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LP/MB/NS/Indian-Tennis: Notes for the week ending on Feb 23, 2004
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Feb 23 Notes

The first day's play was completed at the IND F1a $10K+H "Syndicate Bank" futures at Delhi with a couple of surprising upsets .. In one of only two singles main draw matches, 17 yr old wildcard Tushar Liberhan upset Mustafa Ghouse, 63 62 .. In the other match, wildcard Divij Sharan went down 46 46 to the 7th seed Xin-Yuan Yu (CHN,527) .. On surprising upset was in the doubles first round - wildcards Rupesh Roy and Divij Sharan upset the 3rd seeds Rohan Bopanna and Vijay Kannan, 63 46 64 .. That is a mind-boggling result, knowing how good RB and VK are in doubles .. See all the main draw results in the Delhi futures page .. Ajay Ramaswami, Nitin Kirtane and Jaco Mathew qualified in, along with 5 foreigners .. Rohan, Sunil, Vijay, Vinod, Vishal Uppal, wildcard Vishal Punna, etc, are also yet to play in the first round.

Rushmi Chakravarthi is in the main draw of the $25K+H Bendigo challenger in Australia this week .. Megha is top seed, with Iciri Rai also in the main draw, at the $10K Benin City satellite in Nigeria .. Arun Prakash Rajagopalan was in the qualifying draw at the $15K USA F5 in Harlingen (Texas) but lost in the first round to the 12th seed Michael Kosta (USA,879), 46 62 46 .. Rude welcome to the Asian junior champion in the pro tour abroad, I suppose ..

No news yet on the draw for Harsh at Harlingen in the main draw - he should be the 3rd seed I think .. Andres Pedroso who beat HM in the QF last week at the F4 went on to win the title, making it a perfect record for HM -- in his three futures recently in the US, he has lost in the QF, SF and QF to the eventual winners, Brian Baker, Frederico Luzzi and Pedroso .. Brian Baker, by the way, got a wildcard at the Memphis ATP last week and upset #64 Dupuis in the main draw .. That guy gets back to the futures this week in Harlingen .. Luzzi who had won the F2 and F3 after losing to Baker in the F1, is also back this week after a few weeks off, so F5 looks to be a very tough event .. Anyway, HM seems to have run into the hot player of the week in these futures .. The three losses go with 7 wins including one upset for HM, which was over top seed Peter Clark in the F1 futures .. Anyway, hopefully he can pick up some good points this week and next -- I think he is expecting to play mostly challengers after these, as the challenger entry cuts begin to fall a bit from now on into the summer.

Sania's doubles rank has raced up to #185 this week! .. Great .. She is now going to take a little time off to finish her 12th standard board exams .. Then back to san Remo for another short training stint with Bob Brett.

I still see Prakash's name in the list for the Kyoto challenger next week on indoor carpet .. Hope to see him get back out on court soon.

>Feb 22 Notes

Not much news to talk about .. Awaiting draw info on the Delhi $10K+H challenger starting tomorrow ..

LP and MB are not playing doubles this week anywhere .. I assume both may be going to Dubai next week.

There is a change in the AITA domestic calendar .. There will now be two ATP challengers in early May .. These are Instead of three challengers in June which was in the calendar earlier .. The satellite circuit has now been moved from May to June (starting on the 7th) .. The two $25K+H challengers are now listed for Bagalkot (May 3) and Hassan (May 10) .. They have not officially appeared in the ATP calendar, which may take some time .. This will of course affect the travel scheduling for RB, HM and PA after the Davis Cup in early April.

Feb 21 Note-1

There are times when one gets that feeling that a player just cannot be stopped .. The opponents can try but the inevitable can only be delayed .. I know that most readers here (and myself) were simply sure that Sania was going to do it, pretty much ever since they evened the first set from a break down in the semifinal .. The job got done today and the young 17 year old just became the youngest Indian ever to win a professional tour (WTA/ATP) tennis title .. [F] (wc) Sania Mirza/ Liezel Huber d. (3) Ting Li/ Tian-Tian Sun, 76(1) 64 ..  The match started with our team going ahead in the 4th game and led 4-1 .. Then at 5-3 they were broken back and soon they were facing trouble at 5-6 down .. After a tight game they sent it to a tiebreaker .. I was following the match and decided at that point (about 2.30 am for me) to go to sleep .. Hey like I said, I knew they would win from there .. SM-LH stepped on the pedal, won the tiebreaker at 7-1 and the rout was on from there, I am sure .. The second set seems to have been a no-contest (correction - it was 6-4 in the second --- I shouldn't type anything before I have my morning coffee! :))..

The win gives Sania 107 total points with 12 quality bonus points for beating three seeded teams in a row, each with combined ranks in the 75-100 range .. Her point total is up to 135 with that and she rockets herself to inside top-190 .. I just cannot believe that a 17 year old is doing this - to win a title upsetting three seeds and not even dropping a set, in only the second WTA tour main draw she has ever played! ..

The most accurate comment must have been these from senior partner #11 ranked Liezel Huber -- said “She doesn’t hesitate to go for her shots even though she is really young. That’s how all the great players like the Williams sisters started. Yes I know that when you are young they won’t always go in, but eventually they will, and when they do, you end up as a Top player and that’s where she is headed” !! .. perfectly stated, and it is an honor to be compared to those like Venus .. Forget the mistakes Sania makes; those will gho away down the line .. She is destined to go right to the top .. I don't know enough to say how far higher than top-100 she would go in singles, but my humble opinion is that she will reach top-20 or higher in doubles - no doubts .. She is simply among the very best young doubles players to emerge lately in womean's tennis in the world ..

And of course, let us not forget the fantastic work by Liezel Huber .. Thank you, and you now have over a billion new fans, lady!.

Here is a picture from the prize ceremony (reproduced without permission from the official website - check out the great galleries at

Sania and Huber with ING Vysya Hyderabad Open WTA title

Go Sania! ..

Feb 20 Note-2

The double final is scheduled for 3 pm Saturday (1.30 am here in Los Angeles for me :( ) .. Sania, who has already gone farther than any Indian woman has ever gone in a WTA tour event, can catapult herself into the top-200 in doubles rankings with a title tomorrow ..  I hope to get some great news when I wake up in the morning .. All of you in India will get to watch the final on TV in Doordarshan, assuming they won't cut away for pointless sports talk in the middle like I am told they did today.  There must still be people at Doordarshan who deserve to get a darshan of the door with a swift-moving boot behind them..

Kirilenko and Pratt reached the final today .. Tammy Tanasugartn was siffering from a knee injury against Kirilenko .. Pratt got past Bartoli ..

By the way, as my previous note seemed to suggest unintentionally that Liezel was doing extra work because Sania was not doing well enough, I just had an email from India pointing out that Sania was the one who was actually carrying the match today .. Of course, that is what all the Saturday newspaper articles say too (one report even went so far as to say that Sania was "guiding the senior partner" .. Wow!) .. It also turns out that Liezel is actually not well right now .. Hopefully she will have enough to hang in there tomorrow .. Anyway, my comments below were about the earlier matches and not about the semifinal today .. The onsite fan reports posted in our forum by sandeep and vishnu (thanks guys!) also mention how well Sania did today - they also mention that Sania was getting a lot of tips from Huber and she was attentively listening and takeing them in .. Great .. Her serve today was reportedly top-notch ..

In other news, Harsh Mankad went down 16 67(5) in the $15K USA futures QF to his nemesis Andres Pedroso (USA,346) .. 3rd loss to Pedroso by HM .. Andres, along with Srinath Prahlad are the only ones HM is winless against, among about 12 or so players he has played more than twice against .. I know, I am one of those who look for obscure stats sometimes :)  .. Harsh is 0-3 against these two guys, though the losses to Sri came in HM's younger days 5 years back.

Feb 20 Note-1

Is this incredible or what? .. One has to give it to Sania - the girl has a way of making news when the spotlight is turned on her! .. All the reports were about how many mistakes she has been making on court and all that .. That is true I suppose, but she is also doing a whole bunch of jaw-dropping stuff to make up for it .. Anyway, the 17 year old is in a WTA event final!!! .. [SF] (wc) S.Mirza/ L.Huber d. (4) Zi Yan (CHN)/ Jie Zheng (CHN), 76(3) 63 .. Our pair was behind immediately in the first set 0-2 and really raised their game only late in the first set with a break to even it in the 9th game as the 4th seeds were serving for the set, if I am not mistaken .. The tiebreaker was all ours .. In the second set they kept it up with a break in the second game .. I believe they were broken in the 7th game, but broke right back in the 8th game before serving it out ..

The win gives Sania a whopping 75 points so far in this event, including 8 quality bonus points .. That will take SM's point total to 103 pts and her doubles ranking from #454 to inside #220 .. Are you kidding me? .. Amazing stuff, but then it was no fluke that Sania was #1 in junior doubles last year.

Liezel Huber has been as good as advertised also, reportedly .. She actually had to do some work yesterday to keep Sania from not overdoing things (she can get into serious adrenaline rushes and become mistake-prone) .. Liezel also might have had to raise her game at times to prevent trouble from mistakes as well .. But I am sure #11 ranked Liezel has to be impressed with what Sania has been capable of; she must have least expected  to upset two seeds and reach the final with a 17 year old in Hyderabad .. Wonderful!

They play the 3rd seeds  Ting Li and Tian Tian Sun of China who had an easy win today in the other semi against Beygelzimer and Poutchek .. The final is on Saturday and Sania has really done her part in keeping her city's interest in the event .. Well done, girl!

Feb 19 Note-2

Just got info that the Davis Cup Asia-Oceania second round against Japan will be played outdoors at the Osaka City Utsubo Tennis Center.  Hardcourts (Deco Turf II) .. So, no funny stuff like clay or articial grass and all those things they have out there .. That is good .. The tie will be during the weekend of Apr 9-11.

It was announced today that DoorDarshan will be televising the friday and saturday matches live .. Cool! .. That means we will be in our chatroom during Sania's match tomorrow, scheduled after the two singles semifinals .. So, the Sania match against the 4th seeds Yan/Zheng should be starting at about 6.30 pm (8 am New York) ..

At the $15K USA F4 in Brownsville, Texas, Harsh Mankad reached the QF with a 57 64 63 win over Esteban Carril (ESP,509) .. Brownsville, right at the Gulf of Mexico at the Texas-Mexico border, can get very windy .. They were playing in some 40 mph wind today, so bad that HM had to wear sun glasses to make sure that his contacts would not get blown away .. He even served underhand because he couldn't toss the ball properly (and won two points on underhand serves!) .. Anyway, he pulled through .. More wind tomorrow -- ah, the life on the tour .. take a look at the Harsh Mankad thread in our forum tennis player pages .. HM himself has written and there is a bunch of discussion going on .. Anyway, he faces Andres Pedroso (USA,346), the 5th seed tomorrow .. He had lost to Pedroso twice last year ..

Feb 19 Note-1

Hey, hey, great news from the ING Vysya Hyderabad Open WTA .. Sania Mirza and Liezel Huber are in the semis with an upset of the second seeds!! .. [QF} (wc) L.Huber/ S.Mirza d. (2) Angelique Widjaja/ Wynne Prakusya (INA), 60 64 !! .. The first set was over in something like 15 minutes it seemed, as our pair kept breaking the Indons .. In the second set, things tightened up, and that is nothing new in Sania's matches .. The question was whether she would hold up under pressure from two high quality opponents, with Angie ranked #15 and Wynne rabnked #78 in WTA doubles (They also have a title together in the past, and Angie of course is the 2001 Junior Wimbledon champion, etc too) .. Based on the updates at the official web page, the 4th game, which I assume was on Sania's serve, took a long time to complete .. But our pair held to even 2-2 .. They went ahead with a break in the 7th game, probably on Wynne's serve and then Sania held for a 5-3 lead .. At 5-4 it was up to Liezel to close the show which she did ..  In the semifinal they play the winners of the match that ts just starting - between 4th seeds Yan/ Zheng and Jugic-Salkic/ Kostanic.

Terrific job, as Sania reaches her first tour event semifinal .. With four quality points for beating a pair with a sum-rank inside 100, reaching the semifinal is worth 47 points .. That takes Sania's double point total from 28 to 75! .. Her rank will go up from #454 to inside #265 .. That takes her past Sai and Rushmi at just inside top-300, as the Indian #1 doubles player.

More proof today that our four Indian girls got absolutely shafted by the draw .. In today's semis, Kirilenko and Bartoli had easy straight set wins, and 4th seed Pratt beat Kostanic 64 75 in the 3rd QF with defending champ Tammy winning to be the 4th semifinalst .. Basically the Kirilenko, Bartoli, Pratt and Kostanic have played the best tennis there, along with Tammy .. Unfortunately the Indian girls had to tackle those four .. Well, it goes like that some time .. See the Hyderabad WTA page for all scores from today.

In other news, Harsh Mankad had a relatively easy 64 63 win over qualifier Alex Witt (USA) yesterday at the $15K USA F4 futures .. He plays Esteban Carril today ..

Prakash Amritraj is now listed to have withdrawn from next week's Ho Chi Minh City challenger in Vietnam .. Still listed for the Kyoto challenger the week after - not sure if he will be there either .. Get well fast, Kash!

Feb 18 Notes

Sania and Liezel are in the doubles QF! .. [R1] (wc) L.Huber/ S.Mirza d. (LL) Jin-Hee Kim (KOR)/ Shelley Stephens (NZL), 62 76(10) .. They faced the lucky loser team instead of Ruxandra Dragomir-Ilie and Saori Obata who must have withdrawn .. The first set went to our team with breaks in the 3rd and 5th games which saw them race to a 5-1 lead .. In the second set, things tightened up and our team was broken in the 8th game to fall to 3-5 .. They broke back to even it at 5-5 and sent int into a tiebreaker ... It was a tight tiebreaker where they pulled off a 12-10 win .. I am sure the organizers heaved a big sigh of relief -- the Golden Girl is still there to get the crowd to dhow up for another day! .. Go Sania ..  They run into a very tough pair in the QFs though - the 2nd seeds Wynne Prakusya and Anegelique Widjaja of Indonesia ... This is the second time that Sania is reaching the second round .. She had reached the QF last year with Mary Pierce in doubles, after a win over wildcards Sai and Rushmi in the first round, but they fell to the top seeds in the QF .. Hopefully Huber-Mirza would go further this time .. See the Hyderabad WTA page for all scores from today.

Forgot to mention that Ankita lost 16 16 to the seocnd seed Bartoli yesterday .. But that takes nothing away from her tremendous job of qualifying into the main draw with two top-250 quality upsets and a double bagel on Archana .. As for how all four Indians (Isha, Sania, Ankita and Neha) went down in the first round, well, we have to blame the draw to some extent .. They got the worst matchups we could have imagined .. The way Kostanic, Pratt, Bartoli and Kririlenko all beat their R2 opponents in easy straight sets, is proof enough for that .. A slightly better draw, and I am sure our girls would have pulled an upset or two .. As it is, Isha and Sania did wonderful work .. As for Isha, here is what Jelena Kostanic said - “I was fighting to keep up with Isha who picked up the game in the second set and it took a great deal of effort to pull back my game to beat her. We both have a strong forehand and the match was exhausting.” .. Those are great words on how well Isha played .. As for Sania, well, the press correspondents are rather unanimous that she could have and should have won the match over Pratt had she shown just a tad bit more patience and just cut down a few errors, many of which were truly unforced .. But then that is Sania's game - full of fincredible flair .. Somebody who saw the match told me that there were many shots  from her which were incredible - the kind that made everyone's jaw drop .. The gentleman had talked to Tammy Tanasugran who was rubbing her eye in disbelief about how a 17 year old can pummel somebody in the top-60 into submission like Sania did in the first set .. But that was the problem, Pratt figured out that she had to cut off all pace and slice sania to death, which she did - and that added to SM's errors, as she is the kind of player who just hasn't learned to be patient yet .. She WILL learn that, sometime soon, and everybody just watch out!

At the USA F4 futures in Brownsville, Texas, 4th seed Harsh Mankad plays the first round against qualifier Alex Witt (USA) today .. HM got there on Monday, after a week of rest to heal his muscle injury, mostly doing just some light swimming pool exercizes etc .. He had asked them to sign him into the doubles draw - the tournament says all the top players were taken and they signed him in with a local guy ranked below 1400 (senaky, it seems, to me) .. Anyway, the guy turned out to be not too bad, and they pushed the top seeds Huntley Montgomery/ Tripp Phillips to three sets in a 57 64 16 loss .. So Harsh got a bit of hitting practice that way, and he says the injury is not acting up for now - we will see how it feels in singles today.

I see Prakash Amritraj still in the entry list updated yesterday for the $50K+H challenger in Ho Chi Minh City next week .. He was one out when the entries closed 2 weeks back, but has now made the main draw list .. I am not sure if he will be playing though .. He is also in the main draw list $25K+H challenger in Kyoto the week after, and is not listed as withdrawn yet .. Hopefully his quad muscle tear is all healed .. Go Kash -- we need you back out there soon!.

As for next week's $10K+H futures in Delhi, Vishal Uppal is now one out from the main draw and will probably join RB, Sunil Kumar, Vijay Kannan, Mustafa Ghouse and Vinod Sridhar in the main draw .. Vishal Punna, Karan Rastogi and Ajay Ramaswami are 4th through 6th in the qualies as of now, and one or two wildcards may be needed for them .. Somdev Dev Varman, who had a very unfortuante and untimely jaundice problem a few weeks back is not fully recovered and ready to play, but he is expected to start with the futures the week after at home in Chennai .. Another name missing is ArunPrakash our most recent Asian Junior champion .. He has been MIA for a while .. He is under contract with the Randy Mani academy in New York and hopefully has been training and planning for a big bang entry into the seniors like he did last year when he came out of nowhere in June and took the junior circuit by storm! .. I guess Divij Sharan may take a wildcard and play at Delhi too.

Here is a nice article in today's about a big function in Mumbai to fecilitate Karan Rastogi for his semifinal show in the AO juniors and his entry into the Davis Cup traveling team  ..  The function organized by MSLTA was attended by the Chief minister Shinde, Sunil Dutt, KR's coach DS Rama Rao of practennis academy, etc .. Good to see the biy getting such encouragement - he deserves every bit of it.

Feb 17 Note-3

More bad news .. Mad Max also got upset just now .. At the $842K ABN Amro ATP in Rotterdam (indoor hardcourts), [R1] (1) M.Bhupathi/ M.Mirnyi l. Michael Kohlmann/ Rainer Schuettler (GER), 67(2) 46 .. The first set went with serve though MB-MM were constantly under pressure on their service games .. In the second set, they were ahead at first with a break, but got broken back in the 7th game and were broken again in the 9th game .. So MB is done for this week .. Not sure where he is playing next .. May be Marseille (FRA) next week, or perhaps he will skip next week, as there are no big ATP events .. If so, he may be at Dubai the week after.

Feb 17 Note-2

Bad news all around .. Isha and Shahar Peer could not sustain what they started and went down 63 16 16 to the 4th seeds .. Still a good job by the youngsters to up set two seeds and make the main draw .. 6.25 points for that - as good as winning a $10K title ..

Then Neha Ubeori, who played tremendous tennis in the qualies, and had upset the top seed #192 Darija Juarak ealrier, could not play her best game today .. Based on a phone call to the stadium, she probably played her worst tennis in the first set .. First time she is playing in front of that kind of a crowd on center court - I am sure the 17 year old was a bit overwhelmed .. She picked up her game considerably in the second set to lead 5-2, but then everything went wrong again .. [R1] (q) N.Uberoi l. Maria Kirilenko, 36 57 ..

The atmosphere is getting to all the youngsters I think .. As I type, Ankita is down 16 03 to the second seed Marion Bartoli (FRA,59) ..

I only wish Sania, Isha, Ankita had not drown the 4th, 6th and 2nd seeds .. Oh well, that's how it goes ..

Feb 17 Note-1

Pretty much the same story as last year, in Sania's match just completed at the ING Vysya Hyderabad Open WTA .. [R1] (wc) S.Mirza l. (4) Nicoiile Pratt (AUS,59), 64 26 26 .. Nice start and it goes downhill from there .. SM went up a break immediately to 3-1 and made the advantage stand up for the rest of the set .. In the second set, in somewhat of a customary fashion, she was down 0-2 .. Against lesser players, she would invariably come back, but Pratt is way too experienced for that I guess .. Sania was broken in games 2 and 8 in the second set .. In the 3rd, she lost the last four games with 2 breaks from 2-2 and it was over .. Taking sets off top players is nice but the loss hurts .. Well, more work needed with Bob Brett .. Go SM.

Neha Uberoi is just starting her match right now against the 2002 US Open junior champion and one of the biggest young talent to emerge last year, Maria Kirilenko .. Qualifier Ankita's match follows on center court .. Both girls got a no help from the draws .. Ankita is up against a former junior #1 and the 2001 US Open junior champion Marion Bartoli (FRA,53), seeded second here, who is known for her style similar to Monica Seles - she has a two-handed forehand!

The surprising qualifiers, Isha and Shahar Peer are up to their tricks again .. They won the first set 6-3 over the 4th seeds  Yan and Zheng, but have now dropped the second set 1-5 .. Hope the youngsters can hold on for a big upset ..

Mahesh and Max are playing in an hour, at the ABN Amro ATP in Rotterdam, Netherlands ..

Harsh Mankad is at the $15K USA F4 .. 4th seeded and playing qualifier Alex Witt (USA,784) tomorrow .. He entered doubles, probably just for a round of hitting practice, with a local guy, Therone Cole (USA) ranked below 1500 .. Due to HM's #190 rank, they made the main draw directly and are playing the top seeds this afternoon - Huntley Montgomerie and Tripp Phillips .. HM had written in our forum that he is just going to watch how that gorin/thigh injury feels before pushing too hard ..

Feb 16 Note-2

The final qualifying in doubles at the ING Vysya Hyderabad Open was a marathon topsy-turvy match .. Isha and Shahar Peer (ISR) won the first set 6-3 and went up 5-3 to serve for the match .. They were both broken in succession there and it was all tied 63 57 .. In the 3rd set they went ahead at 4-3 but was immediately broken back again .. After lkong games, it went to a tiebreaker where Isha and Shahar pulled through .. [Q2] (wc) I.Lakhani/ S.Peer d. (1) Jin-Hee Kim/ Shelley Stephens, 63 57 76(5) .. Now they face the 4th seeds in the main draw, Zi Yan and Jie Zheng of China .. Gerat work by the talented wildcard youngsters to win both the seeded teams in the qualifying rounds to make main draw .. The win gives them $550 to share and 6.25 points each .. Great!

So Instead of having just 2 singles and one doubles match involving Indians, now we have four singles matches (Isha, Sania, Ankita, Neha) and two doubles matches (Sania-Huber and Isha-Shahar) .. That is nice.

Feb 16 Note-1

How about this? ..  Ankita Bhambri upset the second seed Wynne Prakusya (INA,198) 75 60 to make the main draw at the ING Vysya Hyderabad Open !!! .. Most incredible stuff by the 17 year old .. Wynne is supposedly not in her best shape, but she was good enough to beat Rushmi 60 62 yesterday and and to come back and win a doubles match this evening .. So this seems to be a match were Ankita did not give Wynn any room to come back and forced her to give up!! .. Way to go, Ankita ..  Neha beat Shikha to make the main draw as well .. So we have FOUR Indians in the main draw! .. See the Hyderabad WTA page for all scores.

Ankita picked up 9.25 big points including 2 bonus points for today's win and one for her upset of Matic on Saturday ..That raises her point total from 17 to 26.25 and her ranking will move up next week from #600 this week to around #495 next week!!

It almost became even better today, as Isha Lakhani made an impossible comeback on the 6th seed Jelena Kostanic (CRO,65) before going down in three sets 36 64 26 .. That she was able to take a set of such a highly ranked player itself is amazing.

Mahesh Bhupathi is in the draw this week at the $842K Rotterdam ATP, top seeded with Max Mirnyi .. They play Michael Kohlmann and Rainer Schuettler in the first round .. MB may have taken off to Rotterdam from Hyderabad .. He never gets to see the full tournament .. Last year he had to leave by wednesday because of the Davis Cup in the weekend .. This time it is the week after Davis Cup but he has to play in Rotterdam .. Hey, he is a professional, so playing tournaments is what he has to do - not running them .. So Hesh won't be at Hyderabad for the rest of the week.

Leander is not playing the week -- I am noit sure when exactly he and David Rikl will get together and restart .. As I said earlier, Rikl has been away for a few weeks because his wife delivered a baby recently..

Rohan Bopanna just told me that his arm is feeling fine and the walkover yesterday in Kolkata was a cautionary thing.

.. Previous notes are at Notes for the week ending on Feb 16 ..

I am getting some inquiries from US college coaches who are interested in Indian junior players .. I would like to be able to contact Indian players (some of the coaches are inquiring about specific names) .. If any of the junior players are reading this, please contact me .. Or if any of the other readers know the contact emails/address for any junior player, let me know .. I would like to have a mailing list where I can post general announcements and inquiries from the coaches too .. Please email me - R.Jayakrishnan.