Workshop Presentations

Socal-Japan joint workshop

SoCal-Japan Joint Workshop:

Advanced Traffic Management and Control in the Era of Connected and Autonomous Driving


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July 7, 2017, 8 AM - 5 PM


Colloquium Room, Engineering Hall 2430

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Session Title Presentor Affiliation
Session 1. General Directions
Chair: Dr. Stephen G Ritchie
Outline of Activities on Automated Driving in Japan Takashi Oguchi
University of Tokyo,
ITS-Irvine CAV Developments & the Connected Mobility Living Laboratory Stephen G. Ritchie
Professor and Director
ITS, UC Irvine
Caltrans supports CAV Morteza Fahrtash
Sr Transportation Engineer
Caltrans District 12 TMC
Accident Risk Simulation Toshio Yoshii
Ehime University, Japan
Session 2. Management and Planning
Chair: Dr. R. Jayakrishnan
Traffic Management using Moving Light Guide System Hiroyuki Oneyama
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
Cross-domain Security Issues for Connected Autonomous Vehicles Anthony Lopez
Graduate Student
EECS, UC Irvine
Identifying Passengers who are at Risk of Reducing Public Transport Use: A Survival Time Analysis using Smart Card Data Hiroaki Nishiuchi
Assistant Professor
Kochi University of Technology, Japan
Fundamentals of Mobility Transformation Due to Connectivity and Autonomy in Vehicles R. Jayakrishnan
ITS, UC Irvine
Session 3. Management and Economics
Chair: Dr. Kentaro Wada
Connected Vehicles Based Eco-Intelligent Transportation Systems Peng Hao
Assistant Research Engineer
CE-CERT, UC Riverside
Impact of Long-Continuous Driving Vehicles on Accident Risks Takahiro Tsubota
Assistant Professor
Ehime University, Japan
Envy-free pricing for collaborative consumption in transportation
Roger Lloret-Batlle
PhD Candidate
ITS, UC Irvine
Tradable Network Permits Scheme and Its Implementation Mechanisms Kentaro Wada
Assistant Professor
University of Tokyo, Japan
Visiting Scholar, UC Irvine
Session 4. Control and Modeling
Chair: Dr. Wenlong Jin
Linear Active Disturbance Rejection Control: Stabilizing Unmodeled Plants By Tuning Parameters Hui-Yu Jin
Assistant Professor
Xiamen University, China
Visiting Scholar, UC Irvine
Lane Flow Distribution of Congested Traffic on Three-lane Freeways Paulina Reina
Assistant Professor
CSU Fullerton
Controlling Autonomous Vehicles for Minimizing Delays at a Sag Bottleneck Yoshihiro Shiomi
Associate Professor
Ritsumeikan University, Japan
An Analysis of Relationship between Lane-Changing Behaviors and Traffic Flow based on Microscopic Traffic Simulation Masami Yanagihara
Research Associate
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
Macroscopic Models of Lane-Changing, Bounded Acceleration, and Capacity Drop Wenlong Jin
Associate Professor
ITS, UC Irvine