Nirupama Sanjeev 
(Nirupama Vaidyanathan)
Nirupama at Dubai - 7/apr/98 (courtesy: Gulf-News)
Nirupama was the first Indian woman to win a round at a Grand Slam in the modern era .. This page was started in 1998 in her honor, but the fanclub is retiring this page on Feb 22, 2005, on Niru's request. The last update after her last event will remain here for ever! Thanks for the memories, Niru! ... You were a true pioneer in Indian tennis!

Niru now runs a tennis academy in the San Francisco Bay area. Check out for Info.

This week:

$50K Challenger, Louisville, KY, USA:
Singles Qualifying
[Q1] N.Sanjeev d Chin-Bee Khoo (MAS,370), 61 63 ..
[Q2] N.Sanjeev l. Petra Rampre (SLO,270), 26 36
[R1] N.Sanjeev/ Selima Sfar (TUN) l. Kim Grant (RSA)/ Rachel McQuillan (AUS), 75 26 46
All the Indian tennis news of the week are in the July 28 Notes .. ..

Last week:

$50K Challenger, Lexington, KY, USA:
Singles: [R1] N.Sanjeev l. (Q) Lauren Kalvaria (USA,399), 06 16 .. Doubles: [R1] N.Sanjeev/ Selima Sfar d. #3 Lisa McShea/ Samantha Stosur (AUS), 36 64 64 .. [QF] l. Remi Tezuka/ Yuka Yoshida (JPN), 16 36 .. All the Indian tennis news of the week are in the Jul 28 notes ..

Earlier results:

Niru was off the court for 6 weeks .. $10K Hilton Head, NC, USA: [R1] N.Sanjeev l. Ekaterina Afinogenova (RUS,508) 57 61 46 .. [R1] #3 Ilke Gers (NZL)/ N.Sanjeev d. Neyssa Etienne (HAI)/ Ludmila Richterova (CZE), 57 64 64 .. [QF] l. Allison Bradshaw (USA)/ Shadisha Robinson (USA), 67(1) 62 26 .. See all the news of the week in June 09 notes .. sixe weeks off before that .. $25K Challenger, San Luis Potosi (Mexico): Singles [R1] N.Sanjeev d. Erica Krauth (ARG,383), 61 60 .. [R2] l. Jorgelina Cravero (ARG,385), 67(6) 57 .. Doubles [R1] N.Sanjeev/ Zuzana Hejdova (CZE) d. Caroline Ann Basu (GER)/ Petra Russeger (AUT), 64 62 .. [QF] d. #1 Amanda Augustus (USA)/ Vanessa Webb (CAN), 26 64 63 .. [SF] l. Kildine Chevalier (FRA)/ Lana Popadic (CRO), 57 26.. See the Apr 21 notes ..$25K Challenger, Coatzacoalcos (Mexico): [R1] N.Sanjeev d. Scarlett Werner (GER,331), 60 63 .. [R2] d. #3 Zuzanna Hejdova (CZE,227), 46 64 64 .. [QF] l. #5 Janet Lee (TPE,240), 76 46 36 .. [R1] N.Sanjeev/ Bryanne Stewart (AUS) l. #2 Erica Krauth (ARG)/ Sarah Stone (AUS), 36 46 .. See the Apr 14 notes .. $25K Challenger, Redding, CA (USA): [R1] N.Sanjeev d. (wc) Elizabeth Plotkin (USA,NR), 63 75 .. [R2] l. Kristina Brandi (USA,247), 06 46 .. Doubles [R1] N.Sanjeev/ Bryanne Stewart (AUS) d. (wc) Kristina Brandi/ Jessica Nguyen (USA), 62 62 .. [QF] l. Remi Tezuka/ Yuka Yoshida (JPN), 26 26 .. $50K Challenger, Fulleron, CA (USA): [R1] N.Sanjeev l. (wc) Amber Liu (USA,413), 67(5) 67(3) .. [R1] N.Sanjeev/ M.Washington l. #1C.Martinez-Granados/ A.Jidkova, 76(4) 57 63 .. See all the news in the Jan 27 notes .. $10K ITF Satellite, Tallahassee, FL (USA): [Q1] Bye .. [Q2]  Nirupama Sanjeev d. #3 Mirella Vladulescu (GER,727), 62 61 .. [Q3] d. Heidi El Tabakh (EGY,998), 62 64 .. [Q4] d. Anglea Piedrahita (USA), 60 63 .. [R1] Nirupama Sanjeev l.  #6 Alyssa Cohen (USA,369), 36 36 .. See the Jan 13 notes ..

Before this, she was on injury break since the end of 2001 and also got married in May last year .. She got back only for one qualifying match at the US Open, and the Asiad last year ..  Decided that she needed a few weeks of training and decided to wait till January to get back on tour. 

For Your Info:

See the article by Robin Chatterjee in the Gulf-News, Dubai, on Nirupama .. Aust.Open, 98: [R1]Nirupama upset Gloria Pizzichini (then WTA # 89) .. See articles about Nirupama after the path-breaking upsert, by Bud Collins (The age, Melbourne) , Nirmal Shekhar (The Hindu) , Kamesh Srinivasan (The Hindu) ,and Nikhila Natarajan (Indian Express) ..

Sponsorship Watch:

She is still only barely making ends meet in the pro circuit with scant sponsorship .. IMG does some promotion and management, which is good, but actual money sponsorship is what she sorely needs .. She seems to be doing alright these days with a bit of income from grand slam TV commentary work for Star TV Sports ..

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WTA Rankings : #203 singles (injury protected)

Nirupama at Delhi - Jan98 (courtesy: Indian Express)NV against Li Fang at Asiad-98 QF (courtesy: Erico Sugita, Reuters?)

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