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LP/MB/NV/Indian-Tennis: Notes for the week ending on Mar 20, 2000

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Mar 20 Note-1

I just saw the initial qualifying draw at Key Biscayne, and for some reason Leander Paes is not in it .. I have no idea why not, as he would have made it based on current rankings as well as the ranks six weeks back (which is also used for automatic entry into qualifying rounds in a confusing procedure that ATP has been using for qualies during the past year) .. The main draw has 96 spots and the qualifier draw has 48 spots, but with wildcard spots - but with wildcards, the absolute minimum of 130 spots in the main draw and qualies there .. If Leander missed it by a whisker, I am pretty sure he will get in by the time it starts today .. The masters events have become even tougher than they used to be in this regard, as everyone basically shows up .. I will try to find out soon what is going on.

O'Brtien/Palmer won the Indian Wells doubles, beating Haarhuis/Stolle in the final .. H/S had beaten Federer/Hrbaty in the semis in three sets .. O/P are looking really strong - perhaps the only team that has appeared to be in a dominating class so far this year, like the Indian Express last year.

Funny that not one online source I have checked including every newspaper's online site (Indian Express, The Hindu, Deccan Heald, Hindusthan Times, The Telegraph, The Pioneer, Statesman, etc) failed to report the finals scores at the AITA South Indian Open at Chennai on Saturday .. The only result I saw was in the Chandigarh Tribune, which said Sai Jayalakshmy beat Archana Venkatraman, 67(4) 62 63 but did not say anything about the other results .. No news on the Vijay Kannan - Vinod Sridhar men's singles final .. If anybody has the scores, let me know.

At the Kuala Lumpur ITF junior tournament, Yeu-Tzoo Wang of Taiwan who turned 15 only last month but already ranked 31st in the world and the best junior in Asia in my opinion based on results,  won the semifinal over 17 yr-old Ronald Paz of Philippines who is ranked only 381 but has suddenly had a great tournament .. Incidentally, it was Paz who sent out Sunil Kumar 61 63 in the first round out there .. I guess Sunil lost to a good player, but that also shows why everyone should back off the boy and let him play a lot and improve .. I just typed a lot more on Sunil Kumar's "situation", and decided to not post it - suffices to say that I am personally quite saddened at the continued disagreement in the tennis tennis circles, with good-intentions from all parties to the extent I know (but with everyone suspecting everybody else's intentions), on how to go about developing this kid - I will just stay away from this rather messy topic! .. Sunil will be playing at the Singapore grade-3 ITF juniors this week - and now he is running out of time in picking up points if he wants to qualify for Wimbledon juniors .. Sunil has not shown great results on grass yet though - and there has been criticism on him not playing the grasscourts two weeks back .. Actually I had hoped that he would make it to the French Open juniors as well .. Would like to see how he does on that clay (tough to get anywhere in world tennis without some experience on the dirt, these days, right? - FO has the best dirt :-)) ... But first things first - he needs to win something at least at these grade-3 and grade-2 events and prove something to us before we start looking for anything bigger .. For now, let us wish him best.

I have added the ranks and corrected some names from yesterday's report below on the results from the Kuala Lumpur juniors .. The only Indian to reach the QF there, Vinod Sewa, lost 36 67(3) in the QF to 2nd seed #55 Stephen Mitchell (RSA), who then lost the semis to Clinton Jacobs (RSA,153) who was to face Yeu-Tzoo Wang in the final .. Quite a creditable show by Vinod Sewa, especially for that very good win in the first round against a seeded #126 player .. Something tells me that Vinod, also from some humble background is showing a bit more hunger for success than some of the other kids ..  The girls final was betwen Dea Sumantri (IND) who beat Su Wei Hsieh (Taiwan) and Taekushi Ayano (JPN) who beat Martha van Niekerk (who beat Radhika in R2) in the semis [courtesy: The Star, Malaysia]

Mar 19 Notes

There is a report on how our juniors have done in the Kuala Lumpur grade-3 ITF junior event this week, in The Hindu today .. It's not good at all .. 6th seeded Sunil Kumar (#123) lost in the first round to unseeded (#381) Ronald Paz of Philippines 16 36 .. Vinod Sewa (#148), reached the quarterfinals beating qualifier H. Heyl (RSA, no rank) 63 46 75 in the pre-quarterfinals after beating Holmia Janne (#126) of Finland 46 63 75 in the first round (tough wins! - Holmia was seeded too) and was to face the 2nd seed Stephen Mitchel (RSA,#55) in the QF ..  Shivang Mishra beat Adam Jaya (Malaysia,197) 60 36 60 and lost 06 16 to top seed Yeu-Tzoo Wang of Taiwan (#31 and quite possibly the best junior from Asia though barely 15 years of age, based on recent record) .. #170 Amanjot Singh lost to the seventh-seeded Tomas Macquet (RSA, 188) 64 16 16 in the second round after a good win in the first round over Diaz Doskareyev (KAZ,162) 64 61.. #140 Parantap Chaturvedi lost in R1 to Korean qualifier Um Cha Hong 64 26 67(4) .. ON the girls's side, #68 Sonal Phadke beat Hong Da Jung  (KOR, 162) 57 62 63 before losing to Aiko Nakamura (JAP,179) 36 16 .. Radhika Tulpule beat Hsiao-Han Chao (TPE,161) 63 64 but lost 36 16 to qualifier Martha van Niekerk (RSA,210) .. There were three others who were not in the official junior team sent by AITA .. Liza Pereira beat unranked wildcard Jane Pong of Malaysia 62 62 before losing to unranked qualifier Susane Aigner (AUT) 46 16 .. #196 Sania Mirza lost in R1 to Constance Steiner (AUT,194) 16 61 57 and #222 Nischela Reddy lost in R1 to wildcard Kheng Pei Yuen (MAS,555) 75 26 26 .. Boy, that is about as grim a picture as it could get .. I am not sure what caused Sunil Kumar's loss, but I had heard earlier that the viral fever he had last month during the Davis Cup week was actully continuing to affect his play a bit - at least I hope that is the reason for such an early loss .. Anyway, this is why I was arguing against those who say that ITF junior circuit is useless and that players should jump to higher levels straight .. Not really .. the far east circuit has been quite a strong lately .. Let us hope that the players get adjusted a bit better to the level of competition and would do better in the next weeks ..

I still have not traced down the results from the South Indian Open finals in Chennai yesterday.

Mar 18 Notes

The Davis Cup team for the tie against Korea (Apr 7-9) was announced today by Shyam Minotra, the selection committee chairman .. Paes, Fazal, Sri and Vishal Uppal with Vijay Kannan as reserve .. Vishal's selection over Vijay Kannan was a minor surprise to me, as Vijay had been a finalist at the grasscourt nationals last week and Vishal a semifinalist (though both lost to Fazal, and Vishal managed to take a set off Fazal) .. Vishal is better accomplished in doubles though .. It really doesn't matter, as the 4th member is for practice only and on the top three would realistically play - and I believe Vijay will also be there for during the Davis Cup practice week .. I don't know why Sunil Kumar is replaced in the team, but I would guess that it may be because he may continue with the far east ITF junior circuit during the Davis Cup week as well.

At Indian Wells, the qualifiers Federer and Hrbaty continued their giant-killing run and followed up their win over 5th seed Paes-Arthurs on Thursday with a quarterfinal upset of the 3rd seeds Woodies .. They next get the only seed remaining in the draw, 2nd seeds O'Brien-Palmer, who are continuing their domination so far .. With O'Brien-Palmer reaching the SF, Palmer is now assured of becoming the doubles #1 next week, according to my calculations .. So after 6 years when the doubles #1 rank belonged to a player from only three teams (The Dutchmen, The Woodies, The Indian Express), we will finally have the Americans taking over .. I told LP at Indian Wells abut the possibility a couple of days back - LP actually doesn't care now .. He said, "Well, I have not been following that -- the focus is on singles now, and I am happy I am feeling strong and confident in singles .. Will worry about doubles later after Mahesh gets back" ..

The Key Biscayne (Ericsson) Masters is a two week event, and the qualies start only on Monday there .. LP flew off to Miami today and he should be one of the seeds there ..  Hopefully he will be a top-12 seed and won't have to play higher ranked players in the 48-draw 3-round qualies.

Fazal had a pretty uninspiring week in Japan at the $10K Japan F1 futures .. Following his first round loss to Ashley Ford in singles, he partnered Ashley Ford as the top seeds in doubles, but fell in the first round to Viktor Bruthans and Martin Hromec, 46 36 .. He may be playing on an artifical grass surface for the first time .. He goes to the Japan F2 futures, which is also on artificial grass.

Nitin Kirtane won the singles title at the Central Revenue Masters Open non-AITA event in Kolkata today, beating Rohan Bopanna in the final .. Good prize money there -  Nitin made Rs 30K for the singles titles and shared Rs 14K from the doubles title with Saurav .. No AITA points though .. See the CRMO page .. The AITA event this week is the South Indian Open in Chennai .. No news yet on today's finals at the AITA ranking South India Open in Chennai.

Mar 17 Notes

The South Indian Open in Chennai has reached the semifinal stage, and the top three seeds, Vinod Sridhar, Vijay Kannan and Manoj Mahadevan too their SF spots yesterday .. The 4th semifinalist is the BAT trainee, 15 year old Jaco Matthew, who is a qualifier but has had a fine run there, upsetting the 4th seed Kamala Kannan and then winning a tough three-set battle over young P.Ravishankar, after he conceded due to cramps (Ravishankar had upset the 5th seed R. Narendran earlier) .. The top 4 seeds, Sai, Rushmi, Archana and Tara have reached the semis on the women's side .. I haven't seen today's results .. See the scores at the AITA SIO page.

The other tournament this week is the Central Revenue Masters Open in Kolkata, which also has sizable prize money, but is not an AITA event .. Since the nationals were there last week, a few top players (Nitin Kirtane, SK Shivshankar, Vasudev Reddy, etc) stayed back to play there .. That event also had the QFs completed yesterday .. Nitin, Vasu, Shivshankar and Rohan Bopanna reached the semis .. No women's draw there .. See the results at the CRMO Kolkata page.

Here is something thatw as in the Tennisvillage newsletter today from CGK Bhupathi .. He says, "About 15 years ago Vijay Amritraj addressed a non-resident gathering in Dubai and in his familiar diplomatic style goaded the gathering to utilise the facilities available there & inspire their children to perform. In India, in those days the facilities were lacking and we always used that as one of the two excuses for our failures. The other was of course the all time favourite of blaming the Association.  Liberalisation made it possible to have the best of everything right here and it appears AITA is calling our bluff! ..... Apart from conducting a host of International and National events for all age groups, this month alone they have announced financial aid to Fazal and Srinath, decided to send Junior teams (Boys & Girls) along with a coach/manager to ITFs, set up a Junior Development Committee, dumped all their earlier differences and brought Ramesh to help Indian Tennis, created camps for all age groups starting with the second strings on March 18th which should help them to find their way forward & got ITF to conduct level II work shop for our coaches ..... Now, if the Association does all the right stuff, whom do we blame for our mediocrity? Its getting time for our players to pull their socks up and look for the route to find the next level. Sure, last eighteen months or so have been real good with our players finding out first hand that they do belong in the top1000 in the World and thanks to AITA exchanging the domestic circuit to the current Internationals, they were exposed to a lot of players" ..  Good observations .. CGK has been the biggest optimist about our players improving through the "internationalization" of our circuit - though even he is getting a little anxious .. His opinion in his earlier newsletters has been that it would all be a 5 year plan before we will start seeing the fruits of the labor and that we should all wait and support the players, and I think he is probably right .. You can subsribe to his interesting monthly email newsletter at

Another development recently was the AITA decision to support a training camp for our second string players, which is mentioned in the above newsletter .. I had heard earlier that this was on the anvil, and it's actually about to start this weekend .. Here is the Deccan Herald report from Mar 8th - Seven players, who figure among the Indian second string, will undergo a strenuous two-week training session at CGK Bhupathi`s TennisVillage in the city starting March 18. The camp concludes on March 31 after which the players head to New Delhi where India take on South Korea in a second round Asia-Oceania Group One Davis Cup tie ..  This is a novel move by the All India Tennis Association which aims to balance the heavy tournament schedule the players have, with training camps that will help iron out the flaws in their game .. Henceforth, training camps are going to be a regular feature for top Indian players prior to any major tournament to be held in the country .. The players scheduled to undergo training are Vinod Sridhar, Mustafa Ghouse, Vijay Kannan, Vishal Uppal, Rohan Bopanna, Manoj Mahadevan and Akshay Vishal Rao, all of whom figuring prominently among the leading lights on the domestic scene .. The decision to organise these short camps was made when Ramesh Krishnan, Shyam Minhotra, Jaideep Mukherjea, R Saikia and Bhupathi met during India`s Davis Cup opener in Lucknow in February .. Bhupathi said, ''I will deal with strategy and matchplay during the camp.  I will concentrate on helping the players to play to their strengths and cover their weaknesses the best they can during tournaments," .. Yet another sincere attempt from AITA to do new things and to infuse more morale among the players .. I like the set of players selected for it too - all in the 18 to 22 age range .. They all need a bit of advice and encouragement - and perhaps also some tough drilling in the basic idea that there are a lot of us looking at them and that they have responsibilities not to play any below the levels they are capable of .. It's no longer the old "each player on his own - nobody cares" pattern -- the players should know too, that they can develop as a group together .. The only comment I would have is that neither AITA nor the TennisVillage should feel any disappointment if nothing comes off it - after all it's just a two-week program .. By the same token, AITA and other players should not feel that these are the only chosen few for ever either .. The Mankads and Ramswamis and Chadhas in the US also should not be forgotten .. Ultimately, those who perform should get the rewards .. By and large that has been happening in India lately, though .. Anyway, after the camp and Davis Cup, the players basically will have about 2 months to settle down and work on this by themselves, before the next chance to do well comes along - the ATP satellites in June.

Still no news from Kuala Lumpur about how the junior team is doing at the ITF junior tournament.

Mar 16 Note-2

Leander has been having a terrible time getting a partner to win with any consistency .. Today he played the second round at Indian Wells with Wayne Arthurs with whom he had won a few matches last year too .. But they were up against two guys who were playing carefree tennis and had decided to go after the 5th seeds - the qualifiers had nothing to lose .. Serve, and serve hard all the time, first serve or second serve, was their game plan - that and basically try to stay as far away from Leander as possible .. It worked, as they pulled off the upset in a match that was close all the way .. (Q) R.Federer/ D.Hrbaty d. #5 W.Arthurs/ L.Paes, 7-6(11), 6-4 .. There were no breaks in the first set, and not even any break points as neither team was giving anything much away on their serves .. Wayne Arthurs was the only player who seemed a bit off today - he missed a few makable shots, both at the net and from the back .. In the tiebreaker, WA-LP were down minibreaks quickly at 0-2, but tied it up at 2-2 .. Down again at 2-4 but tied it up again at 6-6 .. Then it went with no minibreaks till 11-11 when Wayne Arthurs made a huge mistake at the net and put one into the net rather than hitting a winner that was there for the taking .. They lost the tiebreaker at 11-13 .. In the second set, the pattern continued from the first set with no breaks till 3-3 when Arthurs made three successive mistakes from the back of the court .. By now, Federer and Hrbaty had figured out that Arthurs was not having one of his better days and they started exclusivly going towards him .. There was nothing much Leander could really do and Arthurs was not getting his usual aces either .. WA dropped serve in the 7th game, and the set was over at 6-4 in the end .. Leander served well all day and only gave 5 points away in his 6 service games .. 60 percent first serves for our guys and 43% for RF-DH, but the other guys won a bunch of points on their second serves (including a couple of aces too, I believe) .. Anyway, that's the end of this week for LP .. He will be playing next week at the Ericsson Key Biscayne masters also with Wayne Arthurs .. Signing off from Indian Wells - Jay.

Mar 16 Note-1

Leander and Wayne Arthurs play qualifiers Roger Federer (SUI,159) and Dominik Hrbaty (SVK,120) in the second round at the $2.9M Indian Wells masters today at 12 noon .. Federer and Hrbaty are playing together for the second time - they had one win together at the Adelaide tournament in January .. They have looked good here, coming through two rounds of qualifiers where they upset second seeds Coupe/Bowen and then a very good pair, Lapentti and Tramacchi .. In the first round of the main draw they beat Novak and Rikl a top-15 caliber team .. This match promises to be an interesting one for WA-LP .. All the seeds, except 4th seed Bjorkman/ B.Black have advanced to the second round at Indian Wells .. The 4th seeds fell to Kafelnikov/ W.Ferreira for a surprisingly cheap 26 26 score.

If you want to get live online scores from Indian Wells, go to the official site index page .. Do not go to the front page of that site .. It seems to crash Netscape for most people and MSIE for some people .. I find it apalling that there are people who get paid a lot of money for doing something as simple as developing web pages, and these guys can't stay away from the silly gizmos and don't make the effort to correct things when the whole world is complaining .. Some plug-ins are placed on that page which is the problem .. Anyway, the index page is clean and you can access everything nicely from there, rather than look all over the place at a badly made web site .. And those colors! - Yuck .. I believe all the masters events will have websites made in the similar format by the same people .. Apparently all are made by the Kabel media guys from Germany who do the ATP web site, which surprises me because they do a very clean job with the ATP site.

Just not getting any news from the Kuala Lumpur ITF junior tournament .. None of the Malaysian online newspapers are covering it so far.

Mar 15 Notes

At the Japan F1 futures, 5th seed Fazal lost in the first round to Ashley Ford (AUS, 641), 63 64 .. So, things are still not going well for Fazal .. Ashley is Fazal's doubles partner and they are the top seeds in doubles .. No doubles scores yet ..

Qualifiers Hrbaty and Federer beat a very good Novak/Rikl pair to reach the second round of doubles at Indian Wells, and they will be the opponents for Leander and Arthurs tomorrow ..

No big fireworks yet at the two domestic tournaments - the South Indian Open at Chennai and at the Central Revenue Masters Open at Kolkata - almost all the top Indian players are playing at either of these events (Nitin Kirtane, Vijay Kannan, Saurav Panja, Vinod Sridhar etc) .. Busy week - I haven't had time to compile the results yet ..

Mar 14 Note-2

Paes/ W.Arthurs d. J.Oncins/ D.Orsanic, 6-1 6-3 in the first round at Indian Wells .. This was a funny match, with the South Americans acting like they hated the ball every time they had to handle it .. They were pretty good in returning the ball, but boy did they have trouble any time they had to serve! .. In the whole first set, they won just two points on their serve, for instance .. After Arthurs held serve in the first game, Orsanic was down 0-40 with a doubles fault and dropped the game .. Paes served strongly to go up 3-0, and then there were 8 straight faults served by Oncins .. I mean, the people watching it felt bad for the guy .. Up 4-0, Arthurs ran into a bit of problems in the next game, as Leander made two judgment call mistakes on returns which fell in, and our guys were facing two break points ..  Out came two aces from Wayne, and he held serve .. Then Orsanic managed to hold serve .. When LP was serving for the set, JO-DO decided to start fighting .. They knew their serve wasn't going to win much - why not return hard .. This they did, and it caused our pair some problems there .. LP was down 15-40 .. Then Arthurs tightened up his volleying a bit, as they averted three break points to take it to deuce .. Went through 6 deuces and two more break chances, but LP came through .. Set over at 6-1 .. In the second set, Oncins started serve and dropped it again, with yet another double fault .. He was screaming all kinds of stuff in Spanish and got a warning from the Ump, but he claimed none of it was bad words (:-)) .. But for the serving problems, those guys were playing pretty well .. In LP's service in game 2, they won a beautiful 9 shot volley exchange .. Their returns were good all day, too .. Then LP started playing some of his acute angle volleys (one half-volley dig that he sent crosscourt which dropped and died like a duck brought out oohs and aahs from a reasonably good sized crowd at a small outside court) .. Then Orsanic held serve easily, for a change .. They continued to return well, and broke Arthurs in the next game .. And surprise, surprise, Oncins held serve once, though he had yet another DF .. Suddenly they seemed to have some momentum, having won three games in a row .. At 2-3, LP started serve falling behind 15-30 after he muffed up an overhead, hitting it long .. He missed his first serve in the net there at 15-30 .. LP screamed loudly to himself - "hit the damn serve, you idiot!" .. It was funny, but I knew right there that the man had realized he had to take over the game and win it - not wait for the other guys to give it to them .. Boy, did he look fired up .. Two impossible volleys and a near-ace later, LP held serve - he pumped his fist to show the other guys who was in charge there .. From then on, it was just a Leander show as he hit one winner after another .. Two powerful forehands in the next game from LP was enough to break Orsanic's back after three deuces (he finished there with a DF) .. LP was all over the net in WA's serve next, and our boys were back up 5-3  .. Thoroughly deflated, Oncins (basically Off-cins today) served the final game with two more double faults, ending it on nothing but a double fault ! .. They had 11 DFs in 8 service games and our guys had none, and that itself was enough to win the match ..

So, the world #1 got only his second doubles win this year .. After winning one round at Chennai, he had lost 4 doubles matches in a row - in the company of Byron Black, Sebastien Lareau, Fazaluddin, and Nicolas Lapentti ..  That may explain why LP was a bit fired up later in this match, despite it being only a first round match against an unseeded team who looked to be losing anyway .. Arthurs does seem to be a good match for LP .. He played well today .. Was a bit mistake-prone on his backhand (he is left handed) sometimes, but he was solid in his serve and at the net.

By the way, I finally found out what happened in the second round qualifying match against Ondruska .. LP had some serious injury scare there .. It turned out to be only a minor thigh muscle strain later, but added with cramps on Sunday, LP was badly struggling in the 3rd set, having trouble in even walking at the end of the match .. The oncourt trainer at first thought it was a more serious groin injury, but it turned out to be not so .. Actually, at 4-4 in the 3rd set, LP served three double faults in a row to lose serve as he was in pain .. The couple of fanclub folks at Indian Wells told me about the injury .. LP hadn't - he just said Marcos played really well in the 3rd - so, I didn't know .. After today's match LP said his thigh is not bothering him much, and it should be fine in a couple of days.

There are two good domestic tournaments underway in Chennai and Kolkata - I will report some results later.

Mar 14 Note-1

Leander (1) and Wayne Arthurs (AUS,22) play Jaime Oncins (BRA,50) and Daniel Orsanic (ARG,64) today in the first round at 10 am at Indian Wells .. Oncins and Orsanic have been playing together a bit this year - they reached the semifinal at the Mexico City Open 3 weeks back, and had also won a round at the Santiago Open two weeks back .. It's never easy for a team just getting together for an event to play a team that has been playing together .. LP and Arthurs played together last at the Newport Hall of Fame where they won three three-setters in a row to win the title.

Fazaluddin, now ranked #439, is in the draw this week at the Japan F1 futures at Takamori .. He is seeded 5th and plays Ashley Ford (AUS,641) in the first round .. The interesting thing is that he is drawn to face 3rd seed Yong-Il Yoon (#296) of Korea in the quarterfinal, if they both advance till there .. I guess a Davis Cup preview is possible on the artifical grass at Takamori ?? .. We will see .. Srinath is not there at the Japan F1 which was surprising .. I had thought AITA was paying for a trip for him .. Not sure if he decided to skip it, or what the deal is .. Srinath is one who needs some match practice even more than Fazal.

Mar 13 Notes

Here is something interesting on Marcos Ondruska from the latest International Tennis Weekly of ATP -- Apparently Marcos arrived at the Miami airport two weeks back and had the whole terminal shot down and evacuated for two hours, as drug-sniffing dogs and bomb-squad were brought in to check his baggage due to a security-alert at the X-Ray machine .. They finally found that some telephone jacks he had in his baggage were the problem! .. He later reached Scottsdale in the last minute to enter the qualies .. Marcos won three rounds there including upset wins over seeded Hipfl and Clement, to make it to the main draw ..  All that only to face top seed Agassi in the first round and lose in straight sets there .. No such adventures reported this week at Indian Wells for him, but the man seems to be continuing an exciting life on the edge, qualified into tournaments in successive weeks, this time beating his old nemesis Leander and pulling comebacks after losing the first set twice in a row .. The excitement continues - he is drawn against 13th seed Rafter in the first round at Indian Wells! ..

Leander is ranked #119 in this week's ranking .. He kept his top rank in doubles with 2788 points, with a slender lead over E.Ferreira and then Palmer, both with over 2700 points .. Palmer and Reneberg won the Scottsdale doubles title.

Leander and Wayne Arthurs (AUS,22) are the 5th seeds at Indian Wells .. Here is the draw (bottom quarter of the top half with #1 seed E.Ferreira/ R.Leach)

3 T.Woodbridge/ M.Woodforde vs WC N.Broad/ B.Haygarth \
  M.Barnard/ D.MacPherson   vs  Q Qualifiers          / \_ SF
  J.Novak/ D.Rikl           vs  Q Qualifiers          \ /
5 W.Arthurs/ L.Paes         vs    J.Oncins/ D.Orsanic /
WA-LP are not playing today .. It is a 5-round doubles draw, they may be playing tomorrow (Tuesday).

.. Previous notes are at Notes for the week ending on Mar 13 ..

I am getting some enquiries from US college coaches who are interested in Indian junior players .. I would like to be able to contact Indian players (some of the coaches are enquiring about specific names) .. If any of the junior players are reading this, please contact me .. Or if any of the other readers know the contact emails/address for any junior player, let me know .. I would like to have a mailing list where I can post general announcements and enquiries from the coaches too .. Please email me - R.Jayakrishnan.