PhD Dissertations

Dissertations Completed With ITS Support, 1992-2017


Sun, Yue Commodity Based Freight Demand Modeling Framework using Structural Regression Model PhD, Transportation Engineering, 2018, Adviser: Stephen Ritchie [Abstract]



Lloret-Batlle, Roger Peer-to-peer and collaborative consumption of supply in transportation systems PhD, Transportation Engineering, 2017, Adviser: R. Jayakrishnan [Abstract]


Dillon, Harya S Unraveling the Effects of Land Use Planning and Energy Policy on Travel Behavior PhD, Planning, Policy, and Design, 2017, Adviser: Douglas Houston [Abstract]


Jeong, Kyungsoo Container truck routing and scheduling problems under a shared resource environment PhD, Transportation Engineering, 2017, Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie [Abstract]


Lo, Wan-Tzu Compact development and gender inequality: do more accessible and walkable built environments promote gender equality in travel and activity space behaviors? PhD, Transportation Science, 2017, Adviser: Douglas Houston [Abstract]

Wang, Ke Real Options Models for Better Investments Decisions in Road Transportation Infrastructure under Demand Uncertainty PhD, Transportation Engineering, 2017, Adviser: Jean-Daniel Saphores [Abstract]


Shi, Xiaoxia Trip Chaining Complexity, Variability, and Pattern using Longitudinal GPS Data PhD, Transportation Science, 2017, Adviser: Douglas Houston [Abstract]



Hyun, Kyung Network-wide truck tracking using advanced point detector data PhD, Transportation Engineering, 2016, Adviser: Stephen Ritchie [Abstract]


Sarah AlyIntegration of information and transportation flows in disaster relief logistics modeling PhD, Transportation Engineering, 2016, Adviser: R. Jayakrishnan [Abstract]


Masoud, Neda An optimization Framework for Shared Mobility in Dynamic Transportation Networks PhD, Civil Engineering, 2016, 224 pp. Adviser: R. Jayakrishnan [Abstract]


Srivastava, Anupam Modified Cell Transmission Model for Bounded Acceleration PhD, Civil Engineering, 2016, 147 pp. Adviser: Wenlong Jin [Abstract]

Mitra, Suman Land Use, Land Value, and Transportation: Essays on Accessibility, Carless Households, and Long-distance Travel PhD, Transportation Science, 2016, 177 pp. Adviser: Jean-Daniel Sapores [Abstract]


Sun, Zhe Freeway Traffic Parameter and State Estimation with Eulerian and Lagrangian Data PhD, Civil Engineering, 2016, 117 pp. Adviser: Wenlong Jin [Abstract]


Regué Griñó, Robert Modeling Shared-use Urban Mobility Systems to Increase System Performance PhD, Civil Engineering, 2015, 123 pp. Adviser: Will Recker [Abstract]


Rodriguez Roman, Daniel Designing Environment-Oriented Pricing and Traffic Rationing Schemes for Travel Demand Management PhD, Civil Engineering, 2015, 125 pp. Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie [Abstract]


Kim, Jae Hun Exploratory Dynamic Models of Alternative Fuel Vehicle Adoption PhD, Civil Engineering, 2015, 153 pp. Adviser: Will Recker [Abstract]

Luong, Thi Bich Thuy Human Activity Recognition: A Data-driven Approach PhD, Transportation Science, 2015, 192 pp. Adviser: Will Recker [Abstract]

Contreras, Seth Regional Scale Dispersion Modeling and Analysis of Directly Emitted Fine Particulate Matter From Mobile Source Pollutants Using AERMOD PhD, Civil Engineering, 2015. 130 pp. Adviser: Michael G. McNally [Abstract]



Gan, Qi-Jian Macroscopic Modeling and Analysis of Urban Vehicular Traffic PhD, Civil Engineering, 2014. 139 pp. Adviser: Wenlong Jin [Abstract]

Hernandez, Sarah Integration of Weigh-in-Motion and Inductive Signature Data for Truck Body Classification PhD, Civil Engineering, 2014. 247 pp. Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie [Abstract]


Yuan, Daji Incorporating Individual Activity Arrival and Duration Preferences within a Time-of-day Travel Disutility Formulation of the Household Activity Pattern Problem (HAPP) PhD, Civil Engineering, 2014. 112 pp. Adviser: Will Recker [Abstract]


Lakew, Paulos Ashebir Essays on Air Cargo Cost Structures, Airport Traffic, and Airport Delays: Panel Data Analysis of the U.S. Airline Industry PhD, Transportation Science, 2014. 161 pp. Adviser: Jan K. Brueckner [Abstract]

Abdel-Salam, Gaby Active Travel, Built Environment and Transit Access: A Micro-Analysis of Pedestrian Travel Behavior PhD, Transportation Science, 2014. 285 pp. Advisers: Douglas Houston and Michael G. McNally [Abstract]

Allahviranloo, Mahdieh Inferring and Replicating Activity Selection and Scheduling Behavior of Individuals PhD, Civil Engineering, 2014. 166 pp. Adviser: Will Recker [Abstract]


Bhagat, Ankoor Simulation Study of Day‐Night Variations in Emissions Impacts and Network Augmentation Schemes: An Application to PierPASS Policy for Port Trucks in California PhD, Civil Engineering, 2014. 193 pp. Advisers: Jean-Daniel Saphores and R. Jayakrishnan [Abstract]


Camargo, Pedro ReMuLAA - A new algorithm for the route choice problem PhD, Transportation Science, 2014. 75 pp. Advisers: Michael G. McNally and R. Jayakrishnan. [Abstract]

Yeh, Chung-Cheng Assessing Costs and Benefits of the Kaohsiung Rail System PhD Civil Engineering, 2014. 87 pp. Adviser: Jean-Daniel Saphores. [Abstract]

Choi, Jinheoun Estimating Emissions by Modeling Freeway Vehicle Speed Profiles Using Point Detector Data PhD, Civil Engineering, 2014. 305 pp. Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie. [Abstract]



Hsu, Hsin-Ping Choices and Constraints: Gender Differences in Travel Behavior PhD, Planning, Policy, and Design, 2013. 108 pp. Adviser: Jean-Daniel Saphores. [Abstract]

Ranaiefar, Fatemeh Interregional Commodity Flow Model Using Structural Equation Modeling: Application to the California Statewide Freight Forecasting Model PhD, Transportation Science, 2013. 120 pp. Adviser: Michael G. McNally. [Abstract]

Wu, Di Location-based services in vehicular networks PhD, Computer Science, 2013. 286 pp. Adviser: Amelia C. Regan [Abstract]


Liu, Hang Improving On-Road Emissions Estimates with Traffic Detection Technologies
PhD, Transportation Science, 2013. 166 pp. Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie. [Abstract]


Kang, Jee Eun Integration of Locational Decisions with the Household Activity Pattern Problem and Its Applications in Transportation Sustainability PhD, Civil Engineering, 2013. 239 pp. Adviser: Will Recker. [Abstract]


Yang, Hao Properties, Simulation, and Applications of Inter-Vehicle Communication Systems PhD, Civil Engineering, 2013. 203 pp. Adviser: Wenlong Jin. [Abstract]



Zhao, Miyuan Inventory-based Temporal Modeling for Freight Networks. PhD, Transportation Science, 2012. 104 pp. Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie. [Abstract]


Jung, Jaeyoung Shared-ride Passenger Transportation Systems with Real-time Routing PhD, Civil Engineering, 2012. 186 pp. Adviser: R. Jayakrishnan. [Abstract]


You, Soyoung Iris Methodology for Tour-based Truck Demand Modeling PhD, Civil Engineering, 2012. 214 pp. Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie. [Abstract]



Lee, Gunwoo. Integrated Modeling of Air Quality and Health Impacts of a Freight Transportation Corridor PhD, Civil Engineering, 2011. 213 pp. Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie. [Abstract]

Kopitch, Lima. An Analysis of the Impact of an Incident Management System on Secondary Incidents on Freeways – An Application to the I-5 in California PhD, Transportation Science, 2011 117 pp. Adviser: Jean-Daniel Saphores [Abstract]


Ayala, Roberto. Of Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Market Structure and Incentives for a more Efficient, Cleaner and Fairer Transportation System. PhD, Transportation Science, 2011 96 pp. Adviser: Jean-Daniel Saphores [Abstract]


Yang, Inchul. The Interplay of Urban Traffic Route Guidance, Network Control and Driver Response: A Convergent Algorithmic and Model-based Framework. PhD, Civil Engineering, 2011. 194 pp. Adviser: R. Jayakrishnan [Abstract]



Chen, Rex. Broadcasting in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks. PhD, Networked Systems, 2010. 153 pp. Advisers: Amelia Regan and Wenlong Jin [Abstract]

Zheng, Xing. An Adaptive Control Algorithm for Traffic-Actuated Signalized Networks PhD, Civil Engineering, 2010. 150 pp. Adviser: Will Recker [Abstract]


Chung, Albert. Comprehensive Assessment of Managed Lane Performance and Characteristics. PhD, Civil Engineering, 2010. 193 pp. Adviser: Will Recker [Abstract]

Chow, Joseph Y.J. Flexible Management of Transportation Networks under Uncertainty. PhD, Civil Engineering, 2010. 256 pp. Advisers: Amelia C. Regan and R. Jayakrishnan [Abstract]



Sangkapichai, Mana. Transportation and the Environment: Essays on Technology, Infrastructure, and Policy. PhD, Transportation Science, 2009. 155 pp. Adviser: Jean-Daniel Saphores [Abstract]


Joh, Kenneth. Unraveling the Complexity of Land Use and Travel Behavior Relationships: A Four-Part Quantitative Case Study of the South Bay Area of Los Angeles. PhD, Planning, Policy and Design, 2009. 236 pp. Adviser: Marlon G. Boarnet [Abstract]


Park, Ji Young. Network-wide Signal Control with Distributed Real-time Travel Data. PhD, Civil Engineering, 2009. 205 pp. Adviser: R. Jayakrishnan [Abstract]

Jintanakul, Klayut. Dynamic Demand Input Preparation for Planning Applications. PhD, Civil Engineering, 2009. 237 pp. Adviser: R. Jayakrishnan [Abstract]



Tsai, Mei-Ting. Real Option-based Procurement for Transportation Services. PhD, Civil Engineering, 2008. 143 pp. Advisers: Amelia C. Regan and Jean-Daniel Saphores [Abstract]


Wang, Jiana-Fu. Operational Strategies for Single-Stage Crossdocks. PhD, Transportation Science, 2008. 146 pp. Adviser: Amelia C. Regan [Abstract]


Apivatanagul, Pruttipong. Network Design Formulations, Modeling, and Solution Algorithms for Goods Movement. PhD, Transportation Science, 2008. 180 pp. Adviser: Amelia C. Regan [Abstract]

Tok, Yeow Chern Andre. Commercial Vehicle Classification System using Advanced Inductive Loop Technology. PhD, Civil Engineering, 2008. 177 pp. Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie [Abstract]

Kim, Hee-Kyung. Activity-based Travel Demand Model with Time-use and Microsimulation Incorporating Intra-household Interactions. PhD, Civil Engineering, 2008. 235 pp. Adviser: Michael G. McNally [Abstract]

Kim, Hyunmyung. New dynamic travel demand modeling methods in advanced data collecting environments. PhD, Civil Engineering, 2008. 658 pp. Adviser: R. Jayakrishnan [Abstract]

Yang, Choon Heon. Developing Decision-Making Process for Prioritizing Potential Alternatives of Truck Management Strategies. PhD Civil Engineering, 2008. 141 pp. Adviser: Amelia C. Regan [Abstract]


Chung, Younshik. Development of Spatio-temporal Accident Impact Estimation Model for Freeway Accident Management. PhD, Civil Engineering, 2007. 277 pp. Adviser: Will Recker [Abstract]

Gan, Liping. A Mathematical Programming Model of Activity Scheduling/Rescheduling in an Uncertain Environment. PhD Civil Engineering, 2007. 223 pp. Adviser: Will Recker [Abstract]

Jeng, Shin-Ting. Real-time Vehicle Re-identification System for Free way Performance Measurements. PhD, Civil Engineering, 2007. 176 pp. Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie [Abstract]

Kalandiyur, Nesamani. Estimating Vehicle Emissions in Transportation Planning Incorporating the Effect of Network Characteristics on Driving Patterns. PhD, Transportation Science, 2007. 189 pp. Advisers: R. Jayakrishnan and Michael G. McNally [Abstract]


Girvin, Raquel. Economic Analysis of Aircraft and Airport Noise Regulations. Ph.D, Transportation Science, 2006. 151 pp. Adviser: Jan Brueckner [Abstract]

Duan, Junping. Similarity Analysis for Estimation of an Activity-based Travel Demand Model. Ph.D, Civil Engineering, 2006. 200 pp. Adviser: Will Recker [Abstract]

McGowen, Pat . Predicting Activity Types from GPS and GIS Data. Ph.D, Civil Engineering, 2006. 144 pp. Adviser: Mike McNally [Abstract]

Nandiraju, Srinivas. Strategic Freight Transportation Contract Procurement.  Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2006.  285 pp. Adviser: Amelia C. Regan [Abstract]

Pages, Laia. Real Time Mass Transport Vehicle Routing Problem: Hierarchical Global Optimization for Large Networks.  Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2006.  pp.  Adviser:  R. Jayakrishnan [Abstract]


Park, Minyoung.  Capacity Modeling for Multimodal Freight Transportation Networks.  Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2005.  139 pp.  Adviser:  Amelia C. Regan [Abstract]


Park, Seri.  Vehicle Monitoring for Traffic Surveillance and Performance using Multi-Sensor Data Fusion.  Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2004.  225 pp.  Adviser:  Stephen G. Ritchie [Abstract]

Steimetz, Seiji S.C.  New Methods for Modeling and Estimating the Social Costs of Motor Vehicle Use.  Ph.D., Economics, 2004.  Advisers: David Brownstone and Kenneth A. Small[Abstract]


Cortes, Cristian Eduardo. High Coverage Point to Point Transit (HCPPT): A New Design Concept and Simulation-Evaluation of Operational Schemes. Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2003. 414 pp. Adviser: R. Jayakrishnan[Abstract]

McMillan, Tracy Elizabeth.  Walking and Urban Form: Modeling and Testing Parental Decisions about Children's Travel. Ph.D., Urban & Regional Planning, 2003.  156 pp.  Advisers: Marlon G. Boarnet and Kristen M. Day[Abstract]

Oh, Cheol. Anonymous Vehicle Tracking for Real-time Traffic Performance Measures. Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2003. 193 pp. Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie [Abstract]

Pavlis, Ioannis. Logic-Based Modeling and Solution of a Linear Optimal Signal Control Problem for Surface  Street Networks.  Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2003. 417 pp.  Adviser: Will Recker [Abstract]

Rindt, Craig. The Tractability and Performance of Microsimulating Human Activity for Transp ortation Systems Analysis Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2003. 160 pp. Adviser: Michael G. McNally [Abstract]

Song, Jiongjiong. Combinatorial Auctions: Applications in Freight Transportation Contract Procurement. Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2003. 141 pp. Adviser: Amelia C. Regan[Abstract]

Wei, He (Helen).  Two Essays on Economics with Applications in Hypercongestion and Bus Transit.   Ph.D., Economics, 2003. 114 pp. Adviser: Kenneth A. Small[Abstract]

Yang, Xu. Assessment of a Self-Organizing Distributed Traffic Information System: Modeling and Simulation. Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2003. 225 pp. Adviser: Will Recker [Abstract]


Chalermpong, Saksith.  Economic Spillovers of Highway Investment: A Case Study of the Employment Impacts of Interstate 105 in Los Angeles County.  Ph.D., Urban & Regional Planning, 2002.  139 pp.  Adviser: Marlon G. Boarnet[Abstract]

Kulkarni, Anup. Modeling Activity Pattern Generation and Execution. Ph.D., Transportation Science, 2002. 143 pp. Adviser: Michael G. McNally [Abstract]

Marca, James Edward. Activity-based Travel Analysis in the Wireless Information Age. Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2002. 162 pp. Adviser: Michael G. McNally[Abstract]

Yan, Jia.  Heterogeneity in Motorists‚ Preferences for Travel Time and Time Reliability: Empirical Finding from Multiple Survey Data Sets and Its Policy Implications. Ph.D., Economics, 2002. 122 pp.  Adviser: Kenneth A. Small [Abstract]


Ghosh, Arindam. Valuing Time and Reliability: Commuters' Mode Choice from a Real Time Congestion Pricing Experiment. Ph.D., Economics, 2001. 152 pp. Adviser: David Brownstone[Abstract]

Greenwald, Michael Joseph.  The Road Less Traveled: Land Use and Non-Work Travel Relationships in Portland, OregonPh.D., Urban & Regional Planning, 2001. 231 pp.  Advisers: Marlon Boarnet and Michael G. McNally [Abstract]

Lee, Ming-Sheng. Experiments with a Computerized Self-Administrative Activity Survey. Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2001. 175 pp. Adviser: Michael G. McNally [Abstract]

Lu, Xiangwen.  Dynamic and Stochastic Routing Optimization: Algorithm Development and Analysis. Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2001.  139 pp.  Adviser: Amelia C. Regan[Abstract]

Oh, Jun-Seok. Dynamic Route Guidance and Network Traffic Management: Theoretical Evaluation and Practical Application Issues. Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2001. 284 pp.  Adviser: R. Jayakrishnan[Abstract]

Wang, Xiubin. Algorithms and Strategies for Dynamic Carrier Fleet Operations: Applications to Local Trucking Operations. Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2001. 104 pp. Adviser: Amelia C. Regan [Abstract]


Aydogan, Neslihan. Essays on the Economics of Industry Location, Innovation and Firm Organization. Ph.D., Economics, 2000.  84 pp. Advisers: Kenneth A. Small and John Di Nardo [Abstract]

Lam, Terence Chonchoi. The Effect of Variability of Travel Time on Route and Time-of-Day Choice.  Ph.D., Economics, 2000. 174 pp. Adviser: Kenneth A. Small  [Abstract]

Mattingly, Stephen Peter.  Decision Theory for Performance Evaluation of New Technologies Incorporating Institutional Issues: Application to Traffic Control Implementation. Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2000. 349 pp. Advisers: R. Jayakrishnan and Michael G. McNally[Abstract]

Moore, Adrian Thomas. The Law and Economics of Privatization: Rent Seeking and Discovery in Privatization Decisions and Processes. Ph.D., Economics, 2000. 141 pp.  Advisers: Kenneth A. Small and Daniel Klein[Abstract]


Compin, Nicholas S. The Four Dimensions of Rail Transit Performance: How Administration, Finance, Demographics, and Politics Affect Outcomes. Ph.D., Urban & Regional Planning, 1999. 125 pp. Adviser: Marlon G. Boarnet [Abstract]

Logi, Filippo. CARTESIUS: A Cooperative Approach to Real-Time Decision Support for Multi-Jurisdictional Traffic Congestion Management. Ph.D., Civil Engineering , 1999. 197 pp. Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie [Abstract]

Parkany, Ann Emily. Traveler Responses to New Choices: Toll Versus Free Alternatives in a Congested Corridor. Ph.D., Transportation Science, 1999. 168 pp. Adviser: Kenneth A. Small[Abstract]

Reja, Binyam. Essays in the Political Economy of Contracting: An Institutional Analysis of Private Sector Participation in Urban Public Transport. Ph.D., Economics, 1999. 130 pp.  Adviser: Linda R. Cohen [Abstract]

Sheng, Hongyan. A Dynamic Household Alternative-Fuel Vehicle Demand Model using Stated and Revealed Transaction Information.  Ph.D., Economics, 1999. 102 pp. Adviser: David Brownstone. [Abstract]


Sun, Carlos Chung I. Use of Vehicle Signature Analysis and Lexicographic Optimization for Vehicle Re-identification on Freeways. 170 pp.  Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 1998. Advisers: Stephen G. Ritchie and R. Jayakrishnan. [Abstract]

Yu, Xiao-Hua (Helen).   Markovian Decision Control for Traffic Signal Systems. Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering, 1998. 105 pp.  Adviser: Allen R. Stubberud[Abstract]


Chen, Anthony. Formulation of the Dynamic Traffic Assignment Problem with an Analytically Embedded Traffic Model.. Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 1997. 230 pp. Adviser: R. Jayakrishnan[Abstract]

Ryan, Sherry. The Value of Access to Highways and Light Rail Transit: Evidence for Industrial and Office Firms. Ph.D., Transportation Science, 1997. 138 pp. Adviser: Joseph F. DiMento [Abstract]

Sandeen, Beverly Ann. Transportation Experiences of Older Suburban Adults: Implications of the Loss of the Driver's License for Psychological Well-Being, Health and Mobility. Ph.D., Social Ecology, 1997. 189 pp. Advisers: Karen S. Rook and Daniel Stokols[Abstract]

Sheu, Jiuh- Biing. Stochastic Estimation of Lane-Changing Probabilities and Its Application to Incident Detection.  Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 1997. 237 pp. Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie [Abstract]

Subbaraman, Chittur. Network Surveillance Supported Object-Based and Task-Based Time-Bounded Fault Tolerance Schemes and their Incorporation into a Timeliness-Guaranteed Kernel.  Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering, 1997. 218 pp. Adviser: Kwang H. (Kane) Kim [Abstract]

Wey, Wann-Ming. A Network Traffic Control Algorithm with Analytically Embedded Traffic Flow Models. Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 1997. 167 pp.  Adviser: R. Jayakrishnan[Abstract]


Abdulhai, Baher. A Neuro-Genetic-Based Universally Transferable Freeway Incident Detection Framework. Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 1996. 171 pp. Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie [Abstract]

Chen, Chienho.  An Activity-Based Approach to Accessibility. Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 1996. 144 pp.  Adviser: Will Recker [Abstract]

Crane, Soheila Soltani. An
Empirical Study of Alternative Fuel Vehicle Choice by Commercial Fleets: Lessons in Transportation Choices, Cost Efficiency, and Public Agencies' Organization
. Ph.D., Economics, 1996. 135 pp. Advisers: David Brownstone and Linda Cohen [Abstract]

Koskenoja, Pia Maria K.The Effect of Unreliable Commuting Time on Commuter Preferences. Ph.D., Economics, 1996. 242 pp. Adviser: Kenneth A. Small [Abstract]

Nolan, James Francis.  Efficiency in the Bus Industry: Measurement and Identification of Performance Determinants. Ph.D., Economics, 1996.  136 pp. Advisers: Gordon J. Fielding and David Brownstone[Abstract]

van Hengel, Drusilla Ruth. Citizens Near the Path of Least Resistance: Travel Behavior of Century Freeway Corridor Residents. Ph.D., Urban & Regional Planning, 1996. 226 pp.  Advisers: Joseph F. Di Mento and Will Recker [Abstract]

Wang, Ruey-Min.  An Activity-Based Trip Generation Model.  Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 1996.  234 pp.  Adviser:  Michael G. McNally[Abstract]


Crepeau, Richard Joseph. Mobility and the Metropolis: Issues of Travel and Land Use in Urban America.  Ph.D., Urban & Regional Planning, 1995. 143 pp.  Adviser: Randall Crane [Abstract]

Kazimi, Camilla. A Microsimulation Model for Evaluating the Environmental Impact of Alternative-Fuel Vehicles. Ph.D., Economics, 1995. 207 pp. Adviser: David Brownstone[Abstract]

Khan, Sarosh Islam.  Modular Neural Network Architecture for Detection of Operational Problems on Urban Arterials. Ph.D., Engineering, 1995. 112 pp. Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie [Abstract]

Ren, Weiping.  A Vehicle Transactions Choice Model for Use in Forecasting Demand for Alternative-Fuel Vehicles Conditioned on Current Vehicle Holdings.  Ph.D., Economics, 1995. 119 pp. Adviser: David Brownstone[Abstract]

Sarmiento,  Sharon Maria S. Studies in Transportation and Residential Mobility. Ph.D., Economics, 1995.  159 pp. Adviser: David Brownstone [Abstract]

Zhang, Hongjun. A New Framework for Optimal Freeway Ramp Control. Ph.D., Engineering, 1995. 95 pp. Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie [Abstract]


Cheu, Ruey Long.  Neural Network Models for Automated Detection of Lane-Blocking Incidents on Freeways.  Ph.D., Engineering, 1994. 197 pp. Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie [Abstract]

Hassol, Joshua Lincoln.  Automobile Use, Public Policy and Municipal Government: Factors Influencing the Implementation of Alternative Transportation Policies. Ph.D., Urban & Regional Planning, 1994. 187 pp. Adviser: Mark Baldassare [Abstract]

Khanal, Mandar.  Dynamic Discrete Demand Modeling of Commuter Behavior.  Ph.D., Engineering, 1994. 140 pp. Adviser: Will Recker [Abstract]

Smith, James Edward. A Comparative Study of Entrepreneurial Strategies among African American and Latino Truckers in the Los  Angeles and Long  Beach Ports.  Ph.D., Sociology, 1994.  358 pp.[Abstract]


Adler, Jeffrey Lewis.  An Interactive Simulation Approach to Systematically Evaluate the Impacts of Real-Time Traffic Condition Information on Driver Behavioral Choice. Ph.D., Engineering, 1993. 210 pp.  Adviser: Will Recker[Abstract]

Chen, Hsin-Ping.  Theoretical Derivation and Simulation of a Nonlinear Dynamic Urban Growth Model.  Ph.D., Economics, 1993. 270 pp.  Adviser: Kenneth A. Small [Abstract]

Chu, Xuehao. Trip Scheduling and Economic Analysis of Transportation Policies.  Ph.D., Economics, 1993.  252 pp. Advisers: Gordon J. Fielding and Kenneth A. Small [Abstract]

Kim, Seyoung.  Commuting Behavior of Two-Worker Households in the Los  Angeles Metropolitan Area. Ph.D., Economics, 1993. 118 pp. Adviser: David Brownstone [Abstract]


Kaseko, Mohamed  Said.  A Neural Network-Based Methodology for Automated Distress Classification of Highway Pavement Images.  Ph.D., Engineering, 1992. 159 pp.  Adviser: Stephen G. Ritchie [Abstract]

Song, Shunfeng. Spatial Structure and Urban Commuting.  Ph.D., Economics, 1992. 116 pp. Adviser: Kenneth A. Small [Abstract]

Walls, William David. Open Access Transportation, Network Competition, and Market Integration in the Natural Gas Pipeline Industry. Ph.D., Economics, 1992. 165 pp. Adviser: Arthur S. De Vany [Abstract]