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LP/MB/NV/Indian-Tennis: Notes for the week ending on July 17, 2000

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July 17 Note-1

Here is an article from, with some promising words coming from Dr. Vece Paes .. Excerpts - According to Dr. Vece Paes, Leander is open to the suggestion that the two former partners can play together in the Championship. " There is no reason why Leander will not play with Mahesh in Bangalore, after all the two have agreed to play together in the Olympics and Davis Cup," was the Senior Paesís reaction when asked if Leander is willing to play with Mahesh ... Asked when is Leander likely to come to a decision regarding this, Dr. Paes said, " Leander has been sent the invite and now he has to process the invite and also check his schedule whether he has dates available at that time or not. But I think there should be no problem." ... Good stuff, and it's quite nice to see that the little competition to host the event has not caused any big rift between the two dad's camps .. I don't think schedule is a concern - LP can't possibly have anything more important to do at that time! :-) ... But, as Neeru Bhatia writes in the article, "However, it is all Papa talk for now. Indian tennis fans will only believe that their prayers have come true once they hear the confirmation from both the players themselves.  Till then we all will keep our fingers crossed!" .. Exactly .. The two guys need to meet half-way on their differences and decide to play .. I still insist that till these two remove the underlying mistrust between them, success is not automatic for them wherever they play .. To start with, let's hear about US Open together, guys!

The article also quotes Dr. Paes to be saying that LP has just started training to gain strength (the cast on his wrist for tendinitis, had just come off) - the wrist has to come to full strength  before he gets back on the tour .. My guess is that in about three to four weeks he should be back ? .. Anyway, there is one mistake in the Wahindia article (I believe this comes from an agency news article earlier) that it is the first time the World Doubles Championship is being held outside Hartford .. Not true - I believe in the 5-6 years before it went to Hartford for 5 years, it was held at Netherlands, Johannesburg and Jakarta for one or two years each ..

Also, Mr. CGK Bhupathi send a note reminding me that it is "RACE to Bangalore" in this year's ATP terminology, not "Road to Bangalore," as I had written earlier .. He also says that "we have offered the wildcard to the DUO", in his words.

July 16 Notes

Nirupama Vaidyanathan is in the main draw at the $50K Mahwah challenger in New Jersey which started today .. She is drawn to play Lindsey Lee-Waters, and is drawn to possibly face the 4th seed Jolene Watanabe (USA,148) in the second round .. A similar draw as last week at Atlanta, actually .. In doubles, 217th ranked Nirupama is seeded second there with Evie Dominikovic (AUS,161) and they are drawn to face Kelly Hyndman (USA) and Marie-Eve Pelletier (CAN) in the first round

But wait, as I type that, I just heard that Nirupama d. Lindsey Lee Waters (USA, 221), 60 60 today! .. Boy, that is some heavy-duty double-bagel consumption of a top-250 player, if true!.. This challenger started two days early because later in the week, the big exhibition tournament also is scheduled at Mahwah where some top-20 players normally play .. Usually the winner of the challenger gets an automatic entry to the semifinals of the big-money invitation exhibition tournament with a three or four-round draw, I believe ..

Some very interesting news about an Indian-American and an Indian-Canadian .. 14 yr old Sunitha Rao (USA) qualified into this Mahwah challenger, beating talented Kavitha Krishnamurthi of Canada today in the final round of qualies ! .. How about that, for a couple of "Indian-Foreigners" ? .. 18 yr old US college freshman Kavitha also has made the main draw as a lucky loser, as the second seed Alina Jidkova withdrew today giving her a spot (she plays Irina Selyutina of Kazakhstan in the first round) .. Kavitha had qualified into the main draw at the Winnipeg challenger in Canada last weekend, as I had reported earlier .. As for Sunitha Rao, she plays wildcard Sarah Taylor (USA,307) in the first round .. Sunitha, who turns 15 only in November, has been among the top 2 or 3 junior players in the 12-14 age range in the US for the last couple of years, and had gone up to about #60 in the ITF junior world rankings this year .. She has been playing a few pro events in the last few weeks (she has not appeared in the WTA rank list yet, as she has not picked up points as at three events yet to be ranked) .. As though qualifying into singles isn't enough, Sunitha qualified into the doubles draw as well, playing with Melissa Middleton (USA) .. In the main draw, they play Tracy Almeda-Singian and Ansley Cargill in the first round, drawn to possibly face Nirupama in the doubles second round .. Hmmm ... Serious interest for Indians in this Mahwah challenger, eh ? .. Hey, can we do something about stealing this kid Sunitha away from the US to India ??

In the qualies, Sunitha Rao (IND) d. Martha Garzon-Elkins (COL,802) 62 64,  then Kimberly Barfuss (USA,NR) 64 64, and finally beat Kavitha Krishnamurthy (CAN,767) today - I don't have the scores yet .. Kavitha had beaten Briana Harris (USA,1063), 63 61 and then upset #8 seed Patty Murren (USA,528) 63 06 64, before losing to Sunitha today.

Not too far from Mahwah, down in Baltimore, Maryland, Manisha Malhotra is expected to be playing this week at the $10K satellite, as she felt OK with her shoulder this week during some practice matches in San Diego .. I have not seen the draw yet for Baltimore.

By the way, not all the "Indian-foreigners" had a great weekend .. You may have seen by now that an Indian-British had a heartbreaking collapse today, and that too at Wimbledon where UK was playing Ecuador .. Britain, trying to stay in the world group for next year lost to Ecuador, 2-3, after Arvind Parmar, playing his first Davis Cup singles match as Rusedski pulled out with a foot injury, lost the 5th match to 959th ranked Giovanni Lapentti (Niocolas' 17 yr old younger brother) after going up by two sets, 64 63 16 36 36 .. Man, he is gonna take some serious heat from the British press for this .. Arvind had done very well this year coming up inside the top-150 as the British #3 behind Henman and Rusedski .. Rusedski has been in a bad patch lately and lost a 5-setter to Nicolas Lapentti on day-1, as Henman beat Morejon .. Henman and Parmar lost the doubles, to the Lapentti brothers in three sets flat, but Henman had tied it up today with a win over Nicolas .. Then the heartbreak by 22 yr old Arvind .. Well, Britain had got inside the world group with a win over India in late 98, but after two years in the world group, they are out of it for next year - for that to happen at home on the grasscourts of Wimbledon, against some clay monsters from South America is about as unbelievable as it can get .. Ecuador has pulled off something similar to India's miracle in Frejus on clay (former UK captain David Lloyd had said that Ecuador could be beaten by even a "blind school", on grass, at home!) .. Back to the European zonals for UK now .. One has to feel bad for Arvind, but all congrats should go to the grit shown by 17 yr old Giovanni for the great comeback .. Hey, India can use this as some sort of inspiration as they get ready to play Sweden .. Nothing is impossible in Davis Cup!

July 15 Note-3

More on "Road to Bangalore" .. Here is the article in Sunday's Times of India, titled "Advantage Bhupathi Sr."  :-) .. Bhupathi Sr, the tournament director, refuted that there was any clash of star fathers in the entire episode ... In an interesting bidding battle, Paes En Sport had thrown in their hats in the ring "late" along with Procam Sports of Mumbai. While Bangalore was the obvious venue for KSTA, the Paes camp projected CCI courts of Mumbai  ... According to informed sources, former ace Vijay Amritraj also used his good offices with the powers that-be while S.M. Krishna, the Karnataka chief minister and the KSTA president, took personal interest in bringing the event to his state .. Interestingly, Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi are almost certain to come together and participate in the tournament as a wild card entry. "The organizers have agreed on one wild card and that will go to the duo," informed Dr Vece Paes, Leander's father and the managing director of Paes En Sport ... That is good to hear that from Dr. Paes .. Also from the article - Leander Paes facing a lay-off due to wrist injury, has had his cast removed and is now in rehabilitation programme. "He should be fit on time for the US Open," Dr Paes added ..

July 15 Note-2

Here is the article from Sunday's Deccan Herald about the "Road to Bangalore" getting cast in stone for World Doubles Championship .. Excerpts: The Chief Minister (SM Krishna) ''I am naturally happy. It is a great thing as the World Championships will be moving out of Hartford, Connecticut, USA, for the first time in five years. This event will give a big boost to the game in India, Karnataka and Bangalore ..  ''I share my joy with the Union Finance Minister Yeshwant Sinha (future president of the AITA) who I have invited for the signing of the agreement. Tennis lovers should come together to make this event a grand success" .. Hmmm .. The bigwigs are all in it now -- notice the thing about Yeshwant being the future AITA president? .. Congrats go to the garden city and everybody who worked for it ..  Mr. CGK Bhupathi will be the tournament director .. ATP has decided to give a wildcard to the hosts, with the top 7 teams making it in on merit .. Hopefully we will see Indian Express playing there, but  it could very well be the Chamundi Express  in the end I guess, with the Bangalore-Mysore pair, Mahesh and Srinath, or the Tippu Express with Mahesh and Fazal .. :-)

July 15 Note-1

The Karnataka State Lawn Tennis Association (KSLTA) has announced today that the World Doubles championship is going to be held on Bangalore .. I had heard that this was ATP's decision about a week back, but also saw that they postponed the decision by yet another week on Tuesday, and was beginning to wonder what was up .. Anyway, KSLTA announced that an agreement is scheduled to be signed on July 18th by the KSLTA president (and the Karnataka Chief minister) S.M. Krishna, and Vijay Amritraj on behalf of the ATP .. The event will be held in the second week of December, says the KSLTA press release (source: PTI)

By the way, a couple of fans wrote to me saying that John McEnroe commented during the Wimbledon doubles final telecast last weekend (which I did not see) that Woodbridge had decided to give it a go for one more year, with Mahesh Bhupathi .. I know no other details, but you all know what I feel about it --- it's a bad, bad, idea, though those two could potentially do more than fine, win a few titles next year, and make some pretty good money .. But, what's the point beyond that ? .. Does/doesn't anything else matter beyond that ? .. You all decide for yourselves ..

I haven't talked to Mahesh about it - my understanding was that he had not decided anything on this .. He probably hasn't, and doesn't have to decide this early for next year.

July 14 Note-2

Nirupama had a tough match today .. 8th seed Sandra Cacic (USA,213) d. Nirupama, 76(7) 64 in the quarterfinals at the $25K Peach Tree City challenger in Atlanta .. Still a decent week for Niru, as she picked up 9 points including three bonus points .. That will move her up a few spots to just outside 200 in the ranking in two weeks .. I had hoped she would go further in this challenger though, as the draw was relatively easy compared to those at many of the challengers she has played in the past .. The next week's challenger in the US is at Mahwah, New jersey ($50K) .. I would expect her to be there .. The qualies have started there with #259 as the top seed .. The main draw is not out yet.

July 14 Note-1

Good news from $25K Peach Tree City challenger in Atlanta .. Nirupama d. (q) Alison Bradshaw (USA,495), 64 60 to reach the quarterfinal yesterday .. Alison has been on a good roll having come through three rounds of qualies and then having upset 221st ranked Lindsay Lee in the main draw first round .. But Niru seems to be in very good form herself .. In doubles however, Niru and Jill Craybas lost to Tomoe Hotta and Tzu-Ting Wing 46 75 36 in the first round .. Niru faces the 8th seed Sandra Cacic (USA,213) in the QF today .. (Thanks, Danker, for news!)

A small correction on what I wrote a couple of days back .. Sanjay Singh is not the trainer for the Davis Cup team this time .. Mahesh's trainer from the USA will be going to Sweden, I am told .. Sanjay is actually with LP in Orlando, I believe .. Also, there was a news item in the Telegraph (Calcutta) that AITA decided not to send a Doctor with the team this time .. Normally Dr. Vece Paes goes with the team -- not this time ..

The ITF press release yesterday with all the Davis Cup team nominations shows four players in the Indian team - MB, Fazal, Srinath and Harsh .. Not sure if RK can change that team if there is a need for Vishal to play, as he has also been sent to Sweden.

July 13 Note-3

Today's AITA press release says that ITF has informed them of LP, MB and Srinath also (!) being eligible for doubles at the Olympics based on the July 10th rankings .. I assume this is based on the names the countries have submitted and under the restriction that four singles players (and an extra doubles player, if he is in the top-20) can participate from each country .. 24 doubles teams get direct entry, along with 56 singles players .. LP will be able to squeeze into the singles draw (or will get a wildcard entry), but no information on singles entry yet .. I am a bit surprised that ITF has been able to figure out the first list for doubles eligibility already .. Apparently, the doubles entry went down all the way to #265 thus putting Srinath at #229 in the list along with #33 Mahesh and #43 Leander .. For women, the doubles entry closed at #147 .. As there isn't a fourth player eligible, Sri can't go since LP-MB will be playing together at Olympics as they have promised for a while .. Since I am after these two warriors for getting prepared for Olympics, I have to repeat my open question again -- have you decided to play the US Open together the week before to prepare, Indian Express ?? :-)

By the way, I have had some fans suggest to me that we should start some sort of a "Paes-Bhupathi reunion at US Open" campaign and bug the hell out of the two guys .. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right ? .. We will wait a bit more, I guess.

July 13 Note-2

Srinath and Fazal went down to the second seeds Armando and Simoni in two close sets, 5-7 5-7, in the first round of doubles at the $25K+H Oberstaufen challenger in Germany, earlier today .. So, they will be getting to Sweden soon -- they got a few days of free stay in Germany, I guess :-) .. Somehow, Srinath and Fazal who are good friends and have had doubles success with other partners have not clicked much while playing together.

Kavitha Krishnamurthi of Canada lost in the first round of the Winnipeg challenger to 8th seed Rika Fujiwara, 36 26 ..

Here is a nice preview article from about Davis Cup, that came up today .. Take a look .. They also seem to be promising live coverage from Sweden on their site (they had commentary during the Davis Cup at Delhi against Korea in April - though it was not exactly live and audio files were being uploaded later in the day) .. Anyway, we will have a few from the fanclub out there and will be having some coverage here as well.

If you haven't seen it already, here is a funny story -- Larissa Neiland, veteran doubles player from Latvia, was asked to forgo her doubles earnings at the 1999 Australian Open for illegal substance abuse .. Now, what was the substance ? - caffeine ! .. The lady was downing bucketsful of coffee, I guess .. ITF took a long time to announce this, though the offense was a couple of years back - and I believe it's not taken as such a serious offense though she is losing some money (which she could have used for more Colombian grind, now that she is basically in a retiring mood :-)) .. If you remember, Larissa was Leander Paes' mixed doubles partner a couple of years back for some grand slams .. I remember talking to Leander when they played together first - asked him what he felt about her, and he joked, "Hey, I have to play well .. The lady is an intense type; she will kick my behind if I I mess up!" :-) .. Now I know it was the coffee making her that charged up! .. Somebody ought to sign her up in a coffee advertisement  "It was coffee or tennis --- I retired from tennis" :-) .. By the way, why do they call it "substance abuse" ? .. One never abuses the substance, right ? - but I digress ..

July 13 Note-1

The Swedish team for the Davis Cup against India at Bastad (July 21-23) has been announced as -- Tomas Enqvist (#6), Andreas Vinciguerra (#49), Mikael Tillstrom (#63) and Niklas Kulti (#430) .. Magnus Norman, 2nd in the world in entry ranking, has chosen not to play Davis Cup, which was basically expected for a while ..

19 yr old Andreas Vinciguerra gets to make his Davis Cup debut against India ..  The kid is from near Bastad, and made his ATP tour event debut at the Bastaad Open in 98 .. Of course, we all remember the little hoopla about him getting a wildcard to Chennai Open in 99 April, the first time he got a wildcard from a foreign event - and he got his first ATP win also in India, over Andre Sa at Chennai last year .. The rest is history, as they say, as the kid went on a tear last year, coming back to Chennai this January as a seeded player and moving into the ATP-top 50 soon after too - he also had a win over Leander Paes in the second round at the Australian Open this year, and is doing well this week at the Bastaad Open (he has beaten Juan-Antonio Marin, winner over Vinci in last year's final, and reached the QF today with a win over Gaudenzi) .. It is rather interesting that Vinci gets his Davis Cup debut also against India, at Bastad .. I doubt he is going to show us any gratitude for the help last year from India, on his debut! .. He has not had great results in the last few months, and his ranking has slipped from around 35 to near 50 for now, though.

As for Enqvist, points-wise his best results this year are the final at Indian Wells masters (hard), final at Adelaide (hard), and PQF at Wimbledon (grass) .. On clay, his best was a semi at Munich .. Big points from the Stuttgart masters title (carpet) and Stockholm title (hard) late last year are one reason for his #6 ranking (he is #11 in this year's race ranks) .. A serve-and-volleyer, he is perhaps not a top-10 player on clay, but is certainly top-30 or top-50  (by the way, he was one of the guys LP upset in his great Olympics run in Atlanta, if you remember!) .. Beyond Vinci and Enqvist, things are more than iffy with Sweden though -- Tillstrom had a terrible Davis Cup in their 3-2 win against Finland in April, losing to Ketola and then a kid, Nieminen .. He reached the finals at San Jose (hard) in February and Mallorca (clay) in May, but has had four first round losses in a row since mid may, including one this week at Bastad where Gustafsson upset the 7th seeded Tillstrom.

Kulti and Tillstrom will be the doubles team - quite a tough team even if we had LP-MB playing for us, and perhaps among the top 3 or 4 teams out there right now in the world .. They beat Mahesh and Prinosil on grass three weeks back in the Halle final, for instance .. They have reached the semifinal as of today at the Bastaad open .. Tillstrom is not in the team due to his singles record .. Basically his selection is based on doubles .. Had Bjorkman been having success in doubles with a Swede like Kulti has been having with Tillstrom, definitely Bjorkman would be in the team .. He has not played with Kulti in a while.

With Mahesh possibly having to skip singles, we are in a very difficult situation, but it's Davis Cup - and miracles seem to happen in all kinds of ways in Davis Cup ties .. Since playing all four ties in their Davis Cup title in 97 at home, they have only played two ties at home - a 4-1 win against Spain in 98, and then the huge shocker last year when they were upset by Slovakia 3-2 in Sweden in Apr 99 in the very next tie right after winning the title in Italy in Dec 98 .. Sweden proceeded to lose a shocker in Austria in late 98 to be out of the World Group for 2000, and is fighting to get back into the WG for 2001 with a win over India now .. It would have been easier to think of miracles for us, had LP and MB been available for singles, but without them the miracle will need to be one of the biggest ever in tennis history .. It is a bit cheeky to say this, but I feel that this particular Swedish Davis Cup team does not have great depth in singles and if something goes wrong, as often happens in Davis Cup, one can never say India does not have a chance - at least Srinath, Mankad, and Fazal are in good form by their own standards .. Never lose hope! .. I am the eternal optimist sometimes - I know I sound ridiculous :-).

Mankad and Uppal are flying out to Sweden from Delhi tomorrow, along with Sanjay Singh the physical trainer .. Mahesh was spotted yesterday by a fan at the Swedish Embassy in London, getting his visa .. Srinath and Fazal will be going across the sea from Germany at least by this Sunday, after finishing doubles at the Oberstaufen challenger .. Captain Ramesh Krishnan will have the team all assembled by next Monday (17th) out there for practice.

July 12 Note-3

Nirupama, ranked #217 this week in doubles, is playing doubles at the $25K Peachtree City challenger with Jill Craybas (USA,395) .. They play unseeded Tomoe Hotta (JPN,379) and Tzu-Ting Weng (TPE,423) in the first round.

July 12 Note-2

Well, Sri and Fazal will have to wait till tomorrow to play their first round doubles match at the Oberstaufen challenger in Germany .. They just postponed the match to Thursday 11 am there.

July 12 Note-1

I thought ATP was supposed to announce the world doubles championship venue yesterday, but there is no sign of any announcement that I can find yet .. I wonder what's up, now that they have postponed the announcement a couple of times already.

Srinath and Fazal were scheduled to play the second seeds Hugo Armando (USA) and Alexander Simoni (BRA) at the Oberstaufen challenger in Germany, today at 4 pm .. No news yet .. I am also awaiting the doubles draw at the Atlanta challenger to see if Nirupama is playing doubles there .. Her second round singles match will be tomorrow .. By the way Niru, ranked 211 this week is the highest ranked unseeded player in the draw (she was #216 last week and the 8th seed Sandra Cacic was #215) .. Niru is in the same quarter of the draw with Cacic and the 3rd seed Watanabe, in the bottom half .. Now that Niru has upset Watanabe, she has a decent draw ahead .. Let us see how she proceeds .. But you can never say with Nirupama :-)  -- perfectly capable of playing a great match against top-150 players like she did yesterday  (she seems to win more than she loses when she is up against somebody in the 100-150 range, actually), but she can also have a bad match right the next day! .. By the way, Kavitha Krishnamoorthi, 18 year old from Canada who was one of the top collegiate freshmen this year at Princeton University in the US, had a nice weekend qualifying into the $25K Winnipeg challenger with an upset of the 3rd seed there - perhaps the first time she is qualifying into a challenger .. She faces the 8th seed Rika Fujiwara (JPN,291) in the first round [it seems to be a pretty weak draw at Winnipeg though].

Manisha Malhotra, who has been off the tour for 2-3 weeks with a tired and hurting shoulder after 4-5 weeks of heavy load in the US sateliite circuit, is practicing again this week .. Her shoulder feels better and she may be back on the tour soon if it holds up this week .. Still awaiting news on where Sai and Niru are this week in Europe.

July 11 Note-2

Great news from Atlanta (via Luke Danker) -- Nirupama upset the 3rd seed Jolene Watanabe (USA,148) easily,  63 62 today at the $25K Peachtree City challenger .. Her second round opponent will be determined tomorrow - either Lindsey Lee-Waters (USA,221) or a qualifier ..  Go Niru!

July 11 Note-1

Nirupama is actually playing this week! .. I had thought she would be back from India only a week or two later .. She is in the draw at the $25K Peachtree challenger in Atlanta, USA ..  She has got a rather tough first round matchup, as she plays the 3rd seed Jolene Watanabe (USA,148) today .. Haven't got any doubles news yet.

Here are the all the results for Sai and Rushmi in Europe last week - Sai Jayalakshmi at $25K Vaihingen challenger (Germany): Qualifying round 1 -  Sai lost to Geraldine Aizenberg  (ARG,578), 57 64 26 .. In doubles main draw R1,  Sai and Marina Lazarovska (MKD) lost to the 3rd seeds Virag Csurgo (HUN) and Eva Martincova (CZE), 06 36 .. Rushmi Chakravarti at the $10K satellite in Amersfoort, Netherlands:  R1 - Rushmi lost to #5 seed Diana Gherghi (ROM,407), 46 16 .. In doubles, after an R1 bye, the 4th seeds Rushmi and Denise Hofer (GER) lost to wildcards Marielle Hoogland (NED) and Anousjka Van Exel (NED), 46 26 .. Gosh - a terrible week for them [Thanks, Luke Danker, for all the results]

July 10 Notes

The new doubles rank list show LP and MB falling off from the top-20 for the first time in about three years .. MB is #33 and LP is #43 in the rankings right now .. Actually these July 10th rankings are the ones which will be used for entry into Olympics .. As it stands, they will be the 6th or 7th highest ranked team in the Olympics .. That may change by Olympics time a bit, depending on which week's ranks they use for seeding .. If they use the rank before last year's US Open points fall off, then LP and MB should be seeded in the top-8 or so.

In the new singles entry ranks, LP is at #148, Srinath is at #417, Mankad is at #542, Sandeep at #590, Fazal at #639, and Vishal at #647 ..

Srinath and Fazal are in the doubles draw at the $25K+H Oberstaufen challenger in Germany this week .. Neither is playing singles - Srinath could not have got there on time for weekend qualies as he was playing the futures final in Greece, and I am not sure if Fazal could have made the qualifying draw .. In doubles they are unseeded, and face the second seeds Hugo Armando and Alexander Simoni in the first round .. So, Sri will be taking a two-week break from singles before the Davis Cup, which is not a bad idea, as he had a busy couple of weeks in Greece and he needs to carefully watch his knee which has been suspect for a while.

Mahesh Bhupathi is of course taking this week off, resting his shoulder .. It seems it was only an inflammation and nothing much to worry about, once he takes rest till the pain and inflammation goes away .. I believe he will almost surely not be able to play singles at Davis Cup, but will definitely play doubles.

Niru will be off the tour for a little while more (I think she may be in India still), and Manisha will be taking rest to heal her shoulder strain for at least another week or two .. Sai and Rushmi may be playing some events in Europe this week, but no news yet - actually I still haven't found the score for Rushmi's first round match in the satellites in Amersfoort, Netherlands last week.

.. Previous notes are at Notes for the week ending on July 10 ..

I am getting some enquiries from US college coaches who are interested in Indian junior players .. I would like to be able to contact Indian players (some of the coaches are enquiring about specific names) .. If any of the junior players are reading this, please contact me .. Or if any of the other readers know the contact emails/address for any junior player, let me know .. I would like to have a mailing list where I can post general announcements and enquiries from the coaches too .. Please email me - R.Jayakrishnan.