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LP/MB/NV/Indian-Tennis: Notes for the week ending on July 8, 2002
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July 8 Notes

Took me a bit longer to get back, and you all definitely know the big news about India's 7th grand slam doubles title in the last 6 years that happened at Wimbledon on Sunday with MB-Elena winning their first one together .. I think I have this unfortunate way of having to be away whenever Mahesh plays his best tennis for titles, like this one - and also at Hamburg masters and I believe the one in St.Poelten a couple of years back too .. The scores from Sunday for the record - [SF] #3 M.Bhupathi/ E.Likhovtseva d. #2 D.Johnson/ K.Po-Messerli, 64 16 63 and [F] #3 M.Bhupathi/ E.Likhovtseva d. #4 K.Ullyett/ D.Hantuchova, 62 16 61 .. Here are a couple of pictures:

Here is the match report from -- "The number four seeds and current Australian Open Mixed Champions, Ullyett and Hantuchova (of Zimbabwe and Slovakia respectively) began nervously, conceding their first service game. In contrast, Bhupathi and Likhovtseva found form early on, breaking Ullyett's serve in the first game and eventually taking the set, 6-2 ... The second set was almost an about-turn. Ullyett's serving became more consistent and at 2-1, Hantuchova and Ullyett obtained a break point on Likhovtseva's serve which they duly took. Ullyett continued to serve impressively, extending the lead to 3-1. At 4-1, Bhupathi's serve came under threat and Ullyett and Hantuchova went 5-1 up. Hantuchova then took to the stage to serve for the set. A volley from Ullyett won the game and squared the match ... The final set involved yet another turnaround with Ullyett not looking too comfortable. In fact, the Bhupathi/Likhovtseva partnership proved unstoppable as a 5-0 lead soon evolved. The pressure then turned to Ullyett who had to serve to save the match, a mammoth task considering his hot-cold play throughout. However, despite two amazing cross court returns from Bhupathi at the most acute of angles, Ullyett managed to save two Championship points and hold serve ... The pressure was then redirected to Likhovtseva who just needed to hold serve to put her and Bhupathi's names on the trophy. Likhovtseva kept her nerve and impressive serving gave her and Bhupathi two match points. The first was lost when a second serve was not quite punishing enough but the second did the pair justice when Ullyett attempted a return that did not clear the net and Likhovtseva and Bhupathi claimed the title" ...

This is the 3rd grad slam doubles title with three different partners for MB -- with Rika Hiraki at the French Open (1997), with Ai Sugiyama at the US Open (1999) were the others .. As for the 7 doubles titles by Indians, we have one in 1997 (MB-Hiraki at FO), 4 in 1999 (FO and Wimbledon by LP-MB, Wimbledon by LP-Raymond and USO by MB-Sugiyama), one in 2001 (LP-MB at the FO) as the other six .. MB and Lucic reaching the Wimbledon finals in 1998, LP and Lisa Raymond reaching the USO final last year and the AO and USO finals loss by LP-MB in 199 are the 4 losses in 11 grand slam finals for Indians in the last 7 years .. Those are some nice numbers.

For some bad news, Harsh Mankad went down to the 4th seed Tripp Phillips (USA,512), 64 67(4) 16 at the Granby challanger final round qualies .. So close, and this is his 3rd challenger qualifying finals loss (one in 98 in Mexico, and the other last year at Granby) .. Harsh may be a bit down on confidence (though it does not sound like that when I talked to him recently - he just said he has identified some more things to work on) - but his four losses in the last foru events have been to decent players .. He will be back in action in two weeks, after a bit more regrouping .. Let us see how things go from here on out.

July 6 Note-2

The next update here may be as late as monday afternoon in US west coast - I have to travel again, unfortunately .. Check for scores - Also check the forum page, as some of the friends will be posting updates (especially in case of rain delays etc).

MB and Elena play at 2 pm Sunday in the MxD semifinal (6.30 pm India, 6 am LA) against Johnson-PoMesserli .. If they win, the final will be against Ullyett-Hantuchova who won the SF also today, after beating LP-LR in the QF .. The final will probably not be earlier than 6 pm .. Unseeded Rajeev Ram and Brian Baker of USA are in the semifinal of boys' doubles tomorrow, but 8th seeded Stephen Amritraj (USA) and Lamine Ouahab (ALG) went down in the QF after a 9-11 third set ..

Good news from the $50K+H Granby challenger in Canada - Harsh Mankad reached the final qualifying round with his second win today, 63 62 over Thomas Kiantki (USA) .. He faces the 4th seed Tripp Philipps (USA,513) tomorrow morning .. As Harsh's ranking is currently in the 1300s, he has really no chance for a lucky loser entry or anything - so he has to win the match to make the main draw and pick up 3 ATP points too (only qualifying in gives you points in men's challengers) .. He is the only unseeded player in the qualifying final round though .. There is a website for this challenger (and they update results quite promptly during the day), if you want to see how he does tomorrow.

Late update on Sai Jayalakshmy - I forgot about her being at the $10K Morocco satellite in Rabat after reporting her first round win below .. She went down in the second round of singles against the second seed Olga Kalioujnaia (RUS, 309), 61 60 .. In doubles 3rd seeded Sai and Nina Nittinger (GER) beat Isabel Collischonn and Marnie Mahler  of GER, 26 62 63 and lost in the QF to the Spanish pair, Laura Figuerola/ Mariona Gallifa Puigdesens, 75 64 ..

July 6 Note-1

MB and Elena advanced with another easy win, but LP's run ended in the QF of MxD today .. I don't have much details on either match today .. [QF] #3 Mahesh Bhupathi  (IND) / Elena Likhovtseva (RUS) d. #7 Jonas Bjorkman  (SWE)  / Anna Kournikova (RUS), 64 62 .. The match saw MB slamming down some 3-4 aces and MB-EL converting all three of the break chances they got for one break in the first and two in the second .. The other guys could not do much with the one BP each they got in either set .. The match took exactly an hour .. Hesh-Elena face the second seeded Donald Johnson and Kimberly Po-Messerli of USA  tomorrow .. If they win, there wil be a final also tomorrow ..

LP's match today unfortunately saw a return of the "double-faulting LP" from the first set, as opposed to the smashing ace-man who took over the match late in the second set yesterday .. [QF] #5 L.Paes/ L.Raymond l. #4 K.Ullyett/ D.Hantuchova, 67(4) 64 46 .. Actually, based on Samarth's comments on the match he saw on TV, today Leander could hardly get any first serves in at all .. He ended up with 3 doubles faults in the 6th game of the 3rd set, getting broken .. They broke Daniela in the next game to even things, but at 4-5, Leander again could not get any of the first serves in, dropping serve and losing the match .. The key was a bit of miscommunication between LR and LP at 30-30 with a ball right down the middle going unreturned, that made it match pt .. (see yesterday's notes for the first two sets) ..

At the qualies of the $50K+H challenger in Granby, Canada, today, unseeded Harsh Mankad beat the 7th seed Michal Ciszek (CAN,861) 62 63 to reach the second round, where he will face unseeded Kiantki Thomas (USA) .. If he advances, he would face the 5th seed in the qualies in the 3rd and final round ..

#914 Manoj Mahadevan tried his luck at the qualies for the $400K Hall of Fame grasscourts ATP at Newport (Rhode Island) .. He went down to Jonathan Erlich (ISR,517), 46 16 ..

At the grade-3 in Tunisia, Karan Rastogi is in the doubles SF after yesterday .. He went down in the second round of the singles though; he is apparently still not playing at the level he was playing as a 14 yr old last year, when he reached the SF there -- I guess we should give him time and lay off his case, so he will stop feeling pressure :-) ..

July 5 Note-3

LP and Lisa played late in the evening and got through two sets and the match is again postponed to tomorrow due to bad light - evenly poised at 67(4) 64 so far .. MB's mixed match never started and the way the schedule looks for tomorrow, with Kournikova's doubles SF on center court in the evening (presumptuous scheduling, to have the center court matches start only after 2 pm), I am not sure when they will get to play the MB's mixed QF if it rains at all tomorrow .. LP's match follows the women's final on the center court - the family final that I am getting bored with these days .. LP-Lisa should be on after 4 pm .. If they win, they will play the SF also by late evening after an hour of rest, according to the scheule (against #16 Koenig-Callens) .. Any more rain delays and it will be hell out there .. LP is used to all this, his unforgettable 25-set 8-match 3-day performance at the end of the 99 Wimbledon being the most amazing hard work EVER seen in tennis (also the least known "amazing thing" in tennis, as LP never talked about it and nobody else but us noticed!)

LP's match saw yesterday's "acing LP" show up only midway through the second set, the "double-faulting LP" in action till then :-) ..  He started with two double faults in the first set itself and then faced a break point but he saved that .. He later had a DF in the 5th game as well, along with his first ace .. LP-LR had 2 break chances on Daniela Hantuchova in the 4th game and then three more on Kevin Ullyett in the 6th game, all going to waste .. They had a key break chance in the 12th game after LP made a superb reflex volley at the net and then ducked for a winner by Lisa, but DH comes back with an ace to LP at 103 mph (ouch!) .. By now we had commentary from Samarth in the chatroom .. In the tiebreaker, the difference was a DF by Leander at 3-4, and the set was gone 67(4) .. LP and Lisa were both on and off by now .. They still had a BP on Ullyett in the first game, but for the 7th time they wasted their chances .. LP had another double fault (his fifth) in the 2nd game and the "acing LP" showed up from that point on .. At the start of the 5th game from Ullyett, LP called the trainer for some work on his legs .. Not sure what Vicks Vaporub he rubbed in, but LP was a changed man after that .. All fire and ready to pounce .. They went after Ullyett's serve .. At break point, a big return from LP down the middle "followed by a big wind-up an a huge grunt from LP for a winner" (as our favorite commentator put it) - and they finally converted their 8th break chance ..  3-2 ahead ..  LP's next service game was classic as he served three aces in a row to go to 4-2 in style .. Lisa was later in a bit of trouble, down 15-30 after a double fault, but three winners in a row from LP saw to it that they stayed ahead to 5-3 ..  At 5-4, LP served his 6th ace and had another service winner and it was all even at 67(4) 64 ..  Leander seemed to take over the match from midway in the second set .. Now we wait till tomorrow - hopefully the acing LP will be back to take care of business.

S.Amritraj/ L.Ouahab and R.Ram/ B.Baker are in the doubles QFs tomorrow.

July 5 Note-2

Rain again .. LP's MxD quarterfinal started at 6 pm on center court and was stopped at 6:10 pm with our guys at 2-1 and having a 30-40 break pt on Hantuchova's serve .. Now we wait again .. Come to the chatroom whenever it starts again - I will try to give some warning on the LP page if they get ready to start again ..

July 5 Note-1

About a couple of hours were lost due to rain today and things are delayed at wimbledon - but sun is out for now and they are busy as of 5 pm .. We don't know when the mixed doubles matches will start for our guys .. They have moved the schedule around, and have moved up the Malisse-Nalbandian match on court one, as expected .. The center court is getting free fast though, with Moorgiwallah laying his usual egg quickly (j/k .. I like the guy and always want to see him do well, but Hewitt is something else altogether!)

July 4 Note-4

At Wimbledon, LP-Lisa play the second match on court 1 on Friday after the women's doubles QF involving the Williams sisters and MB-Elena play the 4th match on the same court .. The LP match should be around 2 pm (6.30 pm India, 6 am LA) and the MB match at around 6 pm, +/- half hour .. We will meet in the chatroom during the matches.

Three Indian-American kids are alive in doubles at Wimbledon, as Stephen Amritraj, Rajeev Ram and Sunitha Rao are all in the second round .. Stephen, seeded 8th with Lamine Ouahab (ALG) has a realistic chance to go far - who knows, they could even win the title in doubles .. Not a whole lot of success in singles for Rajeev and Sunitha there though - Rajeev reached the second round and lost to the 16th seed, and Sunitha lost in the first round to the 8th seed .. Frankly, I had expected both of them to do somewhat better by this time in their junior careers, but I guess they only lost to quality players ..

15 yr old Karan Rastogi is the second seed at the grade-3 Tunisia ITF juniors and won his first round yesterday, 63 64 over Farouk Zouhir (TUN) .. Today he was to play a talanted 17 yr old from Florida, Adam Fass (USA), who has a lower rank but is the runner up at last week's Morocco grade-2; so not an easy match, but Karan can beat these guys if he stays focused and plays pressure-free .. Krushmi Chedha was the only Indian girl at Tunisia and she lost in the first round.

July 4 Note-3

Cool news .. LP and Lisa Raymond have got a walkover into the QF of mixed doubles from Eagle-Schett .. So the two serves today were worth two matches for LP! .. They play the 4th seeds Kevin Ullyett and Daniela Hantuchova in the QF tomorrow !

July 4 Note-2

LP wanted to go and have some evening tea fast I think .. Perhaps catch some cricket too, as the Indians' one-day match is on in the evening there and Sachin had just come in to bat as LP was walking out :-) .. So he came in and started with an ace to get the match point in the postponed match (which was at deuce) .. That was his 10th ace of the match which saw more aces from LP than I remember any time recently .. Another strong serve at match point and it was over .. [R2] #5 L.Paes/ L.Raymond d. P.Haarhuis/ M.Oremans, 46 75 63 .. They now face the 11th seeds Joshua Eagle and Barbara Schett in the 3rd round tomorrow.  Here is the picture right after the two points today ..

LP and Lisa Raymond after winning the R2 at Wimbledon 2002

LP has that "I can watch cricket now" smile and Lisa seems to be almost apologetic - "hey, don't blame me - I had nothin to do with it" :-)

Sania Mirza and Andreja Klepac lost a little while earlier by a 63 67(4) 57 score to Darya Ivanov and Tiffany Welford .. SM-AK seemed to be well in control till late in the second set, though they dropped serve early in the second to 0-2 and had evened it immediately at 2-2 .. At 5-5, they broke the Aussie girls and were serving for the match .. Trouble started there .. From 30-0, they lost some points and dropped serve to 5-6 and soon it was a tiebreaker .. They were down 3-5, got a minibreak back to 4-5 and then lost it again to face set point, which the Aussies converted to even the match .. In the 3rd, our girls dropped serve three times in a row and though they broke the Aussies in the 2nd game, it was 1-5 soon .. Two points away from losing the match there, Sania and Klepac started a furious comeback (which we almost always see in any Sania match, whether she wins or loses!) .. They forced breaks in the 8th and 10th games and held serve in the 7th game .. It was all of a sudden 5-5 and our girls were two points away from winnin againt at 30-15 .. Unfortunately, they dropped serve once again .. At 5-6, all they could do was to fight off one match point and it was over .. Basically neither side seemed to hold serve that easily in the match, and all the games were going to 30-30 scores all the time .. That is how it goes in the juniors .. Need to develop weapons to pull out at crucial points - that is basically what Sania needs to focus on, I think .. She has a pretty good serve, a decent frame, height and has good athleticism ..  Some top-notch coaching over the next year will see her go places .. For now, she is done with Wimbledon.

Just wanted to mention one junior match that just got done at W .. Ryan Henry of AUS upset the 3rd seed Clement Morel (FRA)  by a score of 75 67(3) 26-24 .. That is right, the 3rd set went to 50 total games! .. Ryan even faced triple match pt at 17-18 in the match and saved them .. This match probably started yesterday or day before (I have been seeing it sitting on the scoreboard at various times during rain delays, too, I think) .. Anyway, 75 games for a three-set junior match must be some sort of a record there .. I love those looooong final sets in Wimbledon :-) ..  That match must have taken some 5 hours to finish and the two kids will remember it for ever and tell it to their grand sons!

Srinath did not got to the USA F18, as I expected and his spot in the draw was taken up by a lucky loser .. I think he had entered a few US events and for some reason had to cancel them - something must have gone through the cracks in withdrawing from this week's event .. It doesn't look like any of our men are playing anywhere else either .. I think Rohan Bopanna has been going through some training in Spain, and last weel's apperance in the France tournament was just a one week thing .. Harsh will be at the Granby challenger qualies in Canada this weekend .. Sunil Kumar has made the main draw for next week's USA futures and Ajay may be playing in the US or in the Jamaica futures.  No idea wbout Mustafa next week.

July 4 Note-1

LP's postponed mixed doubles R2 match is about to start at 3.30 pm at Wimbledon .. Lisa Raymond finished her doubles QF match an hour earlier - a loss with Raymond Stubbs to Kounikova-Rubin after serving at 5-3 in the 3rd set; Lisa would be hungry for a win now, I guess ..

Tough loss for Sania in the doubles first round, 63 67(4) 57 .. Details soon, after LP's match.

July 3 Note-4

Yikes .. To serve for the match and to have to wait for tomorrow, with rain coming down again .. They started at 7.30 pm and the rain came down again at 7.50 pm .. LP-Lisa forced a break in the 8th game off Miriam Oremans again to go up 5-3 .. LP served his 9th ace at 116 mph at deuce to get the first match point, but (he had also served at his top speed of 120 mph in this game too) .. The other guys hanging tough though, saving two match points .. LP had to serve two AD out break points to Haarhuis and stay alive too .. At the 4th deuce, it is rain-time again .. We have to see if they will get going again - very doubtful .. 46 75 53 (40-40, LP to serve, Oremans to receive)

July 3 Note-3

They got started again in the evening but rains came down again at 6.15 pm with MB-Likhovtseva having advanced to the QF and with the LP-Raymond match poised interestingly even in the 3rd set .. [R3] #3 M.Bhupathi/ E.Likhovtseva d. T.Shimada/ R.Fujiwara, 62 75 .. In the first set, Rika Fujiwara was broken in game 3 and 7, and the only trouble for MB-EL was when MB had to save one break attempt in game 6 .. In the second set, Elena faced triple-break point, saved all three but still dropped in game 4 .. A break-fest ensued with TS, MB and RF all getting broken in order, and it was all even again at 4-4 .. They had two chances on RF's serve in game 11 and converted the break .. No problems in game 12 for Elena to serve it off for the match .. It seems their QF can't be before Friday .. Probably against #7 Bjorkman/ Kournikova, but those guys need to serve the final game of their R2 match at 36 64 52 against Woodbridge-Navratilova and then beat Kratzmann-Musgrave to reach the QF ..

The LP-LR match is at 46 75 22 and will probably be completed only tomorrow .. Lisa dropped serve in the 3rd game of the first set, but they got to Miriam Ormemans twice for breaks in the second set .. LP is serving hot, with 7 aces in his seven service games so far ..

July 3 Note-2

Well, the matches started right after 4 pm, Leander served two aces in holding serve at love to start his MxD matches, and the rains came down again .. Now we wait to see when they get going again ..

July 3 Note-1

Sorry for the late update - I had some internet connection problems for almost a day; yes, these things can happen in the land of the free and the home of the brave also :-) .. The good thing is that in the land of fish and chips, it was raining cats and dogs .. Nothing has happened at Wilbledon for over 24 hours and the covers are just coming off at 3.30 pm on wednesday ..

MB and LP are supposed to start their mixed doubles R3 and R2 matches as first matches on courts 4 and 13 respectively ..  [R3] #3 M.Bhupathi/ E.Likhovtseva vs Thomas Shimada (JPN)/ Rika Fujiwara (JPN) .. [R2] #5 L.Paes/ L.Raymond vs Paul Haarhuis (NED)/ Miriam Oremans (NED) .. If LP wins, he may come back (doubtful, as it is quite late in the day already) for the MxD R3 against #11 Joshua Eagle (AUS)/ Barbara Schett (AUT) .. The junior doubles draws came out yesterday and #31 Sania Mirza has a good partner for a change, #34 Andreja Klepac (SLO) .. They face the Aussie pair, Darya Ivanov (#56)/ Tiffany Welford (#55) in the first round .. If they win, they could run into the tough Dutch 3rd seeds Silvana Bauer (#14)/ Elise Tamaela (#11) ..

None of our men seem to be playing anywhere this week, as the group from Canada is regrouping .. Sunil Kumar could not get a special exempt entry into the USA F19 in Pittsburgh, as a US wildcard who reached SF at the USA F18 got it this week .. Srinath is listed as the 7th seed there, but I have been seeing his name in a few entry lists in the US lately, with subsequent withdrawals, so I am not sure if he is playing there - we will know today if he is playing the first round ..

At the $10K satellite in Rabat, Morocco, Sai Jayalakshmy reached the R2 with a win over qualifier Jessica Weyreuter (ARG) 62 62 .. She has a tough second round against the #2 seed Olga Kalioujnaia (RUS) .. She is seeded 3rd in doubles, with Nina Nittinger (GER) .. They play COLLISCHONN, Isabel Collischonn and Marnie Mahler (GER) in the R1 .. Manisha Malhotra was there for doubles at the $50K+H Orbetello challenger in Italy this week, but lost the R1 in Leanne Baker's company, to Zsofia Gubacsi (HUN) and Michaela Pastikova (CZE), 26 26 .. No singles for Manisha this week, as she would not have made the entry .. An old name was in rare action this week .. At the $10K satellite in Waco, Texas, Jahnavi Parekh played the qualies as a wildcard .. If I am not mistaken, she had played just this event last year too, and had won the whole title .. Pity that Jahnavi isn't playing more - abilities-wise she is easily among the top 3 or so players from India, and has been so for a while .. She was at the Baylor University in Waco a couple of years back, and I am not sure what she is doing there still .. After a bye, she won the Q2 round, over Leigh Shelton (USA) 75 61, and then went down in Q3 ro the 3rd seed Cynthia Tow (USA) 46 26.

Karan Rastogi is at the grade-3 Tunisia ITF juniors this week which starts today.

July 2 Notes

Things just did not seem to click too well today for Hesh and Mirnyi .. [QF] #3 M.Bhupathi/ M.Mirnyi l. #5 J.Bjorkman/ T.Woodbridge, 26 36 46 .. The match started late due to all kinds of rain delays and I missed most of the first two sets' details .. Anyway, MB-MM only won about 40 points to the 60 by the other guys which was not very good .. They had a couple of break points they could not convert in the first set and the other guys made use of 2 of the 3 chances they had .. In the second set MB-MM converted one break point they had but JB-TW again made 2 of 3 .. After two sets, there was again another rain delay .. After some rest time, things tightened up a bit in the 3rd set - the teams were going dead even after the first 42 points of the set, having won equal shares .. They to 4-4, with only drama being the one break point MB-MM saved in the 3rd game .. Then in the 9th game at 15-30, Mahesh made a double fault unfortunately to face double match points .. Bjorkman-Woodbridge wouln't let it go any further .. So, that was that.

With the schedule all delayed with rains today, I am not sure if MB or LP will get back for mixed doubles .. MB most probably not, but LP hopefully would get to play today.

July 1 Notes

Mahesh and Max reached the quarterfinal of doubles today with another match wehere they didn't seem to be tested .. [R3] #3 M.Bhupathi/ M.Mirnyi d. #14 Julien Boutter/ Sjeng Schalken, 61 76(3) 64 .. I couldn't follow the match closely, but basically they were up easily with three breaks on three chances in the first set .. The second set went without any breaks or break points, and the tiebreaker, as usual went to the two big servers .. In the 3rd set, MB-MM converted one of three break chances and that was that .. The other guys basically got only about 10 odd points off MB-MM's serve, and never found a break chance any time .. The real test comes next in the quarterfinal against the 5th seeds Bjorkman-Woodbridge tomorrow (second match on court 3 - it should be around 2 pm there (6.30 pm India .. 6 am L.A.) .. We will meet in the chatroom during the matches tomorrow .. We haven't had a chat at the Wimbledon yet this time ..

MB comes back to play mixed doubles later tomorrow (4th match on the same court) - Mahesh and Elena will play Thomas Shimada/ Rika Fujiwara in the 3rd round .. LP and Lisa Raymond play the 4th match on court 18 - their second round against Paul haarhuis and Miriam Oremans of Nederlands .. Hopefully the rain will stay away and we will get to LP's match.

Not sure where all our players are playing this week .. Sunil Kumar was in the entry list for qualifying for the USA F18 futures, but couldn't come down from Canada as he was playing the futures final .. Not sure if he ended up getting a special exempts entry somehow .. Harsh is off this week, and may play the qualies for the Granby challenger next week in Canada, after which he will probably proceed to Latvia-Estonia-Lithuania for three futures and then three futures in India .. Harsh said that there was no serious injury problems; just something minor with Ajay that caused them to get out of the doubles SF this weekend, but he said Ajay is fine too .. No futures in France this week; so I am not sure if Rohan Bopanna is playing anywhere .. Manisha may be taking the week off, before playing at the Flexistowe grass challenger in UK next week .. Not sure of Sai either, yet .. Will know soon, ones all the draws are made, where everybody is.

I am waiting for some sign on when Niru will get back to action also .. She is at the Wimbledon, doing some TV commentary as usual .. If I were to guess, she would come out and play the qualies at Stanford WTA or somewhere next, in a few weeks.

I am surprised at some of the reactions from some officials in Pakistan about Aisam Qureshi playing with an Israeli at Wimbledon .. Rather than congratulating the youngster for being the first Pakistani to win a main draw match (and reach 3rd round that too) at Wimbledon, the Pakistani lawn tennis federation guys have been talking about how what he did was "morally incorrect" .. Man, how pathetic! .. Like there is something "immoral" in playing with another human being .. It is not like he walked across the border to a neighbouring country with a Kalashnikov and killed a few from the other chosen enemy religion .. But wait, that would be part of "moral" support to a "freedom fight"! .. Anyway, Aisam is getting a lot of support from the Pakistani media which has always been known for showing some good sense in most matters ..

.. Previous notes are at Notes for the week ending on July 1 ..

I am getting some inquiries from US college coaches who are interested in Indian junior players .. I would like to be able to contact Indian players (some of the coaches are inquiring about specific names) .. If any of the junior players are reading this, please contact me .. Or if any of the other readers know the contact emails/address for any junior player, let me know .. I would like to have a mailing list where I can post general announcements and inquiries from the coaches too .. Please email me - R.Jayakrishnan.