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LP/MB/NS/Indian-Tennis: Notes for the week ending on Aug 11, 2003
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Aug 11 Notes

LP and MB have first round byes at Cincinnati and won't be playing till wednesday at least .. Harsh Mankad may be the top or second seed at the Kenosha futures and won't play till at least tomorrow .. Isha Lakhani is at the Thai $10K .. Rohan is not in the doubles draw at Bronx, and may be going early to Long Island ATP for qualies in the weekend .. I will report on other players and junior stuff soon.

Meanwhile, there has been some interesting development in the CharMinar city over the last few days .. The news had come out over the weekend about some really huge plans for serious upgrading of the sports infrastraucture, of the kind not seen in India, and from what I can see, perhaps not seen even in Asia (other than in connection with Olympics/Asiad/Football-WorldCup) .. IMG and Chandrababu Naidu have finalized some big plans and some details are beginning to come out .. Here are two articles - IMG, state ink pact to develop sports infrastructure (Business Standard, Aug 11) .. IMG to build sports academies in Hyderabad (Hindustan Times, Aug 10) .. Looks like "IMG Bharat", as it will be called, will be a humongous complex of sports academies of the type IMG has down in Florida, and perhaps bigger .. As far as I know, the 190 acre Florida center which includes the Bollitieris and Evert academies for tennis along with a bunch of other sports centers, is their largest academy .. In fact, other than the Ledbetter Golf academies around the world, IMG does not have big academies outside of Florida .. This sounds like their first big venture abroad for such a huge multi-purpose academy .. We are talking 400 odd acres from Hyderabad Central University to be used for this, and about IMG investing Rs 700 crores !! .. That is $120 million .. Well if somebody made a mistake and that should really be one zero less, it would still be a huge sum ..  SEVENTY TWO tennis courts being planned (are you kidding me?) .. Many things included in it, like 80% profit going to IMG, and IMG helping in a bid for OIympics, etc .. The political ramifications of such a huge project remains to be seen ..

If this works, it will again prove that if the "leaders" in India would get off their behinds and get down to work, there are people who will believe in India's potential/stability and invest on it .. Individual zeal is the catalysts/sparks for this kind of things .. On a rather related topic about that, there has been some news from Bangalore about land being given to build public tennis courts, thanks possibly to the Chief minister's interest in tennis .. The enthusiasm from from KSLTA has been noticeable for a while; Mr. Sunder Raju being prominently mentioned .. Here is an article - More elbow room for tennis (The Hindu metro section, Jul 31) .. By the way, Sunder Raju mentions as of 10 days back, that the Karnataka challengers were still on .. They have not hit the ATP calendar yet, though we are 7 weeks away .. Hopefully KSLTA will still come through ..  Back to the topic of folks thinking big in sports, the politicians, especially up North in India should take note of what some of the folks are trying to do in Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc .. You better get off your butts, or risk being totally left behind by the Naidus down south! .. As it stands, Delhi is losing ground so fast (over just about a year it seems) in sports prominence to Hyderabad .. The way it is looking, the next Olympics, as and when it comes to India (say 2020 or 2024?) will be in Hyderabad .. Mark my words!

On another, again related, topic -- here is another Hyderabad item - Andhra to send Sania for training to Florida .. The state will pay to send Sania to the US .. Seems like IMG is again involved (if so, Bollitieri's may be the place) .. I have not seen enough details on whether everybody is agreeable and if things are cast in stone yet.

Of course political opposition is never far behind whenever somebody tries to do something .. Two articles on the Bangalore matter -- Row over Mayor's 'bias' in granting funds (The Hindu) and BJP flays move to transfer 11 BMP grounds to KSLTA (Deccan Herald) .. I am fine with opposition to these things .. That is part of the checks and balances we need .. But I am not with those who have 1970s ideas and ideologies .. The world is going forward; we better start living in the global place and make use of the real advantages you have as a big country with incredible hidden strengths that our politicians never seem to have confidence in.

Read the above articles and feel free to "mouth off" again, in our forum! .. Our Sports-India forum is turning into the best place for Indian sports on the net!

Aug 10 Note-3

Some great news that I am reporting a bit late .. We got totally scooped on this by our friend S.Kannan of the Hindustan Times, it seems .. I normally see all tennis articles in the main national newspapers within at least a day or two of publication .. These days I get lots of help from friends in the forum as well, who post article links .. One article flew in through all our radars it seems, three days back .. And this was a big one by S.Kannan on Friday - Olympics has feuding stars joining hands again .. It says that the Indian Express will be back together for a week at the Long Island ATP in a week's time, which is also because of the upcoming Davis Cup tie right after the US Open .. There is also some nice and friendly sounding words from both engines who seem to be thinking forward to the Olympics next year .. They didn't say they will play together next year or anything but I like the general tone of the words! ..

Now that I have a chance to say it after a long time, for an ATP event .. Let me say this -- GGGOOO IINNNDDIIIAANNN EEXXPPREESSS!!

Aug 10 Note-2

Mahesh and Max had lost the previous three finals they played since winning their first masters title at Monte Carlo in April .. They had lost to Knowles-Nestor at the Hamburg Masters and Queens and to Bjorkman-Woodbridge at Wimbledon .. I am sure they desperately wanted to end the streak today, they did end that streak .. TITLE #29 for Hesh!! .. [F] #1 M.Bhupathi/ M.Mirnyi d. #4 J.Bjorkman/ T.Woodbridge, 63 76(4) in the Montreal Masters .. It was a close match all through except for one break that MB-MM pulled off after a rain delay in the first set .. No breaks in the second set either .. The big push from the Mad Max pair came in the tiebreaker, where they found themselves down 0-3 after losing two points on their serve .. They went on to turn things around quickly and won 7 of the next eight points to win the match! .. Congratulation to them .. This is Mahesh's second title at Montreal, where he and Leander won their first masters title in 1997 .. It is timely for Mahesh, who has a lot of points to defend in the next few weeks .. Actually 350 points for last year's Cinci final drop off tomorrow (Cinci and Canada masters were one week earlier last year, as Indi ATP was after them) .. Then he loses 175 for Indi the week after, 200 for Long island in the following week and the big 1000 for USO 2 weeks later, for 1725 points total .. Good start to the stretch run defending some points, with 500 pts for the Montreal title today .. Now, they will need to continue the momentum through Cinci, Long Island and US Open.

I guess doubles titles are no big surprise these days for us, but here is some good news from China also .. Manoj Mahadevan and Kamala Kannan won the title at the 3rd leg of the Chinese staellites ..  Theough they both missed making the cut for the masters leg in singles, they will go in there as the top seeds or something in doubles .. Here are the scores from this week - [R1] (3) K.Kannan/ M.Mahadevan d. Byung-Kook Kang/Sang-Hoon Lee (KOR) 76(10) 62
[R2] d. Yi-Ning Wang/Hao Shi (CHN) 76(5) 16 64 .. [SF] d. Ti Chen (TPE)/ Hiroki Kondo (JPN) 63 75 .. [F] d. (1) Peng Sun/ Yu Wang, Jr. (CHN) 46 62 75 .. Congratulations to KK-MM!

Kartiki Bhat finished runner up at the grade-4 ITF juniors in Syria today, losing to the talented Magy Aziz (EGY) in the final - Asha Nandakumar was in the semi against Kartiki, too (that means Asha may have upset the top seed in the first round? -- she was drawn against the #1 seed; I have only seen the initial draw and don't know all the scores yet) .. Later with more details.

Aug 10 Note-1

Mahesh and Max got a walkover last night at the Montral masters SF against the 6th seeds Damm-Suk, as Martin Damm has a back problem or something .. So, yet another final for the Mad Max team .. They run into the ones who beat them at the Wimbledon final --  Jonas Bjorkman and Todd Woodbridge, the 4th seeds ..  The match is scheduled for 3.45 pm (12.45 Los Angeles, 1.15 am Monday India) .. We will be at the new Sports-India chatroom during the match following the point-by-point score updates from the official site .. Come on in.

The draw for this week's Cincinnati masters .. MB-MM are top seeds and LP-DR are the 5th seeds just like this year .. LP-DR might run into the Bryans once again in the QF and MB-MM seem to have a slightly easier draw once again..

Aug 9 Note-3

Prakash could not continue the momentum he had in the first set against a hard serving Alexander Popp today .. At the $2.9M Cincinnati Masters qualies, [Q1] (wc) R.Bopanna l. (13) Alexander Popp (GER,104), 67(8) 16 46 .. The first set took 58 minutes and was about as close as it could get .. No breaks or break points faced by either player in the whole set, which shows how closely Prakash played a guy who is ranked over 200 spots above him .. PA started serving hot, and kept a very high firt serve percentage .. In fact he hit 18 of his first 22 serves, which is impressive .. A couple of times, when he seemed to be running into trouble at 15-30 scores, he hit aces to wriggle out too .. In the tiebreaker he was down 3-5 and later faced a set point as well - saved it all and won the tiebreaker 10-8 with a spunky show .. Something was changing by the late first set, which was his first serve percentage .. In fact after that hot start, he went 6 of 18 in first serves going into the second set .. He did not have a single doubles fault in that stretch though, which says his second serves were rather effective .. On the other hand what adjustment Alex made that forced PA to suddenly start missing so badly in his first serves, I don't know .. Those are things you face against top players - no way to learn it other than to play these matches .. Anyway, Alex himself had gone down from mid 70s to low 40s in first serves (hitting some 5 double faults in a row after having 6 aces in the first set .. This became a dog fight in the beginning of the second set .. PA had two break chances in the first game which he could not convert .. Then in the second game, he saved two break points, one with an ace, but after some 10 deuces, he hit his first double fault of the match, and suddenly he was down 0-2 .. It took 20 minutes to finish those two games, but that was the turning point .. That started a slump that saw him drop the set soon after .. Got things back on track with much better first serves in the 3rd set, but one break in the 3rd game proved decisive .. At one point in the match PA had won 55 pts to 57 by AP, but from then on he won only about 40 points while Alex won over 60 ..  Yes it is a loss, but I am sure he learned some more about himself and the top-100 caliber players in this match ..

For more bad news, Rohan Bopanna could not upset the the top seed Gilles Muller (LUX,188) and fell in the first round at the Bronx challenger qualies, 36 67(3) .. Rajeev Ram (USA) also a wildcard at the Cincinnati masters qualies, lost 46 46 to top seed Nicolas Massu (Chile,40) .. His problem was 7 double faults and a very low percentage of points won on second serves .. Looks like Harsh Mankad at the USA F24 futures will be the only higher rianked men's singles player in action this coming week.

Aug 9 Note-2

The luck of the draw hasn't been with Indians lately .. Rohan Bopanna is drawn to face the top seed in the qualies at the $50K Bronx challenger .. [Q1] R. Bopanna vs (1) Gilles Muller (LUX,188) ..  Prakash Amritraj's match at the Cincinanti qualies against Alex Popp (#104) is scheduled for this evening, right after Rajeev Ram (USA)'s match against top seed Massu (#40) .. There have been some rain delays today there in Cinci .. Tough matches all around.

Aug 9 Note-1

MB-Mirnyi play the doubles semis tonight at about 9 pm at the Montreal masters.

Now, on to a matter that I am discussing a little late, after a series of newspaper articles and everything .. It is somewhat painful to talk about, especially as it involves the career of a very talented girl whom I have followed for 3-4 years and had been a big fan of - Sunitha Rao .. Here are the newspaper articles about the situation with her .. We first heard of her interest in playing for India when she was in India for the satellite and challenger over a year back ..  Things were quiet till after she returned for the Hyderbad WTA early this year when we heard that there was some serious talk from her dad about SR playing for India .. Kamesh Sreenivasan broke the story about her application for changing country affiliation being with ITF in a passing reference in this article in The Hindu .. I had heard about it earlier through the grapevine, but decided not to mention it because we were told that the plan from her agent (George Lopez) was to announce the details at a press conference at Wimbledon and it would be beneficial for that to get best publicity, for sponsorship reasons .. All looked peachy, except that ITF did not really entertain the matter in June (Sukhwant Basra's article, Sunitha's tryst with India in doubt, in the Times of India) .. A lot of the details of what it would take for ITF to approve her to play for India was in this article by Chadresh Narayan in the Indian Express - Wimbledon girl has Indian dream, when the 18 yr old had just reached the Wimbledon qualifying final and got injured ..

The we didn't hear anything for a while, and bad news started early late last week - "Sunitha Rao at the crossroads," as Kamesh wrote in The Hindu, and "Sunitha Rao's strange compensation claim", as S.Kannan wrote in the Hindustan Times .. Kannan followed wth another article, "No money no play, says Sunitha’s father" .. Now it was looking really bad with SR's dad, Mr. Manohar Rao, a retail businessman in Florida sounding like a total mercenary in what he was saying .. The press and everybody seemed to be quite disappointed (to put it midly) at the tone of Mr. Rao's words and claims .. He wanted to "compensation" for all he had spent on Sunitha, supposedly over $900K in the US (Rs. 5 crores!) .. This is a claim that I cannot believe .. Not that he asked for it (which is bad enough), but that he claims he spent that much on her daughter .. That is like spending some $150K a year for 4-5 years and some $50K each in earlier years .. Whole heck of a lot of money .. Perhaps he did spend that much, but then my question is this - if he he is an NRI who really could manage to shell out THAT much of money from his pocket, he has absolutely no business asking for that kind of money from the Indian federation .. That can only look like mercenary tactic, if used in public like he did (asking AITA quietly as a bargaining tactics is all fine) .. It makes no sense at all for AITA to be spending that kind of money, of course, and they promptly did not agree though they did raise their original offer of 30-40K per year by at least 50% later (and NO returns from all the money she could make later, in a no-strings type of contract, which looks like about as sweet a deal as one could have hoped for) ..  Already there may be raised eyebrows on what AITA is offering, but I feel they were being very pragmatic and reasonable in the matter, knowing the timeliness of Sunitha's interest and how there was potential for serious benefit with Sania also expected to be there soon.

But the "compensation" claim is tough to stomach .. As I said in the forum, has anybody compensated Dr. Vece Paes for all the money he spent on Leander? .. Forget that, Lee at least recouped it all in his career, but has anybody compensated Mr. Vaidyanathan for selling family property by the acre in Kovai to support Nirupama's tennis career? .. Look at the kind of foreign coaches AITA can bring in full-time for 2-3 years to support 10-15 top players from India at the NTA or wherever with that kind of money .. No, absolutely no way.  AITA cannot, and should not do it .. And actually they don't have a million dollar to shell out for one player even if they wanted to .. The anguish from Indian press and all of us, is just as expected .. Quite eloquently put by Nirmal Shekar in this article, "Putting a price on patriotism? You must be joking!", in The Hindu. ..

Nirmal makes a mistake in his article that at #162 SR is the highest ranked Indian woman ever .. Not at all .. Nirupama was #134 singles and top-140 in doubles in 1996, as a teenager barely a year older that Sunitha, when she won double crown at the Bad Goggung challenger in Germany .. For the record, Sunitha has not won a challenger title yet and hardly has a decent doubles rank! .. Many here may not know that Nirupama had refused an offer then from a European country (small, but with money) to play for their Fed Cup team .. She had trained there for some time then .. She refused the offer of money because playing for India was what she cared for .. I wonder if Mr. Rao knows such things .. Also If we had given even a small fraction of what AITA is now offering, to support the career of another forgotten Indian-American born in India, Laxmi Poruri about 7 years back, she and Niru would have taken India into the Fed Cup world group .. By the way, don't forget that Laxmi was also ranked near or inside top-175 before giving up and deciding to focus on English literature or something, with nobody coming through to help her career).

The talk from Mr. Rao has been so infuriating that I am surprised that AITA continues to show the decency and calm to still keep the communication channels open - the latest is in this article by Chandresh and Micky Aigner a few days back, "Cross-court volleys over Sunitha’s career" in the Indian Express .. Looks like AITA upped their offer by another notch to some $70K per year for some time and even some compensation for Mr. Rao for all that he has spent so far (he too has reduced it to half the original amount, but still playing hardball, asking AITA to withdraw the application to ITF, with AITA saying he can do that himself if he wishes so) ..

The fact is that this is a really talented girl .. I will be the first one to say it .. Actually I have been writing on her since some 1998 here and has written so many times about how she was overlooked often in the US by people who were all after a hardly-proven Ashley Harklerod as the next coming of Billie Jean King .. Now I can understand how and why Manohar Rao managed to sour all relations with AITA over the years, putting a very talented girl's career in jeapardy .. I am not saying the man is evil or has done anything wrong .. No reports of him beating up his girl like crazy tennis dads, and Sunitha has talked about how much she owes her dad .. The point is that Mr. Rao seems to have hardly any tact in negotiations and seems to speak whatever comes to his mind .. I don't know him, but you cannot be that kind of a loose cannon .. If he managed to get all of us in the fan forum who have been watching Sunitha's every move on court for a while upset and ready to say "this is not worth it", then you know that there is something awfully wrong .. I doubt the man would have any friends left among Indian tennis fans and authorities anymore, if this is how he talks .. I personally do not like ANY non-resident Indian speaking loosely about Indian institutions, however imperfect they are .. Yes, AITA is not perfect, but they are still THE Indian federation .. India deserves more respect than he is giving .. "Sunitha is the ONLY one that can take India to the Fed Cup world group" ???? .. Where does that come from? .. Even if there is a grain of truth that we need another player along with Sania in the coming years (which could be Tara or Ankita or Sanaa or Karitiki for my money, one of them at least possibly getting to the top-200 levels in 3-4 years if some $300K-400K is spent supporting them), for him to talk like that smacks of utter lack of understanding of how Indians think and about our pride.  No thank you, sir.  You need to first learn to talk properly with respect towards India ..

The sad thing is that Sunitha is still a teenager and not ready to shake loose from her dad and do things on her own .. All indications of her as a person is that she is nice, she truly does respect India and has a genuine interest in playing for India .. I suppose she cannot say much against her dad who has sweated and toiled over the years to support her career, which Mr. Rao has done .. We shouldn't expect her to speak against her dad, and she probably shouldn't do that to the dad she loves .. But what can she do to get him to become a bit more tactful and stop ruining her career? .. I don't know, it is a sad situation ..

The most puzzling aspect is how an American who has seen how things work in the US, seems to think like a 1980s Indian who could only think of governmental handouts as a way to support excellence in a career (sport or otherwise) .. I mean, people in India must be laughing at him looking at AITA as the cash-cow to be milked, as opposed to the real money sacks in India .. Frankly, the real problem in this situation is that Mr. Rao has not bothered to look carefully at how things are changing in India .. Doesn't he see what kind of opportunity exists for a girl who could rather instantly turn into THE most prominent international woman personality in any sports in India? .. Doesn't he see how much the Indian press/media is covering his daughter already? .. I agree that sponsorship money is not there for anybody to take right now, but if Mr.Rao spends any time analyzing India, he would see that we are not in 1970s anymore .. You still need a lot of tactful work to squeeze out money from Indian industry right now (and perhaps he knows he will never be able to do it!), but you have to be brain-dead not to see the potential for really big bucks .. To attack AITA in open press when they are coming up with the very best they can do (if he has any sense he will see that AITA cannot possibly do any moe than they are offering) makes no sense .. Perhaps he thought he had to take a hardline stance to squeeze out the best deal in his favor - hey, that's fine .. Why is he speaking to the Indian press and getting them to make his daughter so unpopular already and potentially jeopardizing more future sponsor money in the process? ..  He is only tying his own hands in his negotiations with this.

Hope he realizes his follies .. We all like Suniha and I am sure everybody would go the extra mile to put things behind if he would even hint at accepting his mistakes in the PR area .. I am sure I will .. I don't know Mr. Rao personally and I really can't have anything against him .. And he hasn't done nothing "wrong" per se .. No problem, admit that you erred a bit with the loose talk, take the excellent offer from AITA to get moving and see how things go for a year or two, and we can all put this thing behind .. At least I hope so.

What do you all think? .. Mouth off in the forum under the Sunitha Rao forum page.

Aug 8 Notes

Mahesh and Max did their usual tiebreaker thing today, but Lee and David had the old thorns on their side, the Bryan twins, hurting them .. [QF] #1 M.Bhupathi/ M.Mirnyi d. W.Arthurs/ P.Hanley (AUS), 76(5) 76(8) .. They run into the 6th seeded Czechs, Martin Damm and Cyril Suk tomorrow, in the semis .. In another QF, #5 L.Paes/ D.Rikl l. #2 B.Bryan/ M.Bryan, 36 46 ..

The qualifying draw for the Cincinnati Masters has come out .. Yet another wildcard for Prakash Amritraj .. [Q1] (WC) Prakash Amritraj (IND) vs (13) Alexander Popp (GER,104) .. Also of interest is the wildcard to Rajeev Ram (USA) -- Really tough matchup for him though .. [Q1] (1) Nicolas Massu (CHI,40) vs (WC) Rajeev Ram (USA) .. First round qualies is tomorrow.

Rohan Bopanna will be at the Bronx (New York) challenger qualies this weekend .. Harsh Mankad will be in the main draw at the Kenosha (Wisconsin) USA F24 $10K this coming week, expected as probably the first seed.

At the USA F23 $10K futures, Vishal Uppal's nice run came to an end today .. Qualies - [Q1] (5) Vishal Uppal - BYE .. [Q2] d. Enrico Kasjan (AUS) 61 76(5) .. [Q3] d. Dylan Kim (KOR) 63 62 .. [Q4] l. Michael Yani (USA) 16 26 .. [R1] (LL) Vishal Uppal d. (wc) Lester Cook (USA) 62 63 .. [R2] d. (q) Scott Lipsky (USA) 64 36 61 .. [QF] V.Uppal (IND, 940) l. Toshihide Matsui (JPN, 651) 64 46 36 .. Good to see Vishal getting his first two ATP points after three weeks in the US, coming through qualies ..

Nothing much else going on .. Awaiting the scores for Manoj and Kamala in the doubles SF at the China satellites 3rd leg ..

Aug 7 Note-1

OK, finally some top action for us .. And a successful day of light practice for LP-DR and a reasonably tight match for MB-MM at the Montreal Masters .. Earlier in the day, [R2] #1. M.Bhupathi/ M.Mirnyi d. Frantisek Cermak/ Leos Friedl (CZE), 76(5) 64 .. They face the 8th seeds Wayne Arthurs and Paul Hanley of Australia tomorrow in the QFs .. Lee and David came up at night and hardly broke a sweat .. [R2] #5 L.Paes/ D.Rikl d. Frank Dancevic/ Simon Larose, 4-1 (retd.) .. They get a tough match tomorrow in the semis, against the #2 seeds Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan .. It seems like it is all the same story in all these big events, as the doubles compatition really is now reduced to pretty much some 8 or so teams and nobody else really having made much of a move in the last year or so ..

Aug 6 Notes

Nothing much going on today either ..  LP-DR and MB-MM who had first round byes, will be playing their second round tomorrow at the Montreal masters .. Manoj and Kamala won the first round at the China satellite 3rd leg in doubles.

Kartiki Bhat is at the Syria ITF grade-4 juniors this week in Damascus, and I believe will be in a couple more grade-4 type events in Syria and Jordan the next two weeks .. These are really low-grade events for a player of her caliber, but it is a good idea to play them now, because there are hardly any good events in the juniors these few weeks anywhere .. She had spend the early part of this year to finish the school work and then another couple of months in the very productive trip to the European u16 events .. She needs some points badly to keep a ranking igh enough to enter other events soon .. Basically all she will have in a month are the 60 points from the Asian juniors QF last december .. Barring everything going wrong in some matches, which can happen in tennis, I will be surprised if there will be anybody in the middle-east events who can beat Kartiki though!

Today's reports that Bob Brett might be coaching Sania a bit .. He is the former coach of Ivanisevic and that German guy I don't like, Becker .. Bob will be at the Sania matches at the US Open juniors, which SM says will probably be her last junior event .. Rediff also had another article, an interview with Sania .. She says she doesn't get much time to do internet surfing but that she does read .. Cool ..  Actually quite a few candid comments in there from SM about not liking vegetables and all that! .. Take a look.

Aug 5 Notes

Nothing much to report today .. Rohan and Aisam could not make it to Binghamton for doubles it seems, after the Denver title on Sunday .. They were replaced by Lucky Losers ..  Isha Lakhani lost in singles and doubles first round today at the $10K Nonthaburi satellite .. Vishal Uppal lost in the final qualies yesterday at the USA F24 $10K futures, but made it in as a lucky loser and has won a round .. Both Manoj and Kamala lost in the singles first round in the 3rd leg of the China satellites and are now on the bubble for the masters leg draw .. That is it for today .. Looks like LP and MB doubles at Montreal is pretty much the only serious stuff this week .. Niru, Megha, etc are all taking the week off .. Not too many events to play at this week.

Aug 4 Notes

I continue to be a bit busy to sit down and type all that much here (but I have posted some stuff in the foum about the Sunitha Rao matter and other things, because I can write less carefully in the forum than in the notes here :)) .. But not much tennis news for today .. Megha Vakharia had reached the final at the $10K Harrisonburg satellite, finishing runner-up .. Always a good achievement to reach a final in the US -- big congraulations for the nice run by the 18 yr old .. Manoj and Kamala went down in the final at the Tianjuin satellite second leg on Sunday .. Both are in the singles draw for the 3rd leg safely .. Rohan and Aisam play doubles tomorrow (Tuesday) at Binghampton .. Harsh is off this week, plays next week at the Kenosha futures and then goes to Europe for three challengers after a week off .. Isha Lakhani is at the Nonthaburi $10K in Thailand and plays singles Tuesday ..

.. Previous notes are at Notes for the week ending on Aug 4 ..

I am getting some inquiries from US college coaches who are interested in Indian junior players .. I would like to be able to contact Indian players (some of the coaches are inquiring about specific names) .. If any of the junior players are reading this, please contact me .. Or if any of the other readers know the contact emails/address for any junior player, let me know .. I would like to have a mailing list where I can post general announcements and inquiries from the coaches too .. Please email me - R.Jayakrishnan.