Faculty and Research Specialists Associated with CTSS

Core Faculty and Research Specialists at UCI

Lianyu Chu

  • Postgraduate Researcher, ITS, UC Irvine
  • PhD, Jilin University of Technology, China
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems, Traffic Flow Theory and Control, Transportation Planning, Image Processing, Data Compression, Applications of Artificial Intellige

Thomas Golob


  • Lecturer in Civil Engineering and Professional Researcher, ITS Irvine
  • Travel demand forecasting, multivariate statistical methods, attitude-behavior models, activity analysis, micro-simulation forecasting method
  • Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
  • PhD, University of Texas, Austin
  • Analysis and simulation of urban traffic networks under information, traffic flow theory, traffic assignment, advanced transit technologies
  • Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, and Director, Transportation Science Program
  • PhD, University of California, Irvine
  • Transportation systems analysis, travel forecasting models, complex travel behavior, traffic flow and network analysis, transportation and land use
  • Professor of Civil Engineering
  • PhD, Carnegie-Mellon University
  • Transportation systems analysis, analysis of complex travel behavior, disaggregate modeling methodologies, advanced technologies

Stephen Ritchie


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