ITS Working Paper Series


UCI-ITS-WP-15-1 A Real-Time Algorithm to Solve the Peer-to-Peer Ride-Matching Problem in a Flexible Ridesharing System Neda Masoud and R. Jayakrishnan. 27 pp


UCI-ITS-WP-13-7 Determinants of Air Cargo Traffic in California Paulos Ashebir Lakew and Andre Tok. 21 pp

UCI-ITS-WP-13-5 An Alternative Method to Estimate Balancing Factors for the Disaggregation of OD Matrices Neda Masoud, Fatemeh Ranaiefar, Michael, McNally, Daniel Rodriguez-Roman, and Stephen G. Ritchie. 20 pp

UCI-ITS-WP-13-4 Density Estimation using Inductive Loop Signature based Vehicle Re-identification and Classification Sarah Hernandez, Andre Tok, and Stephen G. Ritchie. 26 pp

UCI-ITS-WP-13-3 Integration of Weigh-in-Motion and Inductive Signature Technology for Advanced Truck Monitoring Sarah Hernandez, Andre Tok, and Stephen G. Ritchie. 14 pp

UCI-ITS-WP-13-2 Stochastic Dynamic Itinerary Interception Refueling Location Problem with Queue Delay for Electric Taxi Charging Stations Jaeyoung Jung, Joseph Y.J. Chow, R. Jayakrishnan, and Ji Young Park. 28 pp

UCI-ITS-WP-13-1 Shared-Taxi Operations with Electric Vehicles Jaeyoung Jung, R. Jayakrishnan, and Keechoo Choi. 22 pp


UCI-ITS-WP-12-4 Geographic Scalability and Supply Chain Elasticity of a Structural Commodity Generation Model Using Public Data Fatemeh Ranaiefar, Joseph Y.J. Chow, Daniel Rodriguez Roman, Pedro V. Camargo, and Stephen G. Ritchie. 19 pp

UCI-ITS-WP-12-3 On Activity-based Network Design Problems Jee Eun Kang, Joseph Y. Chow, and Will W. Recker.

UCI-ITS-WP-12-2 Strategic Hydrogen Fuel Cell Charging Station Location Analysis with Scheduling and Routing Considerations of Individual Vehicles Jee Eun Kang, Will W. Recker.

UCI-ITS-WP-12-1 The Location Selection Problem for the Household Activity Pattern Problem Jee Eun Kang, and Will W. Recker. 43pp


UCI-ITS-WP-11-1 The influence of emission specific characteristics on vehicle operation: A micro-simulation analysis K.S. Nesamani, Jean-Daniel Saphores, Michael G. McNally, and R. Jayakrishnan 35 pp.


UCI-ITS-WP-09-1 Estimation of Automobile Emissions and Control Strategies in India. K.S. Nesamani (2009) 32 pp.


UCI-ITS-WP-08-4 An Analysis of PM and NOx Train Emissions in the Alameda Corridor, CA.  Mana Sangkapichai, Jean-Daniel Saphores, Stephen G. Ritchie, Soyoung (Iris) You, and Gunwoo Lee . 20 pp

UCI-ITS-WP-08-3 Environmental Impacts of a Major Freight Corridor: A study of the I-710 in California.  Gunwoo Lee, Soyoung (Iris) You, Stephen G. Ritchie, Jean-Daniel Saphores, Mana Sangkapichai, and R. Jayakrishnan. 17 pp

UCI-ITS-WP-08-2 Freight Transportation Contracting Under Uncertainty.  Mei-Ting Tsai, Jean-Daniel Saphores, and Amelia Regan. 15 pp

UCI-ITS-WP-08-1 User Characteristics and Reponses to a Shared-Use Station Car Program: An Analysis of ZEV•NET in Orange County, CA.  Matt G. Heling, Jean-Daniel Saphores, and G. Scott Samuelson. 18 pp


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UCI-ITS-WP-07-1 The Activity-Based Approach. Michael G. McNally and Craig R. Rindt (2007) 16 pp.


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UCI-ITS-WP-06-1 Population Uncertainty and the Timing of an Urban Transportation Infrastructure Investment.  Jean-Daniel Saphores (February 2006) 38 pp.


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UCI-ITS-WP-05-5 Impact of Real-world Driving Characteristics on Vehicular Emissions. K S Nesamani and K P Subramanian (December 2005) 31 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-05-4 Differentiated Road Pricing, Express Lanes, and Carpools: Exploiting Heterogeneous Preferences in Policy Design.Kenneth A. Small , Clifford Winston, and Jia Yan (November 2005) 38 pp. Revision underway for Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs.

UCI-ITS-WP-05-3 Air Travel Choices in Multi-Airport Markets. Jun Ishii, Sunyoung Jun, and Kurt Van Dender (2005, revised February 2006) 25 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-05-2 The Effect of Improved Fuel Economy on Vehicle Miles Traveled: Estimating the Rebound Effect Using U.S. State Data, 1966-2001.  Kenneth A. Small and Kurt VanDender (September 2005, revised December 2005)40 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-05-1 The Impact of Residential Density on Vehicle Usage and Energy Consumption.  Thomas F. Golob and David Brownstone (February 2005) 26 pp.


UCI-ITS-WP-04-4 An Empirical Investigation of the Dynamic Processes on Activity Scheduling and Trip Chaining. Ming S. Lee and Michael G. McNally (February 2004) 19 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-04-3 Traffic Conditions and Truck Accidents on Urban Freeways. Thomas F. Golob and Amelia C. Regan (July 2004) 35 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-04-2 Uncertainty And The Timing Of An Urban Congestion Relief Investment. Jean-Daniel Saphores and Marlon G. Boarnet (March 2004) 37 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-04-1 Truck-Involved Crashes and Traffic Levels on Urban Freeways. Thomas F. Golob and Amelia C. Regan (January 2004) 15 pp.


UCI-ITS-WP-03-9 TRACER: In-Vehicle, GPS-Based Wireless Technology for Traffic Surveillance and Management. Michael G. McNally, James E. Marca, Craig R. Rindt and Angela M. Koos (July 2003) 81 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-03-8 Comparing the Influence of Land Use on Nonwork Trip Generation and Vehicle Distance Traveled: An Analysis using Travel Diary Data. Marlon G. Boarnet, K.S. Nesamani and C. Scott Smith (August 2003) 16 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-03-7 The Built Environment and Physical Activity: Empirical Methods and Data Resources. Marlon G. Boarnet (November 2003) 24 pp. [also UCTC 706]

UCI-ITS-WP-03-6 Institutional Innovation and Infrastructure Investment: An Evaluation of the Turnpike System in Eighteenth Century England. Dan Bogart (November 2003) 39 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-03-5 Defensive Driving and the External Costs of Accidents and Travel Delays. Seiji S.C. Steinmetz (October 2003) 42 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-03-4 Congestion and Tax Competition in a Parallel Network. Bruno De Borger, Stef Proost and Kurt Van Dender (July 2003) 49 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-03-3 Valuing Time and Reliability: Assessing the Evidence from Road Pricing Demonstrations. David Brownstone and Kenneth A. Small (June 2003). 18 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-03-2 Heterogeneity in Commuters' "Value of Time" with Noisy Data: A Multiple Imputation Approach. Seiji S.C. Steinmetz and David Brownstone (May 2003) 33 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-03-1 The Impacts of Motor Vehicle Operation on Water Quality: A Preliminary Assessment. Hilary Nixon and Jean-Daniel Saphores (March 2003) 39 pp.


UCI-ITS-WP-02-22 Putting Behavior in Household Travel Behavior Data: An Interactive GIS-Based Survey via the Internet. Michael G. McNally and Ming S. Lee (October 2002) 10 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-02-21 GPS/GIS Technologies for Traffic Surveillance and Management: A Testbed Implementation Study. Michael G. McNally, James E. Marca, Craig R. Rindt and Angela M. Koos (August 2002) 68 pp. [also UCB-ITS-PWP-2002-7]

UCI-ITS-WP-02-20 Consumer E-Commerce, Virtual Accessibility and Sustainable Transport. Jane Gould and Thomas F. Golob (December 2002) 13 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-02-19 Measuring Physical Accessibility with Space-Time Prisms in a GIS: A Case Study of Access to Health-Care Facilities Ming S. Lee and Michael G. McNally (August 2002) 31 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-02-18 An Agent-Based Activity Microsimulation Kernel Using a Negotiation Metaphor. Craig R. Rindt, James E. Marca and Michael G. McNally (August 2002) 13 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-02-17 An Empirical Investigation of the Underlying Behavioral Processes of Trip Chaining. Ming S. Lee, Jin-Hyuk Chung and Michael G. McNally (August 2002) 18 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-02-16 Toward Dynamic, Longitudinal, Agent-Based Microsimulation Models of Human Activity in Urban Settings. Craig R. Rindt, James E. Marca and Michael G. McNally (August 2002) 14 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-02-15 Towards Distributed Data Collection and Peer-to-Peer Data Sharing. James E. Marca, Craig R. Rindt and Michael G. McNally (August 2002) 14 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-02-14 Collecting Activity Data from GPS. James E. Marca, Craig R. Rindt and Michael G. McNally (August 2002) 15 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-02-13 The Tracer Data Collection System: Implementation and Operational Experience. James E. Marca, Craig R. Rindt and Michael G. McNally (July 2002) 11 pp.

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UCI-ITS-WP-02-11 Impacts of the San Diego Photo Red Light Enforcement System on Traffic Safety. Jacqueline M. Golob, Seongkil Cho, James P. Curry and Thomas F. Golob (November 2002). 16 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-02-10 Product Differentiation on Roads: Constrained Congestion Pricing with Heterogeneous Users. Erik T. Verhoef and Kenneth A. Small (June 2000) 28 pp. [also UCTC 656]

UCI-ITS-WP-02-9 Commuting Time as a Measure of Employment Costs: Implications for Estimating Labor Supply Elasticities. Sarah Senesky (December 2002) 52 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-02-8 New Highways, Induced Travel and Urban Growth Patterns: A "Before and After" Test. Marlon Boarnet and Saksith Tan Chalermpong (September 2002) 73 pp [also UCTC 559]

UCI-ITS-WP-02-7 Walking and Automobile Traffic Near Schools: Data to Support an Evaluation of School Pedestrian Safety Programs. Craig Anderson, Marlon Boarnet, Tracy McMillan, Mariela Alfonzo and Kristen Day (September 2002) 22 pp. [formerly UCI-ITS-WP-02-17]

UCI-ITS-WP-02-6 Nash-Bertrand Competition in a Duopoly with Congestion. Kurt Van Dender (September 2002) 23 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-02-5 Studying Road Pricing Policy with Panel Data Analysis: The San Diego I-15 HOT Lanes. Jacqueline M. Golob and Thomas F. Golob (September 2002) 13 pp. [also UCTC 574]

UCI-ITS-WP-02-4 Uncovering the Distribution of Motorists' Preferences for Travel Time and Reliability: Implications for Road Pricing. Kenneth A. Small, Clifford Winston and Jia Yan (August 2002) 40 pp. [also UCTC 546]Ê

UCI-ITS-WP-02-3 Drivers' Willingness-to-Pay to Reduce Travel Time:
Evidence from the San Diego I-15 Congestion Pricing Project.
David Brownstone, Arindam Ghosh, Thomas F. Golob, Camilla Kazimi and Dirk Van Amelsfort (May 2002) 31 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-02-2 Transport Tax Reform, Commuting and Endogenous Values of Time. Bruno De Borger and Kurt Van Dender (April 2002) 30 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-02-1 How Congestion Pricing Reduces Property Values. Amihai Glazer and Kurt Van Dender (April 2002) 13 pp.


UCI-ITS-WP-01-11 Multiple Imputations for Linear Regression Models David M. Brownstone, (November, 1991) 30 pp

UCI-ITS-WP-01-10 Evaluation of a Shared-Use Electric Vehicle Program: Integrating a Web-Based Survey with In-Vehicle Tracking. Ming S. Lee, James E. Marca, Craig R. Rindt, Angela M. Koos and Michael G. McNally (June 2001) 25 pp

UCI-ITS-WP-01-9 The Built Environment as a Determinant of Walking Behavior: Analyzing Non-Work Pedestrian Travel in Portland, Oregon. Michael G. Greenwald and Marlon G. Boarnet (July 2001) 27 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-01-8 On the Structure of Weekly Activity/Travel Patterns. Ming S. Lee and Michael G. McNally (July 2001) 22 pp

UCI-ITS-WP-01-7 Structural Equation Modeling for Travel Behavior Research. Thomas F. Golob (November 2001) 34 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-01-6 Conducting an Interactive Survey of Household Weekly Activities via Internet: Preliminary Results from a Pilot Study. Ming S. Lee, Ramesh Sabetiaashraf, Sean T. Doherty, Craig R. Rindt and Michael G. McNally (January 2001) 32 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-01-5 Used Oil Policies to Protect the Environment: An Overview of Canadian Experiences. Hilary Nixon and Jean-Daniel Saphores. (December 2001). 8 pp. [also UCTC 666]

UCI-ITS-WP-01-4 Specification Issues in Models of Population and Employment Growth. Marlon G. Boarnet, Saksith Chalermpong and Elizabeth Geho (December 2001) 36 pp. [also UCTC 555]

UCI-ITS-WP-01-3 Does Britain or the United States Have the Right Gasoline Tax? Ian W.H. Parry and Kenneth A. Small (October 2001) 38 pp. [formerly UCI-ITS-WP-01-5]

UCI-ITS-WP-01-2 Accident Proneness: The History of an Idea. Frank A. Haight (August 2001) 16 pp. [formerly UCI-ITS-WP-01-4]

UCI-ITS-WP-01-1 Discrete Choice Modeling for Transportation. David Brownstone. January 2001. 39 pp. [also UCTC 592]


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UCI-ITS-WP-00-16 The Activity-Based Approach. Michael G. McNally (December 2000) 16 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-00-15 An Activity-Based Microsimulation Model for Generating Synthetic Activity-Travel Patterns: Initial Results. Anup A. Kulkarni and Michael G. McNally (December 2000) 15 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-00-14 A Latent Factor Model of Observed Activities. James E. Marca, Michael G. McNally and Craig R. Rindt (December 2000) 20 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-00-13 Activity Approaches to Modeling the Effects of Information on Personal Travel Behavior. Thomas F. Golob (May 2000) 45 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-00-12 New Highways, Urban Development and Induced Travel. Marlon G. Boarnet and Saksith Chalermpong (December 2000) 27 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-00-11 A Bridge between Travel Demand Modeling and Activity-Based Travel Analysis. Will Recker (December 2000) 41 pp. [also UCTC 446]

UCI-ITS-WP-00-10 Measuring the Impact of Efficient Household Travel Decisions on Potential Travel Time Savings and Accessibility Gains. Will Recker, Chienho Chen and Michael G. McNally (December 2000) 31 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-00-9 A GPS Enhanced In-Vehicle Extensible Data Collection Unit. James E. Marca, Craig R. Rindt, Michael G. McNally and Sean Doherty (December 2000) 21 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-00-8 Experimenting with a Computerized Self-Administrative Activity Survey: Evaluating a Pilot Study. Ming S. Lee and Michael G. McNally (December 2000) 20 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-00-7 A Microsimulation of Daily Activity Patterns. Anup A. Kulkarni and Michael G. McNally (December 2000) 23 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-00-6 An Activity-Based Travel Pattern Generation Model. Anup A. Kulkarni and Michael G. McNally (December 2000) 31 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-00-5 To Pay or Not to Pay: Commuters' Mode Choice under Real Time Congestion Pricing. Arindam Ghosh (December 2000) 31 pp. [formerly UCI-ITS-WP-00-23]

UCI-ITS-WP-00-4 New Highways, Urban Development, and Induced Travel. Marlon G. Boarnet and Saksith Chalermpong (December 2000) 27 pp. [formerly UCI-ITS-WP-00-15]

UCI-ITS-WP-00-3 The Value of Time and Reliability: Measurement from a Value Pricing Experiment. Terence C. Lam and Kenneth A. Small (September 2000) 25 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-00-2 Do Highways Matter? Evidence and Policy Implications of Highways' Influence on Metropolitan Development. Marlon G. Boarnet and Andrew F. Haughwout (August 2000) 30 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-00-1 Joint Mixed Logit Models of Stated and Revealed Preferences for Alternative-Fuel Vehicles. David Brownstone, David S. Bunch and Kenneth Train
(January 2000) 36 pp. [formerly UCI-ITS-WP-00-1]


UCI-ITS-WP-99-11 Land Use, Urban Design, and Non-Work Travel: Reproducing for Portland, Oregon, Empirical Tests from Other Urban Areas. Marlon G. Boarnet and Michael J. Greenwald (November 1999) 22 pp. [formerly ITS-WP-99-13]

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UCI-ITS-WP-99-9 Simultaneous Model of Household Activity Participation and Trip Chain Generation. Thomas F. Golob (March 1999) 28 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-99-8 A Simulation Framework and Environment for Activity-Based Transportation Modeling. James E. Marca, Craig R. Rindt and Michael G. McNally (November 1999) 16 pp.

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UCI-ITS-WP-99-4 Probing a Traffic Congestion Controversy: Density and Flow Scrutinized. Hiroshi Ohta (August 1999) 25 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-99-3 Joint Models of Attitudes and Behavior in the Evaluation of the San Diego I-15 Congestion Pricing Project. Thomas F. Golob (July 1999) 34 pp.[formerly UCI-ITS-WP-99-7]

UCI-ITS-WP-99-2 Opinions About the Acceptability, Fairness and Effectiveness of the San Diego I-15 Congestion Pricing Project. Thomas F. Golob (July 1999) 26 pp. [formerly UCI-ITS-WP-99-6]

UCI-ITS-WP-99-1 Product Differentiation on Roads: Second-Best Congestion Pricing with Heterogeneity under Public and Private Ownership. Erik T. Verhoef and Kenneth A. Small (June 1999) 27 pp.


UCI-ITS-WP-98-14 Development of a Microscopic Activity-Based Framework for Analyzing the Potential Impact of TCMs on Vehicle Emissions. Will Recker and Arun Parimi (July 1998) 123 pp. [formerly UCI-ITS-RR-98-1]

UCI-ITS-WP-98-13 Does Neighborhood Design Influence Travel? A Behavioral Analysis of Travel Diary and GIS Data. Randall Crane and Richard Crepeau (January 1998) 32 pp. [also UCTC 374]

UCI-ITS-WP-98-12 Incorporating Yellow-Page Databases in GIS-Based Transportation Models. Ming-Sheng Lee and Michael G. McNally (August 1998) 10 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-98-11 Application of Space-Time Prisms for the Measurement of Accessibility. Ming-Sheng Lee and Michael G. McNally (July 1998) 26 pp.

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UCI-ITS-WP-98-5 Can HOT Lanes Encourage Carpooling? A Case Study of Carpooling Behavior on the 91 Express Lanes. Emily Parkany (August 1998) 20 pp.

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UCI-ITS-WP-98-2 Projecting Use of Electric Vehicles from Household Vehicle Trials: Trial and Error? Thomas F. Golob and Jane Gould (January 1998) 22 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-98-1 Road Pricing for Congestion Management: The Transition from Theory to Policy. Kenneth A. Small and Jose A. Gomez-Ibanez (January 1998) 33 pp. [also UCTC 391]


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UCI-ITS-WP-97-10 The Potential for Integrating GIS in Activity-Based Forecasting Models. Michael G. McNally (June 1997) 17 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-97-9 Shopping Without Travel or Travel Without Shopping? An Investigation of Electronic Home Shopping. Jane Gould and Thomas F. Golob (June 1997) 37 pp.

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UCI-ITS-WP-97-7 Simulating Travel Reliability. Robert B. Noland, Kenneth
A. Small, Pia Maria Koskenoja and Xuehao Chu (November 1997) 40 pp. [also UCTC 372]

UCI-ITS-WP-97-6 Project Evaluation. Kenneth A. Small (August 1997) 33 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-97-5 Clean Air Forever? A Longitudinal Analysis of Opinions about Air Pollution and Electric Vehicles. Jane Gould and Thomas F. Golb (June 1997) 24 pp.

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UCI-ITS-WP-97-2 Hypercongestion. Kenneth A. Small and Xuehao Chu (March 1997) 46 pp.

UCI-ITS-WP-97-1 Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Australian Commuters' Attitudes and Behaviour Concerning Abatement Policies and Personal Involvement. Thomas F. Golob and David A. Hensher (February 1997) 32 pp. [formerly UCI-ITS-WP-97-1]


UCI-ITS-WP-96-15 Can Land Use Policy Really Affect Travel Behavior? A Study of the Link between Non-Work Travel and Land Use Characteristics. Marlon G. Boarnet and Sharon Sarmiento (December 1996) 41 pp.

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UCI-ITS-WP-96-11 An Activity-Based Microsimulation Model for Travel Demand Forecasting. Michael G. McNally (May 1996) 21 pp.

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UCI-ITS-WP-95-12 On Form versus Function: Will the "New Urbanism" Reduce Traffic or Increase It? Randall Crane (July1995) 26 pp. [also UCTC 266]

UCI-ITS-WP-95-11 Regulation by Prices and by Command. Amihai Glazer and Charles A. Lave (June 1995) 22 pp. [also UCTC 276]

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