately .. Seven of the last eight events he has been in, he has reached the finals - and that too with 4 different partners - Max Mirnyi, Leander Paes, Mike Bryan, Manisha Malhotra .. Cincinnati masters final, Indianapolis final, Long Island title, US Open title, Two Asiad titles, Madrid masters final .. Only a tired shoulder after the USO prevented eight straight finals (MB-MM lost at Hong Kong in the R1) ..

I got confirmation that RB's win today at Tashkent was by the score 60 67(1) 63 .. So, between what I said and what AITA said, we got it correct! :-) .. Everybody is too excited to look at the score carefully, I guess .. Go Rohan!

Oct 19 Note-1

More great news from Tashkent!! .. Rohan Bopanna is absolutely in a zone, I guess .. Today he upset the 4th seed Yen-Hsun Lu (TPE,204) 60 67(2) 63 to advance to the final at the Asian Championship and be one win away from a wildcard to the Australian Open main draw .. It is nothing short of amazing to see how Rohan wins those 60 and 61 sets on a very talented Yen-Hsun Lu .. When his big serve and volleying is working, Rohan can just simly dominate people .. I think he is beginning to put all the pices properly together .. watchout! .. Next up is Gouichi Motomura (JPN,189) .. [RB won today, bt I have so far got three different scores from three different sources.  AITA press release says 60 67(1) 61 .. I will confirm later]

Wow! .. Wow,wow!! ... Wow,wow,wow!! :-)

Mahesh and Mirnyi play the semifinal at the $2.6M Madrid masters today, against the 3rd seeds Bjorkman-Woodbridge who got a walkover from wildcards  Escude/ Santoro yesterday (probably because Santoro, who was a qualifier, is in the singles semi).   Knowles-Nestor are already in the final.

3rd seed Rushmi lost in the second round and 2nd seeded Sai-Schmidt lost in the QF at the $10K Giza satellite in Egypt; so Indian women are done there.

Oct 18 Note-2

GREAT NEWS from Tashkent!! .. Rohan Bopanna upset the 2nd seed Vadim Kutsenko (UZB,180), 64 63 to reach the semifinal of the Asian Championships! .. That is the biggest win of his career, and is the first top-200 win by an Indian other than LP in a long long time (gosh, I have even forgotten when the last time was - I will check) .. The man is on his way, folks! .. He is two wins away from qualifying for the AO main draw .. He now gets the 4th seeded youngster, #204 Yen-Hsun Lu of Taipei in the semifinal .. This is the same event that Paradorn won last year to start a big move up into the top ranks ..

Ataboy, Rohan! .. Yes, dude, we need somebody to play singles, and it's not a minute too late to see some success.

MB-and Max did a comeback at the Madrid masters to advance today - [QF] #2 M.Bhupathi/ M.Mirnyi d. #6 M.Damm/ C.Suk, 26 75 63 .. SF opponents for tomorrow are to be determined later today - Escude-Santoro or Bjorkman-Woodbridge .. Knowles/ Nestor and Bryan/ Bryan in the other semi tomorrow.

Manisha and Leanne baker (NZL) went down in the QF at the Mackay challenger (in, what else, another three-setter), 26 62 67(6) to the 4th seeds Samantha Stosur and Sarah Stone of Australia.

Oct 18 Note-1

Mahesh and Max Mirnyi won their first match (PQF) at the Madrid masters yesterday - 76(5) 75 win over Yevgeny Kafelnikov and Pavel Vizner .. Today they are paying the QF against the 6th seeds Martin Damm and Cyril Suk, but they are behind right now 26 22 ..

There is a Deccan Heraldreport today that MB will be playing with Joshua Eagle (AUS) next year .. I just confirmed it from Mahesh and he said that he will be doing so .. Eagle is not a bad partner .. Very experienced, and with some good abilities .. Was quite successful with Andrew Florent earlier and then with a few others afterwards .. This year he has been playing with Sandon Stolle .. Nice name for those who like puns - "Eagle is playing below par today" .. "Double(s) Eagle" .. "Eagle tees up on the return" .. "Eagle puts himself in a hole with the double fault" .. etc :-)

MB was not sure who Leander was planning to play with .. He said that there are only very few players looking for new partners this time around .. I would guess that Lee would perhaps stick with Michael Hill, who I still think is a good partner, though their results have been a bit patchy ..  Actually one concern I have is that LP's ranking is not going to be too high now, as he loses some 700 points in the next three weeks for the Stuttgart QF, and the Basel and Paris finals from last year .. He will also have another 175 to defend when the year starts, for the Chennai title (he has 1990 points this week) .. If he does not pick up some good points by then, his ranking will drop to around #45 by Autralian Open .. Should still be enough to get entries at most events with somebody like Hill (now at #35), but LP needs to be careful and pick up some points as the year starts.

More news soon.

Oct 17 Note-2

News from the Asian Championships, Tashkent -- 8th seeded Rohan Bopanna advanced to the QF today, with a good win, 64 76(6) win over Dimitri Tomashevic (UZB,495) .. Sania fell to the 3rd seeded Su-Wei Hsieh (TPE,220), 46 46 - but good job by Sania, hanging in there with a tough Su-Wei .. Rohan now runs into the 2nd seed Vadim Kutsenko (UZB,180).

Oct 17 Note-1

It's strange how Leander's results have been getting somewhat worse and worse during this year .. I had hoped that Michael Hill would turn out to be a good partner, but now I'm not sure about that partnership either .. Quite a bad loss today in Madrid, though against a top team .. [PQF] M.Hill/ L.Paes l. #3 J.Bjorkman/ T.Woodbridge, 26 06 .. The match was over quickly, as MH-LP got only 27 points to 56 by the other guys, getting broken on 5 of the 6 break chances in the match .. That seems like total domination by the 3rd seeds, who are of course very good ..

Mahesh and Mirnyi come up in the evening against Kafelnikov-Vizner .. There was a nice interview of Mahesh in the tournament web page .. Take a look.

Awaiting news from Tashkent on Sania and Rohan today at the Asian Championships .. Got some very nice details of the matches from there, from Dave Worsely, the media manager who seem to be doing a very nice job out there, interviewing all kinds of players and sending out nice reports .. Actually you can see the same reports also posted at the Asian Tennis Federation (ATF) website, which seems to have been revamped and has a lot of nice stuff now .. I just noticed that the ATF website also has detailed reports from the Asiad, with a lot of pictures also .. Take a look ..  Will report today's scores as soon as I find out.

In other news, at the $25K Mackay challenger in Australia, Manisha Malhotra went down in the second round after a tremendous fight to the 4th seed Amanda Grahame (AUS,191), 46 75 67(4) .. I have never been able to figure out how Manisha always seem to play all these long three-setters .. She must have some sort of a record for the highest fraction of three-setters in her career! .. Unfortunately, she does not always come out on the good side of the result in the end .. In doubles, Manisha and Leanne got a walkover in the first round and will be facing the 4th seeded Australians, Sarah Stone and Samantha Stosur ..

At the $10K Giza satellite in Egypt, 3rd seed Rushmi Chakravarthi beat Radhika Tulpule, 63 64 to reach the R2 .. Rushmi plays her doubles partner, Christina Zachiaradou (GRE) next .. 8th seeded Sai Jayalakshmy lost, 26 46  to the same talented girl who beat her last week on the way to the final, Aurelija Miseviciute (LTU) .. In doubles, 2nd seeded Sai and Jenny Schmidt (AUT) won the R1 over Julia Gandia (ESP)/ Patricia Starzyk (AUT), 62 61 and they play Kim Kambic (SLO)/ Aurelie Vedy (FRA) next .. Radhika and Chattida Thimjapo lost to Alexandra Kostikova (RUS)/ Svetlana Mossiakova (RUS), 36 64 46 .. Haven't seen Rushmi's doubles scores.

Oct 16 Note-2

Sania and Rohan advanced to the PQF at the Asian Championships in Tashkent today .. Mustafa went down .. S.Mirza d. Akgul Amanmuradova (UZB) 16 63 64 .. R.Bopanna (IND) d. Dovran Chagylov (TKM), 60 61 .. Sarvar Ikramov (UZB) d. M.Ghouse (IND) 63 63 .. Mustafa's loss will go as an upset .. Sania now runs into Su-Wei Hsieh (TPE) which should be a good match .. Rohan also has a tough match, against Dmitryi Tomachevic (UZB) ..

Oct 16 Note-1

Awaiting news from Uzbekistan on the Asian championships .. At the $25K Mackay challenger in Australia, Manisha Malhotra won the first round over the wildcard Lauren Breadmore (AUS,498), 64 42 (retd.) .. Good win for Manisha, as she gets a bonus for beating a top-500 player also, for 4 points .. Nice timing too, because she loses 6 points next week and would have dropped about 30 spots from her current ranking of #417 .. Manisha runs into the 4th seed Amanda Grahame (AUS,191) next - that will be a tough match, but Manisha must be feeling pretty confident now after the success last week ..

I have all the India results from Busan compiled in one place - see the Asiad XIV page.

There was an announcement last week from ATP about changes in the doubles area .. Here is the news and the press release (not sure if those links are permanent) .. Basically the doubles prize money is being reduced from 1/4th of the tournament totals to 1/5th at all events, except at the Masters events where it will be 1/6th .. Those are significant cuts for doubles players (somewhere between 20 and 30% reduction in earnings, that is) .. Plus they will reduce the number of entries based on doubles rankings to 8 in the normal 16-draw events and increase the entries based on singles or doubles rankings to 5, with three wildcards .. That means, those doubles specialists with a below 60 doubles rank would find it tough to get entries .. Supposedly "The Governing body insures doubles' future with 2003 draw size, prize money adjustments", as ATP says .. Gosh, does ATP have any shame at all? .. That is outrageous to spin it that way .. It is true that the tournaments organizers have been ready to riot for some time seeing no fannies in the stands for doubles at all, and some have wanted to drop doubles altogether ..  Good that ATP has not allowed people to drop the doubles draws .. But ATP is completely clueless on what to do to change the situation .. Frankly I have felt that ATP has only very few competent people anyway, and there is hardly much passion for real tennis in that organization .. Or they would see what doubles really adds to the tournaments and try to market the product properly .. If they feel that singles players are all now going to jump in and play doubles seriously and thus there will be a lot of fannies in the seats for doubles, they are sadly mistaken .. I have said many many marketing ideas in the past here, and I am a strong believer that there are a lot of folks who would watch doubles if they are told even some minimum info on what doubles is going on in each tournament and how or why it matters .. When was the last time you saw a tournament hype-brochure that mentioned doubles? .. As I said before, they will only know what doubles was adding to these tournaments when they have completely killed doubles - which will be happening in the next few years at this rate .. ATP seems to also completely miss a key fact that the public who buy the tickets may not be seeing doubles matches but do perceive some value in their ability to see it if they wanted to - and often do not see it because they know nothing about who is playing (the point is that they all know about doubles as something that has historically added value in doubles tournaments) .. A lot of them may also know nothing much about a Jose Acasuso or a Rainer Schuttler either, but would sit there and watch the match because it is on the main two courts and they think those guys must be good tennis players (everyone else is watching them, no?)  - or they are waiting for the Agassi match scheduled after that .. You have a doubles match on court 5 after the singles matches are done there, at the same time as the featured evening singles matches on the center court, they won't go for doubles .. Heck, I won't, and I *know* the doubles teams and thoroughly enjoy the fast-paced action in doubles!

Does ATP really expect the top singles players to go out there and take the trouble of playing doubles when even the prize money is reduced? .. Here is another idea - why not take the money they just cut from the doubles specialists and put it in a fund to be distributed to top singles players with some formula based on their rankings if they play doubles? .. That is, at the end of the year, the total money cut from doubles specialists will be disbursed to the singles players based on some set percentages (higher for higher singles ranks) and the number of matches they have played and/or won .. Have the earnings posted after every week, but give the money at the end of the year (if they show up for a few singles-only slots in the World Doubles Championships) .. Yes, the singles players will be getting a bit more than the doubles players with this bonus, but they would deserve it for having taken the trouble to play both singles and doubles .. I don't see much point in giving some more extra cash to the lower-ranked singles players (who are the ones who are using the SE entry these days) .. Getting the bigger singles players to play doubles is what is important ..

Anyway, we will only be seeing the few relatively less popular singles players playing more doubles for some little extra money now, but we will also see a lot of walkovers, as those guys drop doubles like a hot potato if they are alove going near the weekend in singles.

In other news, Karan rastogi withdrew from the grade-2 Hong Kong ITf juniors .. His injury is minor, and he plans to play next week, but it seemed prudent to not take a chance of aggravating the groin injury this week.

Oct 15 Note-2

Leander will get two more days of rest - if he needs it for the ankle injury he had at the Asiad .. He and Michael Hill got a walkover in the first round today at the Madrid masters, as Xavier Malisse is injured .. LP-Hill now play the 3rd seeded Bjorkman-Woodbridge in the PQF round .. They are not on the schedule for tomorrow .. It will be on thursday .. MB-Mirnyi who had a bye into the PQF will also be playing only on thursday .. They too have a relatively tough match - against Kafelnikov and Vizner, who won today ..  Good that LP and MB didn't have to fly into Madrid right after the Asiad high and play in a hurry.

Oct 15 Note-1

Just a note on one thing I forgot to say during the Asiad .. Happened to realize today that I did not say anything about Anand Amritraj and Rico Piperno who I believe were the two coaches at the Asiad .. They did their job in getting the team to come back with 4 good medals .. Thank you and congratulations, from us fans! .. Especially Anand, who also had the relatively delicate task of making sure that everything went well between LP and MB .. Though we can be sure that nothing would go wrong when those two are playing for India, the coach still had to do his part! .. Anand was hardly in the news, which means he must have been doing things right! :-) .. Successful debut in this line of work by Anand, for sure .. By the way, I saw one newspaper report that seemed to say that Krishna Bhupathi was also there as a coach, which surprised me as he had earlier indicated his inability to go this time - if he was there, kudos to him too!

A tidbit - Niru's name has changed this week in the WTA rank list to Nirupama Sanjeev! ..  A lot of people around the world who format tennis draws or do announcement at events must be thinking, "Phew! .. That was close! .. Imagine if she did a Hillary Rodham Clinton and picked Nirupama Vaidyanathan-Balakrishnan" !!  :-) :-)

Rushmi Chakravarthi is also in the draw at this week's $10K Egypt ITF satellite in Giza .. She is the 3rd seed and plays Radhika in the first round .. 8th seeded Sai Jayalakshmy has a tough matchup, against the same talented girl she lost to last week in the QF -- Aurelija Miseviciute of Lithuania .. In doubles, Sai is seeded second with Jennifer Schmidt (AUT) and they play Julia Gandia (ESP)/ Patricia Starzyk (AUT) .. Rashmi and Christina Zachariadou (GRE) are 3rd seeded, playing Ema Janaskova (CZE)/ Dominika Luzarova (CZE) .. Radhika isplaying with Chattida Thmijapo (THA) and they play Alexandra Kostikova (RUS)/ Svetlana Mossiakova (RUS) [source: Alain Vincent] .. News is hard to come by from Egypt; so it may be late in the week when we hear results.

Rohan, Mustafa and Sania are scheduled to play their singles first round at the $100K Asian Championships in Tashkent tomorrow .. Manisha plays her singles first round tomorrow at the Mackay challenger in Australia.

Karan Rastogi, who moved up to #109 in junior rankings this week with his three wins at the grade-1 Osaka Mayor's Cup last week, is in the entry list for the grade-2 Hong Kong Junior ITf event this week .. No draw info yet .. He is the only Indian there .. I am getting a bit concerned about when we will see Somdev Dev Varman of BAT out there somewhere abroad .. The guy has proven to have the best junior results in India this year and the talented 17 year old has never left the subcontinent for any events .. There is also a grade-3 ITF event in Malaysia this week - not sure if any Indians have gone there ..

Oct 14 Notes

LP-Hill are playing tomorrow at the Madrid masters, against Malisse/Schalken .. The match will be at around 5.30 pm there ..

There was apparently a report by Supriyo Mukhopadhyay in the Anand Bazaar Patrika (Kolkata) about Paes and Bhupathi (here is the link for those of you who know Bengali), that Prasenjit Mitra had reported in our forum .. According to Prasenjit, the summary of what it says is that LP-MB are talking to settle their problems.  It says one issue that they need to agree on before they join hands is who would be their (world-class) trainer and coach.  The Pusan Asiad has opened their eyes and both have admitted so to their close confidants.  MB has realized that it is difficult to get Max Miryni as a partner next year since he will be busy with his singles commitments mostly. MB has played with Bjorkman and Woodbridge this year but they partner each other during the Grand Slams. LP now understands that his singles career is almost dead and he has to seek success from doubles.  He has had to search for a good partner this year.  All 3 of his wins this year have come with Mahesh.  He is waiting for Mahesh to propose that they play together. Mahesh again wants that LP propose to him. ....  I don't know, it looks like a bit of guesswork by the newspaper correspondent .. I don't think things are as straight-forward as that .. Anyway, I am not holding my breath for yet another reunification ..

As far as I am concerned, I will be happy if these two come together for India like they did last week .. Also, a small wish from me is that these two would play ONE tournament together every year till they retire - the Chennai Open .. They owe it to the Chennai crowd who have lifted them time and again, filling a whole stadium and screaming at the top of their lungs till 10 and 11 pm at night .. They have won it 4 out of the 5 times they have played there too .. I would hate to see these two playing with other partners at Chennai .. Otherwise, Davis Cup, Afro-Asian Games (2003) and Olympics (2004) are all I would hope for.

Talking of Chennai Open, the organizers announced today that Mark Philippoussis has confirmed his entry for Chennai .. That is really good news - it did seem like the tournament was hurting for big names the last couple of times.

In other news, it seems like Niru is not going to the $100K Asian Championships in Tashkemt, based on the draws I saw .. Rohan is seeded 8th and plays Dovran Chagylov (TKM) .. Sania plays Akgul Amanmuradova (UZB) and if she advances, she will face the 3rd seed Su-Wei Hsieh (TPE) who has an R1 bye .. Mustafa Ghouse plays Sarvar Ikramov (UZB) .. None of them are in the schedule for Tuesday; all of them may be playing on wednesday ..  The men's and women's champions will get wildcards to the Australian Open along with $8K proze money .. There are quite a few top Asian type players there.

At the Mackay challenger in Australia, Manisha plays the wildcard, Lauren Breadmore (AUS) .. In doubles, Manisha and Leanne Baker (NZL) play Caiazzo Marina (FRA)/ Lauren Kalvaria (USA) ..

Harsh Mankad's terrible streak of strange losses continues, as he went down to Shannon Nettle (AUS) in the first round of the satellite masters in Australia .. He will return to India soon .. I am not sure what is really affecting Harsh .. Hope he puts it all together soon ..

Sai Jayalakshmy lost in the QF of the Egypt satellite last week, 16 06 against the eventual runner-up, Aurelija Miseviciute (LTU) ..

.. Previous notes are at Notes for the week ending on Oct 14 ..

I am getting some inquiries from US college coaches who are interested in Indian junior players .. I would like to be able to contact Indian players (some of the coaches are inquiring about specific names) .. If any of the junior players are reading this, please contact me .. Or if any of the other readers know the contact emails/address for any junior player, let me know .. I would like to have a mailing list where I can post general announcements and inquiries from the coaches too .. Please email me - R.Jayakrishnan.