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LP/MB/NV/Indian-Tennis: Notes for the week ending on July 9, 2001
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July 9 Note-1

I am still waiting to find out what happened in Waco yesterday in Jahnavi's singles final .. Should know very soon ..

Qualifiers Harsh Mankad and Jonathan Beardsley play the first round of doubles at the $50K+H Granby challenger in Canada this evening.

Nirupama is iff this week, I think .. No sign of LP playing anywhere this week either .. I was hoping that LP or Fazal would be at the $25K grasscourt challenger at Bristol, UK, this week .. No Indians there, sadly .. Nick Rainey (USA), a rare non-Indian who gets covered here occasionally because he is a member of the Paes-Bhupathi fanclub since his highschool years, is in the final round of qualies there today ..

Manisha Malhotra is in the entry list for the main draw at the $25K Flexistowe grass challenger in UK this week .. Her partner Leanne Baker (NZL) is in the final rund of qualifying .. I have not seen the doubles draw, but they should be playing and may possibly be seeded too .. Sai, Rushmi and Shruti are in the entry list for the $10K satellite in Getxo (Spain) .. Sai will be a seed .. Rushmi was #9 in the original list and may be a seed too .. I did not see Radhika Tulpule in any entry list for this week ..

Mustafa, Rishi and Manoj were not in the qualifying rounds at the USA F17c future in Peoria, Illinois this weekend .. Not sure if they are in the main draw.

Will see if Sania and Sunil will be playinng anywhere this week in the junior circuit .. Also waiting on some junior results from last week .. PC Tejeshwar had won two rounds and reached the QF at the Ukraine Grade-5 when I heard last .. Jacco Matthew had gone down in the first round .. They went down in the QF of doubles this time, after a title last week in Ukrain .. More interesting was our really-young pup Karan Rastogi, all of 14 years age, showing up in Tunisia at a Grade-3 event, with 15 yr old Rishi Behl .. Both are basically among the top few in their age range in India .. Karan even won a round in Tunisia when I saw last .. We will find out more later.

So, basically, not much news for now - but more coming.

July 8 Note-3

Mahesh Bhupathi takes off to New York now .. The next action together for the Indian Express will be after three weeks at the Montreal Masters .. Not sure what LP will be doing - he does not seem to be playing anywhere this week .. He may possibly play the Aptos challenger (California) or somewhere after a week ? .. We will find out soon.

Mahesh will be doing something interesting the next three weeks - playing for the New York Buzz of the World Team Tennis league .. WTT is something that was started over a couple of decades back by Billie Jean King etc, and seems to be becoming a little-bit more high-profile these days .. It's an interesting format with pro players, both men and women being in the same team with singles, doubles and mixed doubles matches for teams based on different cities, played this year during the July 9-29 period .. Guess who else is in Mahesh's team ? .. Martina Navratilova! .. Others doing it this year include Seles, Davenport, Gambill, Roddick, Serena Williams, Lisa Raymond, Rennae Stubbs, Likhovtseva, Lucic, Jimmy Connors, John and Patric McEnroe, Knowles, Dokic, etc, etc.  There are nine teams in cities such as New York, Schenectady, Sacramento, Kansas City, Philadelphia, etc .. Mahesh, Roddick and Gambill are three new big names they snared in this year .. Mahesh will be playing for the team from Schenectady, formerly known as the "Schenectady County Electrics", who have now changed their name to New York Buzz .. There is another team from New York - the Hamptons .. You can find all about the league in their official website - ..

There is a nice onsite fanclub member report at the forum page from S_K_S about the mixed doubles semi today at Wimbledon ..

At the $50K+H Granby challenger in Canada, Harsh Mankad went down in the final round of qualies today against the hottest player in the Canadian futures -- #437 Benjamin Cassaigne of France, who won the title in the final two weeks of Canada futures after Harsh won the first .. Unfortunate that these two ended up drawn in the same part of the qualies .. Cassaigne (who will move up to about #350 next week with the points from his Canada titles) was the 3rd seed and Harsh the 5th seed .. Cassaigne won 63 62 .. Cassaigne now faces the 4th seed Vince Spadea in the main draw .. Harsh is the first in line for a lucky loser spot, but it doesn't look like he will get in .. All was not lost though for Harsh - he qualified into the main draw of doubles there! .. 774th ranked Harsh, with a new partner, Jonathan Beardsley (USA,696), beat the #1 seeded Fred Niemeyer (CAN,189) and Mark Parsons (CAN,1020) today, 46 63 64 .. They also got a nice first round matchup - drawn to face Canadian wildcards, Michal Cizsak and Stephen Timu, both ranked in the 1400s .. Harsh has a great chance to pick up 17 ATP points (including 3 for qualifying) with a main-draw win as well .. Also, he gets hotel expenses paid for making the main draw .. The guy has been managing to do things right so far to survive on the pro tour.

July 8 Note-2

It's one Bryan or another, and they have been a major pain in the neck lately for us .. [SF] M.Bhupathi/ E.Likhovtseva l. M.Bryan/ L.Huber, 26 26 just now at Wimledon .. After restarting at 1-2 (EL had dropped serve yesterday), Liezel held serve without much problems .. MB and Bryan went through some deuces but held serve in the 5th and 6th games .. In game 7, our pair dropped serve at 15-40 and fell two breaks down to 2-5 and the set was over soon after .. In the 3rd game of the second set, MB-EL were once again in trouble, at 15-40 on Elena's serve and were broken right there to fall 1-2 .. Our pair continued to be under pressure .. At 1-3 Hesh was down 15-40, and fought through 5 break points, two double faults adding to the problem .. He too dropped serve finally, and it was 1-4 .. In the 7th game, MB-EL faced triple match points on Elena's serve at 0-40 .. They fought hard and gheld serve to stay alive a little longer .. In the next game, they lived through one more match point but then it was finally over .. Gloomy day out there and the Indian fans will just have to drink some tea and forget it .. They have company from the whole of Britain, as Henman (or Moorgeewallah, as we call him afectionately in our chatroom) had gone down earlier to Goran .. By the way, Johnson-Palmer won the doubles title.

July 8 Note-1

Mahesh's mixed doubles match is rescheduled as the second one on court-2 today - after the doubles final there, which starts at 1 pm .. So the match start time should be around 3.30 pm (8 pm India .. 10.30 am NY) +/- 30 min .. If MB-Elena comes back from the 1-2 (down a break) deficit in the first set and win it, they will later come back for the mixed doubles final .. That is all assuming that the rain Gods cooperate .. Already they have postponed the men's singles final to Monday! ..

Great news from Waco .. Jahnavi Parekh's terrific run continued today .. She won the doubles title with her regular partner at Baylor University, Katja Kovac, with whom she had formed a top-10 doubles team in college and had reached the final four of collegiate doubles .. They won yesterday, 64 57 75 over  Gaelle Adda (FRA) and Anzela Zguna (LAT) !! .. But that's not all -- she has reached the final of singles as well, beating the 5th seed Zguna (#657), 36 64 64 .. She faces Julie Ditty of USA in the final today .. Jahnavi has picked up 5 WTA points for the doubles title and 5 (including one bonus pt) for the singles final ! .. Hmm, talk about returning to pro tennis with a bang .. Yes, she had the best of conditions, playing in her backyard at Waco, where Baylor University is .. And the competition at this satellite has been perhaps a tad bit poorer than normal also - but boy, has she given a heartening performance or what! .. Fantastic job.

All of a sudden, some Indian or other is picking up a satellite or challenger title pretty much every week .. Regardless of the level of the events (yes, nobody is winning any at the highest level except LP and MB in doubles), the best thing about this is that it raises the confidence of all our players that they can all do these things if they believe in themselves and work hard .. In the long run, this can only help Indian tennis!

July 7 Note-3

#5 seeded Harsh Mankad is in the final round of qualifying for the $50K+H ATP challenger in Granby, Canada .. After a first round bye, he beat Oualid Jallali (#1044) of Tunisia easily, 64 63 this evening .. He has a tough matchup against #3 seed Banjamin Cassaigne (FRA,437) tomorrow  .. Cassaigne beat #955 Andrew Nisker (CAN) 64 64 today ..

No news yet about how things went for Jahnavi Parekh today at Waco .. We should know soon.

July 7 Note-2

The painful rain .. I hate this thing about Wimbledon .. Play start was delayed by over 3 hours by rain today there .. The MB match finally started on court-2 at 5.16 pm .. MB held serve after a few deuce and a break point in the first game .. After a quick hold by Mike Bryan, Elena was in trouble too, dropping serve .. At 1-2, rain came down again .. So we wait .. and wait .. and ..

Harsh Mankad is at Granby for the challenger, seeded 5th in the qualies .. Harsh gets a first round bye in the 3-round qualies but has his work cut out for him, as he may have to get past the 3rd seed Benjamin Cassaigne who has had a couple of titles and and is in great form in Canada.

July 7 Note-1

Mahesh and Elena starts of the action on court-1 today at 2 pm - mixed doubles semifinal against Mike Bryan and Liezel Huber .. That is at 6.30 pm India, 9 am New York .. Pretty good show for these two to reach the semi of FO and Wimbledon MxD back-toback! .. Let's cheer them in the chatroom during the match.

3rd seeds Novak-Rikl play 4th seeds Johnson-Palmer in the doubles final .. To be frank, those were two teams, along with Ferreira/Leach, that I least expected to make the finals, despite their rankings .. Tells you what I know about that :-) .. I should respect them more!

Ah, finally some results from Netherlands, at least in singles  .. Not great news, but still .. At the $10K satellite in Amsterdam, Sai Jayalakshmi (#385) was the 3rd seed and Rushmi Chakravarti (#423) was the 5th seed, drawn in the same quarter of the draw once again, with Shruti Dhawan in the same quarter as well, like last week .. Radhika Tulpule was in the other half of the draw .. Once again, only Shruti won a round .. She upset Rushmi 61 61 in the first round .. I wonder if Rushmi has any injury problems or anything, seeing that scoreline, actually - either that, or Shruti played exceedingly well .. I don't know the score of Shruti's second round match, but saw that Ilona Vichnevskaya (RUS,594) whom she was supposed to play had reached the SF now -- so Shruti picked up 2 more WTA points (including 1 bonus) for the win and seems to have lost in R2 .. As for Sai, she was upset by Beti Sekulovski (AUS,595), 63 63 .. #526 Radhika went down in the first round to Andrea Masarykova (SVK,487), 67(8) 26 .. Shoot - Sai and Rushmi have had a really poor run out there in Netherlands - no wins in three weeks despite being seeded .. Hope they will pick it up from here on .. 19 yr olds Radhika and Shruti are playing their first set of European events, so I expected them to struggle a bit on the red clay; Shruti picking up 3 WTA points so far is pretty good, actually! .. No info on doubles yet .. [Source:]

I have not been in touch with LP at Wimbledon to see if he decided to leave from there to come to the US early for qualies at Newport or anything like that .. Probably not ..  Harsh Mankad must be at the Granby challenger qualies this weekend in Canada .. The main draw closed at around 350 there, but Harsh should be a seed in the qualies with his #481 ranking (which will drop to around 750 Monday after his satellite points from last year fall off - so this is a good time for him to try and do something in a challenger qualy .. Won't be easy though).

July 6 Note-3

I am not sure if most of you have been noticing my once-a-few-months reminder about Jahnavi Parekh doing more than fine down at the Baylor University, being in the top-20 of US collegiate rankings, etc .. Well, she came out back in the pro tour with wildcards this week at the $10K Waco satellites in Texas and has been doing mighty fine so far .. Great news from deep in the heart of Texas - Jahnavi Parekh is in the semis of singles and finals of doubles! .. Yesterday she had upset the second seed Stefanie Mabry (USA,493), 36 63 60 .. Today she beat Adda Gaelle (FRA), 63 63 .. She faces 5th seed Anzella Zguna (#657) of Latvia .. In doubles, after the first round win I reported earlier, Jahnavi and Katja Kovac have upset the second seeds and the 3rd seeds in a row - #2 Kelly Hyndman and Jin-Hee Kim, 36 62 62, and #3 Milangela Morales and Tracey O'Conner, 62 60 .. Hmmm .. Excellent stuff from Jahnavi! ..She plays Adda and Zguna in the finals .. Go Jahnavi!

July 6 Note-2

Sunil's nice unexpected run at the Wimbledon ended today in doubles against the top seeds in the quarterfinals .. [QF] C.Letcher/ S.Sipaeya l. #1 B.Echegaray/ S.Gonzales, 36 67(4) .. Trouble started early as our boys dropped serve at 30-40 in the first game .. Since then it went with serves, both sides getting a point or two off the others' serve but no break chances for either side till the 8th game when our boys faced a 30-40 set point on their serve .. They took it to deuce but dropped serve at the second set point .. In the second set, our boys faced break points again, but held after deuces .. CL-SS often had the Mexicans down 0-15 0-30, etc, but they seemed to stay ahead (both those kids being reasonably strong servers, capable of serving it over 115 mph) .. Suddenly, in the 3rd game, our boys found a crack at 15-40 with double break points .. The Mexicans made it deuce again .. CL-SS finally broke at AD-out to go up 2-1 .. The mexican kids were not giving up .. They broke right back to even it at 3-3 ..  Our kids had the best chance at 5-5 in when they had the top seeds down 15-40 .. Once again, as they have been doing all day, they held serve .. Now our boys faced a match at 30-40, but we too fought well to stay even at 6-6 .. It was tiebreaker .. Again, it went with serves till 3-3 when our boys lost a minibreak to fall 3-4 .. The top seeds went up to 3-6 .. Made it 4-6, but our guys fell at the 3rd match point .. It was not a poor match at all, from Clinton and Sunil, considering that the opposition was the best junior double team in the world .. The Mexicans keds were clearly a tad-bit ahead throughout, despite the fight from our boys .. Sunil's double ranking will cack into the top-50 after this.

Now, we have Mahesh's mixed doubles semi remaining, at a Wimbledon that was unexpectedly busy in the second week despite LP-MB losing early in doubles.

How about my man Rafter coming back from 3-5 and facing Agassi serving for the match in the 5th set ? .. Rafter won it 8-6 to reach the final! ..

July 6 Note-1

Ah, the beauty of those never-ending final sets at Wimbledon .. More beautiful of course when we win it .. QF] - #4 M.Bhupathi/ E.Likhovtseva d. B.Bryan/ L.McShea, 6-1 4-6 15-13 .. The match postponed from yesterday at 5-4 in the 3rd set, was restarted under the bright afternoon sun .. Easy service games till 6-6 when MB ran into trouble, down 15-30, but a 120 mph service winner pulled him ut of trouble .. In the 14th game, Lisa served two aces! .. Then in the 15th game, Elena was down 0-30, but a couple of nice interceptions by Hesh at the net help make it deuce .. A smash (with a big "yeah" shout by Hesh) at AD in - and it was 8-7 .. The set went on with serve .. Both the women seemed to be serving well too .. Elena even had a second serve ace, serving to Bob Bryan in the 19th game .. The match kept on going .. Neither side had faced a break point since the 9th game till the 28th game .. Not even deuces since the 14th game .. Finally Lisa McShea dropped serve and we were done at 15-13 in the 3rd set which took an hour and 25 minutes to finish .. The whole match took 2 hour 10 minutes, most of which was in the 3rd set .. The semifinal opponents for tomorrow will be decided later today.

Clinton and Sunil are on court for the junior doubles QF, but down right now 0-2 in the first ..

July 5 Note-3

I could not follow the match closely at work, but S_K_S was giving nice commentary as usual in the chatroom, off the telecast from center court .. The match was precariously perched when it was suspended at 8.30 pm .. [QF] - #4 M.Bhupathi/ E.Likhovtseva -vs- B.Bryan/ L.McShea, 61 46 54 (on serve) .. Bob Bryan had lost his doubles SF against Novak-Rikl earlier in the day in 4 sets and generally did not seem to be as dominating as yesterday against LP-Raymond .. However, Lisa McShea was on fire all match, according to S_K_S .. Still the first set was over in a jiffy in 25 minutes, as our pair broke three times, Bryan in the first and fifth games and McShea in the 7th game .. The other pair was only warming up I guess, as they came back strongly in the second set, with Lisa McShea almost single-handedly going on a tear, winning points off Mahesh and forcing the break in the 5th game .. They cruised to a 6-4 score to even it .. In the 3rd set, MB-EL went ahead with a break in the 4th game off Lisa, and were up 4-1, but Elena dropped serve in the 7th game and we were quickly even at 4-4 .. Mahesh was in trouble in the 9th game facing a break point, but a 187 kph ace from him did the job and our pair went ahead to 5-4 .. Down came the rain .. So, they will restart things tomorrow afternoon .. Bryan to serve.

Leander had some nice words to say about Sunil Kumar in his article in the Hindustan Times, Friday edition .. take a look at - Sunil has been a revelation .. He says - "Sunil's natural left-handed serve has impressed me the most and also his determination ... Grass being his least favourite surface, Sunil was able to adapt to the conditions. This rich experience will do a world of good to his confidence for the months leading up. This being Sunil's last year in the juniors, these next 18 months are very important to his growth as a professional tennis player and also his academics. He has the tough option of turning professional and opening his eyes to the rugged world of professional tennis or using his tennis as a vehicle to further his academics and simultaneously nurture his career .. He has already been approached by Universities in United States of America" .. Interesting comments ..

I am glad to see LP's comment on his serve .. I thought that was NOT his strong point, he not being a power player .. I assume he is smooth and accurate in his serve - which can still win matches though, if accurate enough .. As for college tennis, there are good and bad sides to it .. He *may* be better off getting some good coaching somewhere and hitting the circuit with proper grooming and advice from those like LP - especially when money does not seem to be a major problem for now .. He is in a much different situation than somebody like a Harsh Mankad who had nowhere to turn to, for help .. There is always a danger of players losing focus once they are on their own in college and take to just having a fun time in the US .. On the other hand, going pro needs to be done with the proper perspective as well .. None of us should expect *anything* from Sunil for the next 3 years at least, as it generally needs at least that long for even most of the top-10 junior players to get to top-200 pro levels .. Take the example of an Aisam Qureshi of Pakistan, top-10 in juniors in 99, with strong tools, height, serve, etc .. After three years in the pros with some decent sponsorship too, he is now #275 .. Many top-60 caliber junior players such as Sunil may need longer, and may even never really make it - barring surprises, which are not that common either .. Sobering thoughts, eh ? .. At least Sunil is not giving us reason to lose hope, which is the good thing .. By the way, LP's articles in the Hindustan Times have been very insightful .. Not the usual cliche-filled articles .. He has been putting some thought into the articles.  Go to their sports page, and keep changing the date in the URL to find his articles over the last few days.

July 5 Note-2

Jahnavi Parekh and Katja Kovac (SLO) won their first round doubles match at the $10K satellite in Waco, Texas, 61 64 over Colleen Chung and Cynthia Tow of USA and runs into the second seeds Kelly Hyndman and Jin-hee Kim today .. In singles, she faces the second seed Stephanie Mabry today after her win Monday in the first round 62 46 61 over qualifier Natalia Dziamidzenka (BLR) .. No news still about the Amsterdam satellite where I believe four of our women are ..  Bad news from the USA F17 in Pittsburgh .. Rishi Sridhar lost in R1 to wildcard Hamid Mirzadeh (USA), 26 46, Mustafa Ghouse lost in R1 to the 8th seed Bjorn Jacob (GER,645), 36 36 .. Mustafa and Phil Stolt (USA) lost 67(2) 36 to Bradon Kramer (USA) and Eduardo Morones (MEX) in the R1 .. Sridhar and Manoj Mahadevan lost 46 36 in R1 to Ignacio Gonzales-King (ARG) and marcio Torres (BRA) .. Congrats go to our friend in the LP-MB fanclub, Nick Rainey of USA, a qualifier there, who won the first round singles there! ..  The others in action this week are PC Tejeshwar and Jacco Mathew who are in the singles and doubles draws at the grade-5 event in Ukraine .. I have to confirm this, but I think Geeta Manohar may be in a $10K satellite in Taiwan - I have not seen the draw.

July 5 Note-1

Sunil Kumar seems to be having a lot of fun out there in Wimbledon .. Now he has an upset of a seed in the doubles as well, to reach the QF .. [R2] C.Letcher/ S.K.Sipaeya d. #7 P.Capdeville/ O.Pasada, 62 64 .. This did not look easy for the Chilean Paul Capdeville and the Venezuelan Oscar Posada, ranked #40 and #22, right from the beginning .. Set-1: Our boys started well with a break at 30-40 in the 3rd game .. Then they faced 15-40 double break attempts on Clinton's serve .. Won four points in a row and went up ahead 3-1 .. In game 5 they had triple break points but the South Americans made it deuce .. Our pair had a 4th break chance at AD out too, but could not force a second break there .. No problems though - In the 7th game our boys converted their first chance at AD out, to go up 5-2 ahead .. Clinton faced a break attempt at 30-40 in the 8th game, but he won the final three points to take the set 6-2 .. One of the South Anericans, I believe Capdeville, had to get some injury help at that time, but he was back to play in a few minutes .. Set-2: It went with serves in the second set .. Following two double faults, the South Americans faced a break point in the 3rd game and were broken at AD out .. Sunil held serve easily to go up 4-2 .. In th 9th game, our boys had two match points from 15-40, but the other guys held .. Now it was up to Sunil to finish it off, which he did in style, losing only one point on his serve in the final game .. For the match, our guys were 3 of 9 on break points, and were not broken in the three BPs they served .. 66 points by our guys, 48 by the others .. The match took 66 minutes .. The South Americans ruined whatever chance they had, with 8 double faults .. Our guys had only two, none by Sunil .. Sunil only lost some 3 points on his 5 service games, despite his service average first serve speeds being about 5 mph below the others .. And it is a QF for the Indian bhai and his Australian mate! .. It may be a tough one - they could run into the top seeds Echegaray and Gonzales of Mexico next - their R2 match not done yet.  Here are some more pictures of Sunil Kumar, shamelessly lifted from Netcam, posted here due to popular demand after the last set of pictures - many had never seen a picture of Sunil ..

That is Sunil serving .. And, oh .. that last one is not Sunil who suddenly grew 18 years older 18 inches horizontally .. That is our beloved Ramesh Krishnan (sorry RK, couldn't resist a little dig :-)) .. RK and Paul Hand are in the over-35 event there and having some nice success so far!

July 4 Note-3

Two mixed doubles matches to report .. MB-EL won in a close one .. LP and Lisa ran up against an unshakable object called Bob Bryan today!
[PQF] #6 M.Bhupathi/ E.Likhovtseva d. #14 J.Tarango/ J.Dokic, 64 46 64
[PQF] #6 L.Paes/ L.Raymond l. B.Bryan/ L.McShea, 75 57 57

These two matches got moved at the end of the day to court-1 and center court, and we had nice TV commentary for both the matches too .. LP's match started as MB's match went into the 3rd set .. Here are the details I have, as I typed them, based on commentary from Samarth Sinha off the BBC telecast .. I have not edited what I typed -- I gotta run!

MB-EL match Details: MB had a cold start in the first service game, facing one break point .. He served a 187 kph serve and held .. Then in the 3rd game, a forehand netted by Jelena, followed a by a nice return from Hesh at break point gave us the break .. MB was suddenly on fire, and was smashing everything at the net on Elena's serve - she held at love, and it was 3-1 .. Their next chance was off Tarango's serve at 30-40 in the 9th game .. Mahesh's forehand return was a bit too long and Tarango held .. They had trouble in the 10th game on MB's serve .. A double fault from him and a wrong choice for a drop shot by Elena, pushed them to a break point .. A 120 mph ace from Hesh -- and the set was closed out .. They again got a break at 30-40 off Jelena Dokic's serve .. MB was serving well again as he threw down two more aces while serving to go up to 4-2 .. The match was pretty much a stroll in the park by now .. Just when we thought that Elena was down 0-40, having trouble getting her first serves in and Tarango going bonkers with his returns .. They played through two BPS and fell to get it even 4-4 .. Soon MB was facing a break attempt set point at 30-40 at 4-5 .. Some good serve and volley MB made it deuce, but a volley error by Mahesh at AD out, and all of a sudden the set was gone .. In the 3rd set, off Elena's serve, they had a chance when an amazing angled-volley from MB forced a 30-40 break point .. After a bad backhand volley by MB, they forced another break point - A nice lunge by MB did the trick and our pair was up 2-1 .. This held up and the men kept pumping in the aces and the women kept holding serve too .. At 5-4, the 6th ace from MB made it a match pt at 40-15 .. They converted the second match pt and made it to the QF !!

LP-LR match details: Lisa faced on break attempt in the 4th game, but held .. But Bob Bryan was untouchable on his serve .. Cranking up to a 133 mph ace in the 5th game .. That is the fastest I have ever heard of, in a doubles match, and quite possibly the fastest ball that Lisa had to ever face! .. Got inspired, LP served a couple of aces in the 6th game as well - considerably slower at 110 and 115 mph but effective .. In the 11th game, off Lisa McShe's serve, two good volley from LP at the net made it a break point at 30-40 .. A great cross court return winner from LP on a second serve from McShea and our pair was up 6-5 !! .. Once again some super net-play from LP in the next game saw our pair winning the fdirst set 7-5 .. LP started his first service game in the second set also with an ace, his 4th .. He banged down his 5th ace also in this game.. At 1-1, they continued their attcak on Lisa McShea .. A great lob return from LP and a wild volley from McShea made it triple break points .. A strong return from LP right at Lisa McShea's feet - and our pair was up 2-1 .. IN the next game, they dropped serve however - this time with Leander making some uncharacteristic volleying errors .. Bryan continued to serve well and made it 2-3 .. LP was not much behind, serving his 6th and 7th aces in the next game to even it at 3-3 .. Lisa served an ace in the 8th game as well, to even it at 4-4 .. AT 5-5, on Lisa McShea's serve, our pair went to work .. One double fault from Lisa and two good volleys from LP at the net, it was a break chance at 30-40 .. Now That Lisa also serves an ace, her first - and they held .. LP's racket string breaks, he has to take out a new one .. He did fine at the net, winning two points in the next game, but Lisa R does a double fault, and miscommunication between the two caused a complete mess on another point .. At set point, Bob Bryan sent a return straight to Lisa's feet, exactly as LP did in the first set, so the roles were exactly reversed here - we were even 75 57 .. In the 3rd, LP continued to serve well, with his 8th ace in game 2 .. Then they had triple BPs on Lisa McShea in game 3, with Lisa Raymond doing a superb lob after a scream of "YOU" from LP and then another running lob from the back of the court from LP .. Break .. At 3-2, Leander who has been serving wonderfully all day, finally made a mistake and double faulted while serving to Lisa .. Then he made a judgment error and touched a volley that was going too wide .. A winner return winner from Bob Bryanm, and we were all even again at 3-3 .. AT 3-4 with Lisa R serving, it became a crucial game .. Had to serve well to Bryan .. But he won all three points served to him and it became deuce .. At Ad out serve to Bryan, LP and Bryan did a short volley exchange that Lp won - and it was 4-4 .. Bob Bryan was not done .. He served two aces .. But then a terrific backhand volley from Leander .. A nice retuirn from Lisa followed by an LP smash .. It was break point .. Nice serve down the line .. Deuce .. Another good serve by Bryan .. AD in .. LP returns well the next one at huis feet .. Deuce .. Lob return from Lisa does not work .. Then LP hardly touched a hot serve .. Bryan holds .. 4-5 .. In the next game, Lp started with a double fault .. We lost our breath for a minute as LP had a bad slip and fall, but he was fine .. At 30-30, two great serves from him made it 5-5 even .. In the next game, Lisa R started with a great crosscourt return winner off Lisa M .. Lisa M served well to go up on top, though - 5-6 now for our pair and LR needed to come through on her serve once more .. Great reaction from BB on the first point .. 0-15 .. LP flew in across to intercept the return - 15-15 .. Soon it was 30-40 Match point .. A great backhand return from LP made it deuce .. Another Match point at AD out .. A volley winner from LP .. Yet again, the serve to Bryan comes back .. AD out .. The match point .. Chances galore to put it way .. Nothing working .. Light fading .. Match over on the 3rd match point .. It was that close, and once again the LP-vs-MB match does not happen ..

Bob Bryan broke LP's string of 23 doubles wins on grass two weeks back in Queens .. Now he has broken LP-LR's 8-match win streak at Wimbledon as well.

July 4 Note-2

It is always tough to lose a match where one has fought back from trouble so many times .. Sunil Kuamr just went through an incredible back-and-forth match, that the scoreline does not do any justice to .. When there are 25 break points and about 35 deuces in a match, with only 5 break points converted by either pair, we know that this was a fight all the way - for 2 hours and 10 minutes .. [R3] (q) S.K.Sipaeya l. (q) K.Skupski, 36 64 46 .. This how the match went - [set1] Not a good start by Sunil, as he was broken at the first break point at AD out in the first game itself .. Sunil again faced break points in the 3rd game at 15-40, but won 4 points in a row to hold serve .. He won the next service game at 1-3 with four straight points too .. At 2-3, he took Skupski to a deuce, but no break chances .. Sunil was serving better now and had won 10 of 12 service points after only 5 in his first 14 serves .. He again ran into trouble after 30-0 in the 8th game at 3-5, though .. He quickly faced set points at 30-40 .. Fought off three set points, but finally, after 5 deuces, he dropped serve .. Skupski was 2 of 7 in break chances in the first set .. Sunil had not found any break chances in the first set ..  [Set-2] SKS got his first two chances at 15-40 off Skupski's serve in the 3rd game of the second set - but after two deuces, Skupski held again ..  The story was similar in the 6th game as well, when Skupski faced another break attempt, at AD out .. He fought that off and stayed on serve .. Now it was Sunil's turn to face a break point at AD out in the 6th game .. He too held after two deuces .. Sunil was now attacking Ken's serve a bit more - he had him at a decue for the 3rd service game in a row at 3-3 .. But no break chances and it went to 3-4 .. It went back and forth like that - Sunil facing two break attempts from 30-40 at 3-4 and staying alive too (now Skupski was 2 of 9 in break chances) - had he dropped a point there he would have lost the match in no time it looked, but Sunil had something left still .. He held his nerves in check and held serve for 4-4 .. In the next game, finally he broke through at the right time, having Skupski down at 15-40 and converting the first break point (his 4th in the match) .. Now he needed to hold serve, but Skupski was not done yet .. He fought off two set points from 40-15 and three more at ADs out .. To Sunil's credit, he finally came through in the face of the relentless pressure from across the net .. Converted his SIXTH set point to even it at 36 64 .. It took 55 minutes to finsh this 6-4 set ! .. [Set3] The 3rd set was no different, as Sunil again took Skupski to 6 deuces, including three break chances, but the fighting British kid held on, somehow .. Man, this was a fight all the way now .. Finally Skupski got to him -- going up to triple break chances in the next game .. Sunil also fought off two of them, but fell at the 3rd .. After Skupski held serve easily for a 3-0 lead, Sunil looked down and out at 0-40 in the 4th game, but he was not one to give up either .. Won 5 points in a row to hold serve there (Skupski was 3 of 16 in break chances now) .. To boot, he had Skupski down at 30-40 immediately, converted the chance, and instead of serious trouble, now we were tied at 3-3  (Sunil was 2 of 8 in BPs) .. At 3-4 Sunil had to go through a couple of deuces before holding serve for 4-4 .. Now he had Skupski at 30-30 in the next game, but could not force a break point .. That proved crucial .. As we knew for a while, somebody was going to break late in the 3rd game .. Unfortunalety it was Skupski who did that .. In the next game, at 30-40 Sunil finally lost a break point - Skupski converted his 4th BP in 17 attempts and the match was over after 2 hours and 10 minutes of back and forth .. The British was marginally ahead for most of the game, but Sunil had his chances too .. Good fight from both sides and somebody had to lose it .. Hats off to Sunil for the fight till th end and the lack of nerves at so many break attempts .. Sunil was 2 of 8 in BPs as well .. And Skupski's incredible run continues .. IN the QF, he now faces the other qualifier still alive - Petzschner of Germany, who upset the 13th seed today - so there will be a qualifier in the semifinal for sure.

One more loss today - thought not unexpected - [R1] S.Mirza/ E.Valdes l. #4 C-C.Chaung/ S-W.Hsieh, 46 06 .. Sania and Erika fell behind in the first service game and after the 4th seeds held serve, it was 0-3 in the first set .. Our girls kept fighting, converting their first break chance in th 7th game to even it at 3-4 .. But then, they dropped serve .. It was nice to see them fight again, and get the break back in the 9th game once more to go 4-5 .. Then they dropped serve and that was the end of the resistence, as the 4th seeded taiwanese pair steam-rolled one of the lowest ranked doubles teams in the draw .. sania is doen with Wimbledon this time - I am sure she got a godo taste of the place, where she will do much more in the future hopefully .. Nice morale booster for Sania to win a round too .. Sunil still has doubles to go .. He has already done much more than we expected there .. Good going, despite the losses today.

July 4 Note-1

Interesting matches today at Wimbledon .. The most interesting one being Mahesh's mixed doubles match .. Somebody in the chatroom said the other day about this match -- "Oh Boy, talk about the wife from hell and the dad from hell .. What do they do if they lose this match .. Everybody beats up everybody in a big melee on court?" .. Kidding -- but as you know Tarango, quite a good-hearted guy off the court I believe, can't ever get people to forget the old story at Wimbledon a few years back with his wife going berserk .. He himself is as volatile on court as a coke can in the back of a pickup truck! .. As for Jelena Dokic's dad .. well .. 'nuff said!

Lisa-Lee have a "normal" match, I guess .. I hope LP and MB win their respective matches today and will face each other in a very cool QF.

14 yr old Sania is playing doubles with a player who is about to turn 18, and has already been playing some pro events - Erika Valdes of Mexico .. I have no idea how 82nd ranked Erika and 134th ranked Sania made the main draw .. I don't think there were qualifying rounds there - perhaps they got some sort of a wildcard? .. I know that they like Erika down in Mexico, though she has had an odd junior career with some big results in some 2 or 3 higher grade events and a whole bunch of losses too - but she was ranked as high as #47 in singles last year and #50 in doubles - so she is obviously a talented player .. She is experienced too - she and Voskoboeva of Russia reached the doubles QF at Wimbledon juniors last year .. She and Melissa Torress of Mexico reached the PQF of USOPen juniors and the SF of the Casblanca Grade-1 last year too .. Erika has played about 10 pro events and is ranked 379 in WTA doubles as well .. Let us hope she and Sania would combine well today .. They have a very tough match against the 4th seeds Chia-Chung Chuang and Su-Wei Hsieh from the current tennis factory in Asia - Taiwan .. Will be quite a miracle to upset those two who have played together quite a bit.

In other news -- Leanne Baker and Manisha Malhotra had their winning streak snapped at the $50K+H Orbetello challenger .. They were unseeded there and ended up against the second seeds, the talented Argentinian pair, Maria Elena Salerni and Patricia Tarabini .. 16 46 loss .. The scoreline surprises me - I assume they had just got down from Sweden to Italy and had to play without much practice on the courts there .. Not bad sometimes to get a few days break though .. Plus they will get to play singles qualies somewhere this weekend ..

Nirupama is taking this week off, and doing some TV color commentary for Star TV from Wimbledon -- the reviews on her grand slam coverage work has been excellent from all quarters .. I assume she will be coming to the US after this week, probably playing at the Mahwah challenger in New Jersey, where she did well last year.

Good news from the $10K satellite in Waco, texas .. Jahnavi Parekh, who was a wildcard, won the first round beating the qualifier, Natalia Dziamidzenka of Belarus, 62 46 61 .. She will probably run into the second seed Stephanie Mabry next, though .. Jahnavi is is also in the doubles main draw ..

Nothing yet from Netherlands on Sai, Rushmi, Shruti and Radhika .. Vijay Kannan does not seem to be playing this week .. Harsh Mankad is not playing till the coming weekend .. At the USA F17b in Pittsburgh, Rishi Sridhar was drawn against the wildcard Hamid Mirzadeh and Mustafa Ghouse against the 8th seed Bjorn Jacob .. Will know scores later today, hopefully .. Rajeev Ram of USA has a wildcard into the main draw and plays another wildcard, Andrew Colombo .. In doubles, Manoj Mahadevan and Rishi Sridhar play Ignacio Gonzalez-King (ARG) and Marcio Torres (BRA) .. Mustafa Ghouse and Phil Stolt (USA) play Brandon Kramer (USA) and Eduardo Morones (MEX) .. By the way, congrats go to Nick Rainey of USA, a member of the LP-MB fanclub and playing college tennis at Univ of Southern California, for qualifying into the singles main draw after three tough rounds!

July 3 Note-5

Here are some pictures of Sunil Kumar in action at Wimbledon in the doubles today (courtesy: official website netcam) .. The cameras hardly focussed on the little Indian guy, especially with two British kids playing in this match .. Clinton Letcher looks like a well-mannered Aussie, eh ? .. I am sure Sunil has learned to say "G'day" by now.

Nice running forehand .. No doubt he is getting some tips from Leander .. By the way, who is the tall guy congratulating Sunil Kumar ?? -- I don't know .. Anyway, that completes my coverage of Sunil Kumar's exploits today at the Wimbledon .. Now back to regularly scheduled programming!

July 3 Note-4

One more win to report .. S.K.Sipaeya/ C.Letcher d. (wc) R.Hutchins/ B.Riby, 60 63 .. This was a no-contest in the first set .. Our pair just kept breaking the British guys .. In the second set, at 2-2 they broke them to go up .. Faced some resistance, as Sunil, who was serving well all day found himself down 0-40 .. They took it to deuce, and after facing another break point, he banged down an ace to go up to 5-3 .. Then it was time for another break to finish off the match .. 70 points won by Sunil and Clinton, 48 by the others .. 6 aces by our pair to none by the British kids .. They play the 7th seeds Posada-Capdeville in the round of 16 next ..

A minor correction on earlier stuff .. Skupski who plays Sunil in the PQF is actually a qualifier, and was a wildcard into the qualies .. Actually three of the 4 unseeded players in the qualies who made it to the main draw - Sunil, Skupski and Petzschner have all reached final-16 with all three of them bunched in the same quarter too (Ptezschner playing the 13th seed Bohli in the PQF)

July 3 Note-3

Sania Mirza had a tough time against a player whom she was simply over-matched against .. This was expected - Dulko is a strong player, already ranked #314 in WTA (from just 8 pro events she has played) - a highly talented one who is good on grass too, having won the LTA grade-1 event just last week in London .. No miracles for Sania today .. S.Mirza (IND) l. #7 Gisela Dulko (ARG,5), 16 26 .. The match started with Sania holding serve without much trouble in the first game, but Dulko picked up steam in no time .. Sania got broken in the 4th game at 30-40 .. She was again broken in the 6th game at 15-40 .. It was clear that Sania was in big trouble, as she only got a couple of points off Gisella .. In the second set, Sania started rather well, holding serve easily and taking a couple of points off Dulko in game 2 .. In the 3rd game she was serving at 40-15 too .. At this point Dulko went on a real tear, winning 17 points in a row on Sania - I am sure the poor 14 yr old was shell-shocked there .. She was broken in games 3 and 5 and was down 1-5 in a hurry .. To Sania's credit, she fought in the 7th game, holding serve after a deuce to stay barely alive .. Dulko closed it out in the next game though .. Sania has nothing to be ashamed of, really .. After all she was the youngest in the field there - and to have reached second round in the first attempt at Wimbledon is commendable .. She will get three more cracks at Wimbledon and there is no doubt that she will go much further than second round before she is done with her junior years!

The Amritraj cousins of USA, seeded 4th, got upset in the first round of doubles 5-7 3-6 just now .. After an early trade of breaks in the first 4 games, it went with serves till 5-6, when they were broken .. In the second, they were down 1-5 in a hurry .. They broke back in a last-gasp effort, but couldn't force anothwer break at 3-5 .. That is disappointing for a top seeded team to go down in the first round .. Oh well - it happens .. Sunil Kumar's doubles match yet to start there.

July 3 Note-2

So, who is this guy that Sunil will be playing next in the final-16 at the Wimbledon juniors ? .. Nobdoy knows, I guess .. A guy from Liverpool by the name of Ken Skupski, an 18 yr old who is ranked 474 in the world and has hardly played 10 or so junior events in his career .. Seems to be a grasscourter who has not done much on other surfaces .. He has had four top-50 wins in the last three weeks (Ryan Henry and Mathew Emery of US, Marcus Egger of Austria and now the 9th seed Robin Soderling of Sweden) .. That is a scoop on Skupski .. But Sunil knows a thing or two about grasscourts too, coming from Chandigarh, though he has not had any big junior grasscourt results to talk about .. This will be a "who-vs-who?"  kind of final-16 matchup at Wimbledon between the world #84 and the world #474 - a qualifier and a wildcard! .. Advantage Sunil, on paper, due to him having had so much more experience in the junior circuit - but so thought a handful of top players who played this dude Skupski .. But, Go Sunil .. Teach the guy that he does not know everything about grasscourt tennis just because he is British! :-)

July 3 Note-1

BIG WIN for Sunil Kumar !! .. Attaboy!!  He just went and upset the 8th seed and the world #10 player!! .. (Q) Sunil K.Sipaeya (IND,82) d. #8 Florian Mayer (GER,10), 75 75 !!  .. I could not follow this match - for some reason, I did not see this match listed in the schedule for today .. Sorry forwrong info below on that .. I must have looked at the online schedule about 5 times trying to make sure that I didn't miss the match being listed .. I should get glasses? .. Anyway, as long as he pulled the big upset, we are happy! .. From the scoreline, it looks like it was late breaks in both sets by Sunil .. If anybody watched the match and has any details, send it to me .. That is the second top-10 upset by Sunil in his career (he had a win over #9 Michal Kokta at the beginning of the year in Australia) .. The win gives Sunil 50 big points which should raise his rankiong bacck up inside the top-65 .. I am sure Leander Paes who constantly advises the boy (who is under Paes-en-Sport's management) is very proud of him reaching the final 16 .. Sunil is finally coming off age in the junior career - a little later than we all thought, but one has to give the boy credit for hanging in there through all the adjustments he had to make, coming from rural backgrounds, hitting the limelights so unexpectedly, having the pressure from a whole country's hopes on him .. Go Sunil, Go !! .. Sunil gets back later for his first round doubles match! ..

Sania plays her R2 match later today .. about 4.30 pm (9 pm India .. 11.30 pm New York), +/- 45 minutes.

Sunil Kumar's final-16 match will be against unseeded Ken Skupski (GBR) who upset the 9th seed Robin Soderling today in three sets .. In doubles, Sunil and Clinton Letcher (AUS), who play the British wildcards Ross Hutchins and Ken Riby at the end of the day today, are drawn next to the 7th seeds Oscar Posada and Paul Capdeville in the same querter of the draw as the top seeds Echagaray-Gonzalez of Mexico.

Sania also made the doubles draw -- she plays with Erika Valdes of Mexico - they have a tough first round match against the 4th seeded Taiwanese pair, Chia-Jung Chuang and Su-Wei Hsieh ..

Man, I am pumped this morning! .. This is new for me - following a couple of our kids (more, if you count the Amritraj cousins too - thay too play today in doubles) playing and winning some matches in the junior events in the second week of a grand slam! .. Hasn't happened much in about a decade, I guess ..

July 2 Note-3

MxD matches for LP and MB are not in the Tuesday schedule at Wimbledon .. Sania plays second round singles against Gisella Dulko of Argentina, the world #5 who is seeded 7th .. Very tough match for Sania .. Dulko is on a big high, having won the LTA grade-1 title at the Roehamton grasscourts last week, raising her rank from #9 to #5 .. Sunil Kumar's R2 singles is not on schedule but Sunil (#56 doubles) and Clinton Letcher (AUS,52) will be playing first round doubles against British wildcards - we are having  good run with GBR wildcards, eh? -- Ben Riby and Ross Hutchins, both ranked near 150 .. The Amritraj cousins of USA will also be in action in the doubles first round.

Manisha and Leanne may be playing at the Orbetello challenger ($50K+H) this week .. They had entered for qualifying, but could not have reached there on time, due to the doubles title Saturday .. They may be playing doubles there - we will know soon .. Manoj Mahadevan, though seeded 2nd, went down in the first round of qualifying for the USA futures this week in Pittsburgh .. I have not seen the main draw to see if Rishi and Mustafa are there - they probably are .. Sai, Rushmi, Shruti and Radhika may all be at the Netherlands $10K futures this week in Amsterdam .. No news yet.

Some late good news to report -- PC Tejeshwar and Jacco Matthew won the doubles title at the grade-4 Ukraine ITF juniors in Kiev this weekend! .. They were unseeded, and ranked rather low in doubles too - Jacco ranked near 200 and Tejeshwar near 475 .. They beat an Ukrainian pair in the final according to ITF's This Week, but I have not seen the complete draws yet .. Both had done relatively poorly in the singles draws in the 2or 3 events they have played in that part of the world, but this is some nice reward for them to raise the spirits .. Tough to travel to places where not too many kids speak any language that you know -- and these two are playing their first set of foreign events ..

One more Indian name from the US to keep an eye on -- Preethi Mukundan .. She reached the final of a grade-5 junior event in the Germany this weekend .. She is a 15 year old who had only played a couple of ITF events late last year in the US, winning three rounds at a grade-3 event in the US .. This is only her 3rd ITF event and to reach a final in Germany while ranked just 474, is not bad - though it was only a grade-5 event .. The name caught my eye - I don't know anything about Preethi except that she is from Northern California and that she started the year in the top-20 of US 16s ranks .. She has since been playing the 18s division where she is somewhere in the top-35 already.

July 2 Note-3

Nice win by LP also today .. And Martina Navratilova seems to keep running into our boys and going down .. [R2] #6 L.Paes/ L.Raymond d. M.Mirnyi/ M.Navratilova, 63 63 .. [Set-1] Lee-Lisa started badly, getting broken in the very first game itself, but they pulled it back together immediately at 0-2, going on a nice run with two breaks off Mirnyi-Navratilova in the next four games and going up to 5-2 .. LP served off the set at 5-3 easily .. BBC was covering this on interactive TV, and saw we got commentary from S_K_S from the middle of the first set .. Apparently Pam Shriver was in thge BBC booth and made some cliche comment about how LP would be easy to break because his serve is not that fast, etc .. [Set-2] LP must have heard Pam .. LP served his first ace in the second game .. At 1-1, and they had double break points off Martina -- after some wonderful volley exchanges where Martina showed what made her the champion that she once was, MM-MN held .. In the 6th game, LP again hit an ace - this time right down the middle at 115 mph .. In the 7th game off Martina serve, a volley winner by Lisa, a great lob by LP and a doublt fault made it triple break point .. A cross court backhand winner from LP at 0-40 gave them the break! .. Couple of good returns from Mirnyi and a couple of volley mistakes into the net meant trouble in the next game .. They had to play through four break attempts by Mirnyi-Martina .. After 6 deuces, Lisa held serve .. Our guys went into an I-formation, Lisa served well, LP moved across to confuse Mirnyi on the first game point they had at AD in, and it was 5-3 .. Mirnyi-Martina was 1 of 6 in break chances now .. Lisa-Lee struck at the right time though, breaking them at 0-40 off Martina serve immediately, to go up to 5-3 .. In the next game, LP served his fastest serve of the match, 117 mph down the middle, and they won the match when Martina hit a return too long .. LP did not even come close to a break point on his serve after the first game, and so Pam Shriver probably needs surgical help to get that foot out extracted from her mouth :-) .. The match took one hour and 4 minutes.

Prakash Amritraj (USA) went down to Brian Baker (USA,57) 64 36 46 in the junior first round today .. He was down early in the first, came back .. He was again down in the 3rd, evened it at 4-4 only to drop serve at 4-5 to lose the match in the end .. Nice fightbacks a few times in the match by Prakash .. This was an extremely close match, according to all the stats, however  - 106 points won by Baker and 102 by Praksh, I believe .. A double fault mistake in that final game proved crucial for Prakash.

July 2 Note-2

Couple of good win to report .. Sunil Kumar once again beat Craig Evans of GBR, and got his first grand slam junior win! .. [R1] (q) Sunil K. Sipaeya (IND) d. Craig Evans (GBR), 64 64 .. This was a realtively eacy match for Sunil, as he faced no break points on his serve at all .. He got a break in the 3rd game of the first set and then in the first game of the second set .. He made the lead standup in both sets and cruised to a straight-forward win .. he now runs into Florian Mayer (GER), the 10th ranked player in the world, the 8th seed there .. Tough match up next for him ..

Then, Mahesh and Elena advanced after some minor problems in the middle of the match, to the 3rd (PQF) round .. [R2] #4 M.Bhupathi/ E.Likhovtseva d. A.Kratzmann/ M.Serna, 64 46 62 ..  [Set-1] They traded breaks early .. MB-EL broken in game 4 and AK-MS in game 5 .. Our pair got a timely break in game 9 and closed it out ..  [Set-2] Trouble started early as MB-EL dropped serve in the second game, but they got the break back again in the 7th game ..  Then, just when it looked to be going fine, our pair dropped serve at 15-40 in the 10th game to lose the set .. 64 46 ..  [Set-3] They immediately got the upper-hand with a break at AD out in the first game off Kratzmann .. But this now seemed like a tight match, as our pair was again broken in game 2 .. Nah, not really .. MB-EL broke again in game 3, and then closed it out nicely, winning the 5 of the next 6 games.

LP's match should be in a couple of hours.  Sunitha Rao (USA,25) went down in the first round of singles today to #57 Slovakian, Dominika Nociarova in straight sets - somewhat of a surprise.  Praksh Amritraj (USA) is playing right now.

July 2 Note-1

MB and Elena Likhovtseva starts off the action for Indians at the Wimbledon today with their R2 match against Andrew Kratzmann and Magui Serna, at about 2.30 pm (7 pm India .. 9.30 am New York), plus/minus 30 minutes .. Sunil Kumar Sipaeya plays Craig Evans (US) at about 3.45 pm +/- 30 min .. Leander and Lisa play against Martina Navratilova and Max Mirnyi on the big court-2 following featured matches by Rafter, Venus and Hewitt .. That should be about 7 pm (plus/minus 45 minutes) .. Sunitha Rao (USA) plays at about the same as Sunil and Prakash Amritraj (USA) plays around the same time as LP .. The chatroom will be open throughout ..

An old name will be back in action this week .. Jahnavi Parekh, who is finishing her studies at the Baylor University in Waco (Texas) and was in the collegite top-25 ranks for a couple of years, has been given a wildcard into the $10K ITF USTA satellite at Waco this week .. I will list later who else seem to be playing this wek.

.. Previous notes are at Notes for the week ending on July 02 ..

I am getting some enquiries from US college coaches who are interested in Indian junior players .. I would like to be able to contact Indian players (some of the coaches are enquiring about specific names) .. If any of the junior players are reading this, please contact me .. Or if any of the other readers know the contact emails/address for any junior player, let me know .. I would like to have a mailing list where I can post general announcements and enquiries from the coaches too .. Please email me - R.Jayakrishnan.